Wicked Wednesday – 246 (2050)

June 18, 2050

So Mom and Mama have really been pressuring me to find myself a nice pretty girl and settle down. The problem is that I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I’ve not found much interest in girls and I don’t know why. Mom keeps telling me it is because I’m too picky and haven’t really given them a chance. In a society where men are second class citizens it is considered taboo to be with one and I’ve never been around men much (just my dad a handful of times) and that doesn’t really count. Supposedly all they want is sex and babies and women were tired of the status quo so it changed in the late 2030s. It wasn’t a slow burning kind of cultural change from what I understand, but happened seemingly over night when the women of the US rose up and the rest of the world followed suit soon after as they saw the new successes that we had here.

Peace was achieved for the first time in decades, the entire structure of the working class changed, the Minimum basic income was finally brought into effect and so much more.

And for some reason I don’t seem to fit the cultural norm. I certainly don’t want to end up with a man and termed a “breeder.” That seems like a terrible concept and I’d probably never see my parents again because I’m nearly certain they would disown me. I’ve got to find a way through this. I need a girlfriend.


So Mischa began her search in bookstores and bars, cafes and clubs. She saw a lot of women, talked to some, but no one quite caught her attention. After what seemed like weeks of searching she finally installed the most popular dating app she could find on her phone and started scrolling through local ladies in her area. A lot of them were older women and she wanted someone closer to her own age, that she would have more in common with so that was a bust. She deleted it and went to find Mom. “What next?” she asked after explaining the situation to her mother. “Next, sweetheart, you keep trying. Go back out to all those places you’ve been before, find new ones you haven’t, find a group hobby where you might meet someone, and just make friends. But it isn’t easy. It took your Mama and I a long time to meet and finally click. And keep in mind that we didn’t click right away. We were friends first.”

Armed with that advice Mischa tried again, looking for new hangouts and trying to find something fun to do as a group with some of the new friends she’d made. One day there was a group of them at the park having a picnic and generally being silly when Mischa looked up and spotted a girl sitting on a bench not far away, her nose buried in a book. When the she looked up and caught Mischa starting she blushed to the roots of her deep red hair but got up and headed towards Mischa who met her halfway. They chatted for the rest of the afternoon and exchanged numbers. Mischa was almost giddy when she left the park at sunset.

July 27, 2050

I met the most gorgeous girl today! Her name is Lauren and she likes to read and cook and is really funny too. That long red hair is amazing with her blue eyes and I really want to get to know her better. I think I’ll ask her out for dinner.

August 6, 2050

Had a great time with Lauren at dinner. Wish I lived alone so I could’ve invited her home. I know I’m being silly, but could I haven gotten so lucky as to have the first woman I meet be the One? I’m so giddy like a schoolgirl I can barely contain my own feelings.

Lauren often found that she couldn’t concentrate either as she keep thinking of the spiky haired brunette who had been staring at her in the park. She was head over heels and felt like it was more than just a crush. She’d learned a lot about Mischa in a short time and was contemplating inviting her over for dinner and a movie at her apartment.

The ladies spent wonderful evenings together just being with one another and finally one night Mischa looked at Lauren and took a deep breath, “I think I might be falling in love with you.” And she kissed the other woman who gently rested her hands on Mischa’s shoulders. Gradually the kisses deepened into more and they found themselves tangled on the couch half undressed. They looked at one another and grinned before they quickly just finished stripping down to nothing and came back into one each others arms.

Lauren and Mischa had slow, lazy sex, exploring bodies, sharing kisses, and taking their time. Mischa smiled triumphantly the first time Lauren orgasmed under her touch and couldn’t wait to taste her juices. So she teased and stroked and rubbed Lauren’s pussy just so and before long Lauren’s hips were bucking up into the air as she begged Mischa for more. When Lauren begged so prettily she acquiesced and lowered her mouth to kiss and nibble her way down Lauren’s belly, across both thighs, and finally agonizingly slowly, drug her tongue along Lauren’s wetness and against her clit where she sucked hard for a moment before returning to nice long slow licks of her lover’s wet cunt. Damn she tasted good; a sweet nectar to Mischa and she wondered if she could just love this girl forever.

Later that evening Lauren got sweet revenge teasing Mischa as well and forced orgasm after orgasm from her, delighting in the feeling of her cunt tightening around her fingers every time Mischa came for her. Eventually the two women lay sated on the living room having long since abandoned the couch and curled up together. Mischa played with Lauren’s long hair and smiled idly at the thought of everything going on in her life all of a sudden. She dropped another kiss on Lauren’s lips and gave her a wicked grin, “Up for round two?” Lauren pulled Mischa to her and kissed her neck, biting down gently. “I am if you are.”

January 15, 2051

Lauren and I are getting married! She asked me last night and there was no way in hell I was going to say no. Mom and Mama are thrilled as are Lauren’s parents. They all want to have this big to do of a wedding, but we’re really thinking about just running away and eloping to save ourselves the sheer insanity having two gay men and two lesbians planning a wedding just sounds like a damn nightmare. I think Mom would be the calmest of the bunch, but that’s not saying much. After spending high school not dating and then in my 20s being lucky enough to find the one in a million love of my life, well, even tough as nails Mom cried happy tears. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful blue eyed redhead.




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Dancing – KOTW – February 16-28

He held her close, swaying in the dark. His hands traveling her body in a beat only they could hear. Kisses sprinkled along her neck and down her back and a trail of fire racing along her skin. Bending forward for him, waiting for it. And the sudden kiss of the flogger adds a different beat, a steady one, as the beating of their hearts. She cries out for him and him alone, a sweet song that they share together.

When he comes to her it is as one heart, one soul and they begin to dance again, bodies writhing, the music rising in them to escape in the only way it can. Fierce kisses silence the music, but only for mere moments before the crescendo builds once more. A gasp here and a cry there and the music fades, but the dance never ends. It will only resume again, another time, another day to the same rhythm as always. Love.

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Lovingly Forced

Kaitlyn giggled at the feeling of Damian’s fingers trailing along her body. They were both nude and she was stretched out on the bed, her hands bound by a silk scarf. Gradually those tickling fingers became a gentle massage and a pleasant, languorous feeling of being loved and cared for floated across Kaitlyn’s mind. She was utterly relaxed here with him and was willing to wait and see what was going to happen next. He leaned down to give her a kiss then pulled away with a naughty grin. “Don’t get too content, Kait. You never know what I might have in store.”

She shot him a naughty grin of her own and arched an eyebrow, as if to say, try me. And try her he did. Immediately his lips went to her clit and pussy, licking and sucking and nibbling at her most tender parts, making her gasp and squirm beneath his onslaught. Just before she would have come for him, he stopped. Kait let out a frustrated moan and Damian reached up and pinched a nipple. “You’re in for it now.” And once again he descended on her pussy relishing the taste and smell of her. Her hips arched against his face and she wiggled trying to free her hands to pull him closer as he teased and tormented her. Damian simply ceased his movements, once again causing noises of frustration. He became relentless in his onslaught of her dripping cunt stopping every time she reached the brink of her orgasm. Kaitlyn began to beg in earnest to be allowed to come for him. He gave her a wicked little grin and reached for something that she couldn’t quite see.

Suddenly Kait heard a click and almost screamed as the vibrations covered her already excited and sensitive flesh. An orgasms rolled over her and went on and on for what felt like forever as she twitched and spasmed, thrusting against the toy but almost wanting to pull away at the same time. Then the vibrations were gone and she was left aching for more. She groaned softly her body wracked with tiny twitches that she seemed helpless to stop.

Damian smiled down at her. “You did good. Shall we try this again?” This time his fingers did the work, finding her G-spot and rubbing back ad forth in just the way he knew she liked . Kaitlyn gasped and arched her hips, but again Damian stopped just short of allowing her to come. By this point he was growing impatient for his own release but resolved to wait, because forcing Kait into shuddering orgasms was just too much fun.

He started up their little game again, this stroking her clit with his thumb while he fingered her. She tried to relax and settle into just enjoying what she was feeling, but her orgasms were hiding there ready to explode at any given moment. She was jittery and quivering and wanted badly to come for Damian again and again. She wanted him to fuck her senseless and feel him shoot his come inside of her. Instead she just had another explosive orgasm  that made her toes curl as she arched her body off of the bed, wanting still more. She was so sensitive, but was helpless to stop the blitz of orgasms riding her body. Damian leaned  down and kissed her gently. “Such a good girl for me. Taking everything I give to you and giving it back to me. I love you.” She managed to gasp a barely audible response, still writhing on the bed waiting and hoping for more.

Damian unbuckled his pants slowly, ready to give her what he knew she wanted, ready to feel her clench around him, to feel her orgasms as he rode her body. And that was exactly what he was about to do. He grabbed her hips, flipped her over, and pulled her to the edge of the bed. A quick smack to her ass just because it was so lovely her couldn’t help him and his cock slid into her. Kaitlyn moaned at the sudden intrusion and her body began shaking nearly immediately, “Please fuck me.” “Oh  Babygirl, I plan to do exactly that and you’re gonna come for me as many times as you can.”

She pressed her body back against him and moaned again her pussy clenching tightly around his cock. It was Damian’s turn to moan at the sensation and he began to fuck her in earnest, thrusting in and out, some hard or fast or slow  of gentle or rough, varying it so neither of them would come too fast. He was quite enjoying drawing orgasm after orgasm from Kait’s body. He could feel her muscles fluttering around him almost and knew she was about to come again so he thrust hard, driving the head of his cock deep inside her. Sure enough, the orgasm rolled over her and she was gasping for and air and begging for more at the same time. Damian smiled and kissed her back and suddenly all of his thrusts were hard and fast, drawing out her orgasm, forcing it into the next, over and over until he had nothing but himself left to give. He jerked once, twice  and Kaitlyn came again when she felt the hot wetness against filling her body. Slowly she slid don’t the bed and Damian pulled out to cuddle up beside her. “I told you that you’d enjoy your afternoon.”

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Wicked Wednesday 246 – (Be Mine)

He was at a loss for Valentine’s Day. What to do? Then it hit him. Melissa was always quite aggressive in bed and often joked about tying him up. So that’s what he’d do.

And just to set the right mood, he went shopping. The perfect outfit was the delivered to her office on Valentine’s Day with a note for her to not open it at the office, but to stop by his place on the way home and change there. She’d be seeing him shortly. Melissa was intensely curious about what was in the box and what he had planned. As soon as she got to her car that afternoon the box was open and she was even more confused at the outfit he had picked out for her. But Melissa was game for almost anything so she went to his place to freshen up and change (and hoping to find a clue of what he was up to.)

Arriving home she unlocked the door and walked in to him kneeling nude by the door, a pile of rope coiled neatly by his side and a small flogger on the other. He would not look up at her and she gave a wicked smile as she realized the implications of what lay before her. “What a delightful surprise you are.” He dared to glance up at her and seeing her dressed the way she was immediately made him want to do anything for her, to make her happy. She was amazing and right now, he was hers.

“Hmmm…”, Melissa walked around him in her spiky boots simply looking at the man kneeling before her, delighted at the surprise and not quite sure where she wanted to start now that he was really giving her a chance. “Stand up. Let me see you.” There was a note of command in her voice that thrilled him and he rose carefully, making sure not to disturb the rope or the flogger or to touch her. He hoped in time he would get the chance to peel that leather dress from her lithe body. She ran her hands along his body, down his back, to squeeze that delightful ass and swatted him with the flat of her hand, hard enough to make certain she had his full attention. “So good. Silent until spoken to, obedient, and all mine aren’t you.” He nodded affirmatively.

“A few ground rules. You’ve chosen to trust me, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a bit of a chat. When replying to me, you will call me Ma’am or Mistress.” “Yes Ma’am.” “Good. Now we’re going to use a system to keep you safe and help me keep you safe. I will check in with you periodically and you will answer with green, yellow, or red. Green means you’re OK, yellow means things are getting a little intense and we need to slow down or back off, and red means stop completely, at which point the game is over and I will take care of you. If you’re ready to begin, gather my toys and follow me. Melissa turned and walked up the stairs. She smiled to herself and thought about how much fun they were going to have. She was glad he trusted her with this.

She motioned for him to set the rope and the flogger on the bed then pulled him against her hard, pressing her body to his, feeling his erection against her. It was enough to make her want to just have him fuck her right then and there. “You’ve been good, but I think even good boys need a spanking from time to time. It reminds them of their place. Tell me where your place is.” “Wherever you want me to be Ma’am.” A quick nod and he was relieved to have given a correct answer. Melissa let him go and pushed him toward the bed. “Lean on it, palms flat, legs together.” As he complied her hand arced out to hit his ass again, no harder than before. “Once I’m done reddening this lovely ass of yours, you’ll get your first taste of leather. Would you like that?” “I think so Mistress.” His answer satisfied her and she spanked his ass over and over, stopped here and there to grope at the flesh that grew redder and redder for her. Eventually she picked the flogger up off the bed and leaned in to whisper in his is his ear. “Two things. You need to give me a green, yellow, or red, before this flogging starts and you will count each lash.” “Yes Ma’am, green Ma’am.”

Melissa nodded. The she stepped back and raised her hand, taking careful aim. She’d done this before, but not for a while and never with him. Her first hit landed square against his ass and his voice was a quiet, “One.” “Louder!” She swung again landing just a bit lower than the first hit. “Two!” This time his voice was strong and confident and she nodded as she began to work him over with the flogger. Melissa’s hits were relatively light, but gradually she made them harder and harder. He counted to twenty-five and called, “Yellow.” She stopped instantly and rubbed his ass gently. “No more of that. You did good. Next time I want you to try for thirty.”

His first thought was, “Next time??” Then he noticed that he had relaxed pretty thoroughly into the spanking and flogging and nodded to himself. “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Melissa smiled as he thanked her like a good pet should. She thought perhaps he was finding this to be more than just a novelty. Before Melissa let herself give in to that urge rising inside of her she positioned him on the bed and tied him so he could see her but not touch her. She slowly stripped off her dress and underwear, but left the boots.

“You’ve been good for me and good boys get rewarded.” She ran her fingers lightly along his dick, watching it twitch, watching a single clear droplet slide along the length of it. Her mouth encased his dick sucking hard once, twice, three times enjoying the sounds of pleasure he made. “Please Mistress, please fuck me. His hips bucked up off the bed as best they could and he stared plaintively down at her, ready to beg further should it suit her. But just now what suited her was his dick sliding into her very wet pussy. She slid herself up his body and sank down onto him, with a moan. “You feel so good right there. No coming until I tell you.” Her eyes bored into his and she rocked her hips back and forth, riding him, loving the feeling of his hips bucking beneath her. Several orgasm rolled through her testing his control and he was ready to beg to come for her when she ground her hips against him hard and growled at him, “Come.” His orgasm was so intense he cried out and nearly felt as though he could have a second one if she’d only tell him again. He’d do anything for his Mistress now.



And if you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post, it can be found here.

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Grecian Vacation

Their lips met as the crashing of the waves upon the beach and that’s where it all began.Helena was vacationing in Greece and Niko had offered to show her around to all the good local spots. He kept his promise, was a perfect gentleman, and the last stop of the day was this beach.

Helena had been drawn to Niko immediately and just wanted to sink her fingers into his black wavy hair and pull him close to her. He felt the same about the pretty blonde with the British accent and they both really hoped to make something of their time together, however brief it was. They kissed again hands tracing lines and planes and exploring bodies. Helena moaned at a particularly sensitive spot as Niko’s lips found the back of her ear.

They rolled in the sand uncaring of just what a mess they would be by the time their night was over. Carefully his hands slid underneath the tank top she was wearing, daring to explore further. Her pert breasts were not hidden by a bra and Niko took advantage of this, tugging lightly on her nipples. Helena moaned and arched against his touch. “Ohh, yes.” H tugged harder before raising her shirt above her head and lowering his warm mouth to her nipples,alternating back and forth between his hands and his mouth. She squirmed underneath him body arched, gasping with pleasure. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, she begged, knowing that she could reach her first orgasm of the night simply by Niko playing with her sensitive nipples.

And with no warning the rush of pleasure hit her body. She pressed her body to his, moaning and could feel the hardness of him against her. Niko pulled his mouth from her right nipple and  resumed tugging and pinching with his fingers on both nipples, watching her orgasm play across her face. “Beautiful,” he whispered and gave her nipples one final, hard tug sending another wave of ecstasy through her body.

“I’ve never met someone who had such sensitive nipples. Perhaps I will play with them  again later. But right now I need you, Helena. Please say yes.” She gave him  a wicked grin and pulled him back to her lips for a kiss, grinding her hips against his erection. Niko moaned and thrust against her wishing they had no barriers between them. Their bodies were tightly melded together, almost as one and the feeling of their clothing was a greater  pleasure, driving them both a little mad and leaving them wanting more. Niko released his grip on the woman in front of hi and quickly shucked his jeans and underwear, leaving Helena to gasp at the perfection of his body. She made to sit up so she could touch him, but he was tugging her shorts down her legs before she could move. He leaned in and kissed her hip,  trailing his tongue alongside the crease of her thigh. He kissed her inner  thighs, laving them attention and then kissed her clit, almost like a french kiss before he slid a condom on and moved up the length of her body.

“Are you ready?” He looked down at her with such lust in his eyes that she couldn’t say not, knowing that her own eyes must mirror his. She wanted this man. Her hips arched up to meet his, feeling the warmth of his dick as he pressed himself into her. He hissed in pleasure as she squeezed tightly around him. “Keep that up pretty girl and I won’t last. And I intend to last until I’ve wrung every orgasm out of you that I can.” He moved slowly and this time it was her turn to hiss in delight as she felt the head of him drag across her g-spot. He was going to torture her a little and she was going to love every bit of it. Niko kept his movements slow and steady, watching, noting how she moved and breathed. He wanted to see her come underneath him from just the slow gentleness of their lovemaking. Helena leaned up to kiss him, tangling her tongue with his before trailing a line of kisses up to his ear. “You feel so good inside me, Niko, but please, more,” she was almost but not quite begging and he knew she’d get more out of him, but at his pace, not hers. Each time the head of his cock slipped over her g-spot she gasped and each time she was a little closer to that orgasm that she was searching for.

Like a lightening strike it hit her unexpectedly and rolled throughout her body. She was moaning and arching her body into Niko’s as thought she might devour him. With no warning things changed she found herself sitting atop Niko, still filled with him. Helena rocked her hips back forth, riding him, her blonde hair covering her face and tickling his. He gathered it up, holding it out of the way and she gave him another one of naughty grins. “Pull it,” she whispered.

So Niko pulled and when he did she exploded against him again, her hips still riding him and she bit her lip so as not to scream her pleasure to the stars. Niko swore softly in Greek and rose up from the sand to meet her, unable to contain his own orgasm. She went limp against him and they laid in the sand,almost to the waters edge and giggled like a couple of school kids. “Should I show you more places tomorrow,” Niko asked with a wicked gleam in his dark eyes.

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Wicked Wednesday 245 – Second Thoughts (Uncertainty of a Woman)

Lexi frowned at her reflection in the mirror. For the third time, she stripped down and hunted for a different outfit. Her body was Rubenesque and delightfully shaped in all the right places but she had a hard time seeing anything beyond a fat girl wishing she was skinnier. She ate right, she worked out, but she never felt like her body was good enough.

And now here she was, planning an outfit  for a date with the cute guy she’d met at the bookstore, unsure why or how he could be attracted to her. Second thoughts and self-doubt plagued her as she tried to get ready; she almost called him and cancelled, but a tiny voice in her head said no. She was going on a date with a handsome man named James and she was going to try to leave her insecurities behind. Alas, she knew all too well that was easier said then done. Finally she settled on a black 1950s style swing dress with bright red patent heels and the lipstick to match. If she was going to do this, she wanted to look as good as she could manage.

They met at the bookstore and James was, for a moment, awestruck at the woman in front of him. He’d found her attractive wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she looked amazing and he told her so. She blushed heavily, unsure of how to respond, and mumbled a shy, “Thank you.” The pair headed to a small bistro down the street and as they walked along James noticed the looks Lexi received. He came to the conclusion that she really had no idea how gorgeous she was and his aim was to change that. Maybe not in one night, but he wanted more than just a night with the buxom brunette. He reached over and took her hand gently and Lexi gifted him a rare smile. She was still nervous, but figured that if he hadn’t run from her in the bookstore he wouldn’t run now.

The pair enjoyed a quiet dinner, chatting about  whatever topics came to mind. Lexi relaxed in front of James and he smiled at her subtle changes in behavior. Dinner over, they took a stroll along the boulevard. Lexi was still oblivious to the looks she received and James was oblivious to anything but her. So he took a deep breath and asked, “Come back to my place?”

That question caught Lexi completely off guard and she almost asked him why, until she saw the look on his face. Naked desire and it had to be for her. Her blush wasn’t quite so heavy this time, nor was she quite as shy when she agreed. She wondered just how far they would take things and she hoped that if they progressed into sex that he wouldn’t be disgusted by her body.

As they returned to his car, James grinned and pulled Lexi into a dark alley and wrapped his arms around  her, for a scorching kiss like she’d never had before. A tiny moan escaped from her mouth and she stepped closer to James, not having second thoughts just this moment. They made out like horny teenagers in the alley until James pulled away with a small groan. “I want you so bad, Lexi. But if you tell me no, I swear nothing you don’t want will happen.” Lexi somehow found the courage in her to give him a daring look and leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “Come and get me.”

James wanted to practically drag her back to his car and speed to his place. This woman, who seemed to have confidence come and go in waves had somehow gotten under his skin like no one else ever had. The way she looked, her smell, that sudden shyness that overtook her at a compliment, everything. On the drive over his hand rested gently on her thigh and for a moment Lexi cringed internally, afraid he might notice how fat her legs were and be repulsed by her size. The old doubts and fears were beginning to resurface again, despite the kisses in alleyway and his promise of not going any farther than she was comfortable.

They arrived at his apartment and James led her upstairs and poured a bottle of wine. Lexi kicked off her shoes. He handed her a glass of  wine, poured his own and they found themselves sitting at either end of the couch. “Put your feet in my lap gorgeous. I’ll give you a nice massage.”  Lexi took a sip of her wine and slowly, carefully readjusted so that she could do as he requested. “Lexi, it’s OK. Like I told you nothing will happen tonight unless you want it. You’re beautiful and don’t even know it, do you?” “No, I’m not,” Lexi mumbled between sips of wine. James’ hands which had been so artfully rubbing and caressing her feet, slowly moved up to her ankles and further to her calves. It took a moment, but Lexi relaxed into his touch and let herself really think about him finding her attractive and wanting her sexually. It made her almost giddy, especially given how much she wanted him.

Gradually James shifted positions so he was kneeling over her, his hands on her thighs under her dress. His hands slide to either side of her and leaned in for another searing kiss. Lexi hesitated for half a second giving him time to tease her lips with his tongue and then wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into her. She met him kiss for kiss and before long was squirming beneath him, wanting more, while trying to suppress her growing terror if her dress came off. At least she’d picked a matching bra and panty set in red satin. Lingerie was one of the few things that made her feel pretty. He reached behind her back and tugged lightly on her zipper. “I want to see all of you. May I?”  James looked steadily at her for a  long moment before she finally nodded her assent.

He peeled the dress down her body slowly stopping to kiss and nibble at her. The sight of her breasts encased in red satin nearly unmanned him, “I want you  like I’ve never wanted anyone else Lexi. Please say yes.” Her voice was a whisper, “Yes.”He stood, leading her to the bedroom, leaving her dress in a black puddle on the living room floor.

James touched and kissed her everywhere he could, trying to show her how gorgeous she was. He slid his fingers against the satin panties and slowly stripped her.There was the sound of a condom opening and then Lexi felt him inside her, moving slowly, trying to hold on to his control. She gasped, holding onto his shoulders, arching her hips, fears forgotten as her first orgasm of the night rolled over her. Muffling his own moans against her breasts James came as her pussy clenched around his dick. “I’ve got you beautiful.” And her kissed her quite thoroughly, a promise  of more.


If you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post, you can find it here.

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Kink of the Week – February 1st-15th Threesomes (My First)

So, some of you might have noticed that this post has gone missing. WordPress/the Internet/something appears to have eaten the post and I can’t figure out why, nor can I retrieve the post.

With that said, while I can’t rewrite the post in its entirety I am going to write a new post here for anyone who cares to come back and check it out. So…

Threesomes. Threesomes can be a lot of fun. The first one I had our male partner, Ricky, was pretty content to receive a double teamed blowjob, pet us on occasion, but mostly he just wanted to watch. Does this still count as a threesome? To me it does, but maybe to others it won’t.

It all started with a bottle of coconut rum that me, Ricky, Suzi were drinking and quickly devolved into Suzi and I making out on Ricky’s bed. He joined us shortly afterwards, got his blowjob, and then settled in to be a voyeur. Fine with me as something about being with Suzi just clicked and that eventually began a FWB type situation with her.

But back to our activities. Suzi was just as talented with her fingers as she was her mouth and apparently, despite this being my first time with a woman I must not have done too badly myself. We spent several hours touching and fucking and I remember just about losing my mind when I pulled up to sit on my face so I could eat her out. Overall it was a positive sexual experience for me.

I think if I had the chance, I certainly would have another threesome with the right people and at the right time. I don’t know how typical my first experience was, I do know it isn’t something my partner is interested in so I’m never going to push the issue, but I feel like threesomes can be a normal and healthy part of people’s aex life should they choose to engage in them.

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