Wicked Wednesday 221: Reading (Secret in the Stacks)

“…Clayton ripped at Lacey’s bodice, tearing it free from her breasts and bent his head lavish the tops of them with kisses before seeking lower for her pert nipples, sucking and biting at them with such fervor that Lacey couldn’t help her soft cries. He raised his head and put a finger to her lips, shushing her before they could get caught. Ruining the Lady’s reputation was not on his list of things to do. She darted her tongue out and flicked it against the tip of his finger, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. He gave the pretty girl a wicked grin and slid his fingers under her voluminous skirts; Clay wanted this woman badly, propriety be damned. His fingers found her little nub and began to rub and stroke gently. Lacey gasped softly trying to keep quiet as she raced to a climax just from the Duke’s touch…”

A soft noise from below caught Angela’s attention and she set her book, “The Duke’s Lady” aside and peered across the way, scanning for the source of the noise. There, she spotted a couple in the lower stacks and watched as the man trailed a line of kisses down his partner’s throat. She watched the two men curiously at first as they traded kisses and gentle caresses; she wondered if they knew they were being watched. She wondered if they cared. Angela crept forward to watch closer and the two men before her got hotter.

James bit his lip to stifle a moan when Nick ground his body against him, feeling their cocks pressing into each other through their jeans. The two men ran their hands along each others bodies, occasionally glancing around to make sure they were still alone They never even thought to look up. Nick knelt and rubbed his face along James’ cock and slowly, quietly undid his pants watching his lover’s cock spring free, dripping pre-cum, and ready for sucking. Nick’s tongue flickered across the head of cock in front of him before engulfing in his warm mouth.

Angela smiled and watched silently able to see the one man’s throat muscles working as he sucked his lover’s cock as her own arousal grew. She wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to take her eyes off the scene unfolding in front of her, slightly awed at the bravery of the two men being so brazen in the library of all places. Watching these men, sucking cock and touching and kissing really turned her on, far more than she would have ever expected. She wondered if it was the voyeuristic  element or watching two men or maybe both. Then she decided she didn’t care right now why it turned her on to see this as she rain her hands down her body, tweaking at her nipples through her shirt and bra. The pretty brunette almost moaned as she watched Nick deep throat the cock in front of him and James throw his head back, biting his lip to keep from crying out. Suddenly his hips bucked hard thrusting into Nick’s mouth and Angela could tell that the one man was cumming and cumming hard.

She squeezed her thighs together looking for some friction of her own and slipped back into the chair before the two men happened to look up and spot her. She glanced around the upper stacks not seeing or hearing anyone and quickly plunged her fingers down the front of her skirt. Her fingers found her clit and she rubbed hard and fast biting her own lips to avoid making any noise. Her other hand pulled at her nipples through her shirt and she squirmed in her seat her hips moving gently against her hand. Angela gasped and glanced around again and suddenly her own orgasm hit and it took all she could do not to moan at the feelings rushing through her body. The woman withdrew her fingers from her underwear and licked the cum from her fingers delicately and took a deep breath. A few moments later she glanced back to the lower stacks to see that the two men were gone and had left no trace of ever having been there. She smiled a secret smile and picked her book back up and continued reading about all the dirty things the Duke of Heverwood was doing to his lovely companion. What an exciting afternoon at the library.

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Sexy isn’t a requirement

Sometimes being sexy just isn’t going to happen for you. Maybe you’re having a bad day or you’re tired or sick or just plain not feeling sexy for any number of reasons. And that’s OK.

Society today bombards us with images of sex and sexiness everywhere and seems to have general expectations that we meet when it comes to being sexy. For example, I’m fat so I can’t be sexy. I call bullshit by the way; I can be sexy whether I’m fat or thin or curvy or whatever. And so can anyone else. That said…

For some people sexiness seems to be an inherent trait and they make it look effortless and easy and perhaps they can be sexy with a runny nose and a cold, but for a lot of us it takes a bit of work. Some days that work is too much effort to make. And since you don’t owe it to anyone but yourself to be or feel sexy then what’s the big deal? Or maybe sexy for you is something that most people would call anything but sexy. Are you comfy in jeans and t-shirts? Does it make you feel sexy even if you’re not wearing heels and a ton of make up (sexy stereotype!)? Then rock the look and don’t worry about the haters. After all, maybe you’re wearing some seriously sexy underwear and that’s part of what makes you feel sexy. And maybe that sexy underwear is something that doesn’t meet gender norms for your perceived gender, whatever that may be. Who cares?!

Unfortunately, we see too many people out there who do “care” and that is all part of the idea that men can tell a woman to smile or how other women might make backhanded comments if you’re not wearing make up i.e. “You look tired, today.” or “Are you sick?” Sometimes these are genuine concerns from our friends, but I’m betting most women have encountered this sort of subtle attack on their choice to not wear make up at least once. I’ve also been criticized because I dared to wear a skirt with unshaved legs; until that comment had been made I felt sexy, but then I let that one little thing get under my skin and suddenly sexy was hard and that was OK. I try not to let other people’s comments or my own inner monologue get me down, but I understand that sexy all the time just isn’t my thing. I’d rather be comfy with no makeup and messy hair and that’s not sexy to a lot of people. I just don’t care. And neither should you, dear reader. Revel in who you are and what makes you feel sexy even if the rest of the world can’t see past it to who you are.

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A Proper Blessing

((I feel compelled to add that while the scene depicted here is of young adults, they are both of age in the story, which means 18+; if you’re offended by reading stories about younger characters or have any other issues with this, please feel free to skip this post. Haters will be summarily ignored. Thanks!))

Livvy smiled to herself, as she remembered the events of last week and wasn’t paying attention as she headed for Mrs. Bonner’s English class. She tripped over someone’s pen that must’ve fallen from their bag and stumbled right into Josh, a quiet student that she knew from a few other classes but not well. He dropped his books trying to steady her and they both blushed as a copy of XXX Schoolgirls slid from between two of his books. Josh quickly stuffed the magazine back into hiding and straightened up.“You OK, Liv?”
She pushed her glasses back up where they belonged and smiled at him. “Yeah, I’m OK. Thanks Josh. I’ll see you around.”
She smiled at him again and walked away, her long red hair making her a beacon in the crush of people rushing between classes. Josh shook his head to clear his errant thoughts and kept going before he was late for Calculus again.

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Wicked Wednesday 220: Sports (Derby Girl)

Jenna wiped the sweat from her eyes and looked around watching the rest of the women on her team. Badass babes every one of them and she felt incredibly out of place. Sure roller derby is a sport for everybody type and she could hit better and harder than most of her more petite teammates but that didn’t erase the insecurities she felt from being the biggest one of the team.

She shook her head impatiently at herself and returned her focus to what the coach was saying about the next drill. At the end of practice she was a sweaty mess, her clothes stuck to her skin and all the girls had that unique “roller derby/rink” smell to them. It was a smell that, strangely, Jenna really enjoyed. She guessed it was a derby girl thing as none of them were shy about sharing sweaty, post-practice hugs. There was some general teasing and banter as the ladies got ready to head home and it was all over for another night.
Jenna drove home, her mind wandering back to being the “big girl” on the team. At 5’10” and 200 pounds she wasn’t “exactly” a whale, but compared to rail thin girls like Ginger and Leeanna she certainly felt like one. She reminded her self once again that her larger frame and big booty let her do things that those girls couldn’t though and tried to shake the dismal mood she was sinking into as she pulled into the drive.

Mike heard his wife’s car as she arrived from derby practice and smiled. He had noticed how down she seemed on herself after practice lately and was pretty sure he knew why. Feeling like the jolly green giant could be rough on anyone and that he knew from experience. Unfolding his 6’4″ frame, he ran his fingers through short honey colored hair and headed for the front door to see if he could alleviate some of the insecurity from Jenna’s grey blue eyes. The tall blonde barged into the house, her gear bag bouncing behind her and she ran smack in to Mike, who used the moment to his advantage and her surprise to wrap his arms around her and give her a kiss both exuberant and tender at the same time, “Hey baby girl. Glad you’re home. I missed you.” She laughed and tried to squirm free of his embrace, “I wasn’t gone that long. And I’m gross from practice. Let me shower and you can kiss me all you want.”

“But I want to kiss you now,” and his lips descended again to meet hers this time not so gentle, more insistent, his tongue tracing her mouth. Jenna leaned into Mike’s kiss, her hands resting lightly on his shoulders as she tried to focus on not touching him in her sweaty state. Even though he saw her like this several times a week she was loathe to let him too close before she had showered. Mike growled softly and slid his hands down to her hips and pulled, forcing her to step closer. She was pressed intimately against him now and his strong fingers kneaded at her ass gently. She whimpered against his lips and it was her turn to become insistent and demanding with the kiss they shared.
“That’s better,”he whispered as their lips parted. His arms still locked around Jenna’s waist Mike walked backwards leading her to their bedroom. He nuzzled her neck gently, taking in the sharp salty smell of her sweat drenched skin and trailed kisses against her neck. “I love you.” His fingers slid under her tank top, stripping it off, followed by her sports bra. He leaned down and dotted kissed against each of her nipples, watching them pucker in the cool air. “Mike, I need a shower. Really…” Another gentle kiss from him silenced her protests against and she sighed to herself wondering what on earth was so attractive to him, especially when she was covered in sweat and smelled a little funny from the rink stink that permeated her clothes and skin.

His lips wound a trail down her body to the top of the capri leggings she’d worn to practice and slowly he peeled those down too, knowing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Those gentle kisses, down both legs in alternating succession until she had to balance her hands on his shoulders to step out of them. He glanced up at her and was surprised to see the faintest blush on his normally outgoing and vivacious wife’s face. He realized then just how hard it was for her to let herself be vulnerable, even with him, when she was sticky with sweat, with messy hair, and it only made him appreciate her all the more. He breathed in the scent of her, ran a line of kisses along her hip and stood to face her.

“I don’t care that you’re sweaty or that maybe you smell because you’ve been skating for two and a half hours. I don’t care that you’re bigger than all your teammates, even though I know it bothers you. I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions of you. I want you, Jenna. Let me have you, love.” Watching the sheer look of amazement slide across her face and into her eyes was priceless and beautiful to him and he gave her another anything but chaste kiss. her hands reached for him and suddenly the urge to have him as naked as she was took over. Together they made short work of his clothes and fell back onto the bed together. Passion carried them both to new heights that night and Jenna fell asleep in Mike’s arms too tired to even shower after all.


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Sex and Intimacy; What’s the Difference?

Sex: Physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc. : physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse

Intimacy: close familiarity or friendship; closeness.
an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse.

Definitions of these two words pulled from the Internet, respectively Merriam-Webster’s website and google.com would indicate that the two are likely to be synonymous. However, dear readers, I beg to differ. Certainly the two are close cousins and can be the same thing, but they can also be completely separate and unrelated acts. Those actions may be perceived to an outside observer as sexual in nature whether or not that is actually the case.

Sex, by the very nature of the vulnerability that it engenders is seen as an intimate act by many people. But I have had sex that totally lacked any intimacy at all, even with a long term partner. It was just sex and it didn’t have passion or love or any form of closeness associated with it. It was just an act of intercourse. And that can be true for couples, FWBs, or one night stands, just as much as it can not be true for all of the same people listed above. It can be true for anyone having sex at all.

In my current relationship, I experience intimacy every day, all day in a million little ways. And sex isn’t always part of those million ways; sometimes not at all, sometimes…well…sometimes I’ve been known to wake the neighbors exploring sex and intimacy with my partner. Oops! Not only do we share sexual intimacy, but other little things as I mentioned. Like cooking together in a tiny kitchen where we can’t move without bumping into one another. It makes us mindful of our actions as we cook together and mindful of each other. And it is something that feels very close and loving, even though it is such a mundane activity. Obviously, cooking does NOT equal sex, although my partner can make french toast that is nearly orgasm inducing. Random fact; it once caused someone to actually propose to my partner because their french toast is that tasty.

But I digress; so what’s the difference between the two?

Sex is an act in and of itself. It can be for pleasure, for procreation, for both of those things at once or separately. It can be consensual, it can be (sadly) forced, or vanilla or kinky or any number of ways and things and times and events. But that doesn’t always make it intimate. It can lack the closeness and familiarity that is the very definition of intimacy. That alone tells us that it isn’t the same as intimacy, despite the term “being intimate” as common slang for a sexual act of any kind. Conversely, it can be incredibly intimate.

However, intimacy is something that I find to be much greater than just sex and more than the sum of those parts. Intimacy is a shared private joke, touch (of all kinds; a flogging can be intimate without being sexual), doing everyday activities together, date nights, a hug, and too many things to really list here.

Two of my favorite things in my own relationship that I find to be incredibly intimate is that my partner will come wash my hair for me in the shower. Now that might seem silly or juvenile because I’m clearly capable of washing my own hair, but when my partner does it for me then we get to be close and enjoy a small intimacy together that is very tactile and feels very good to me. On that same note, my partner dislikes anyone else washing their hair but lets me comb it out after a shower and that too is an intimate act, one that takes time and patience as their hair tangles easily. My other favorite (that is just for me in some ways) is on nights when I can’t sleep sometimes my partner will join me in the bedroom, dip their fingers in coconut oil, and very gently rub and massage my mons and vulva with oil covered fingers. And I know that this may sound sexual and like something I might get off to, but in reality it is soothing and relaxing. My orgasm isn’t even a goal here, although if it happens, then it happens. The goal is to be close to someone, to be safe and wanted, and to gently be petted into relaxation that leads to some much needed sleep. And that is intimacy in my life. Sex is something entirely different as I mentioned above.

Two closely related words, two very different meanings and outcomes for how they work both alone and together. TO achieve both of these things in a relation ship, communication is key. Talk to your partner(s!) And for anyone who is curious about the intimacy of petting, I dare you to give it a try!


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Wicked Wednesday 215: Night World (Broadcast Bombshell)

Note: This is a piece of fiction loosely based around Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. I do not own the characters, the rights to the books, or any part therein. For readers of the series there may be spoilers all the way up to book 22 so if you’re concerned about that just be aware. Thanks.

Stephanie smiled and led the skip out of the darkened bar and outside, right into the waiting arms of her coworkers from RangeMan Security where Bobby and Lester took the man into custody. Hal was there to drive Stephanie back to her place and he congratulated her on another job well done as well admired the petite brunette in her “slutted up bar outfit” which consisted of high heeled fuck me pumps a short black shirt and a white shirt unbuttoned far enough to display more than a hint of cleavage and just a hint of her black bra.

“Steph, has anyone told you that look always look amazing on these runs? And how much money you’ve saved us in damages and other fees? You’re a hell of a weapon, Bombshell.”

She gave Hal a wickedly sexy grin at that and stepped close enough that he could get a faint whiff of her perfume. She clicked off her mic to the trackers at RangeMan, motioning for him to do the same thing, “Hal, should I show you just how much of a bombshell I can be?”

Her heels clicked against the pavement as she walked over and leaned back on the wall of the alley they stood in, clean enough as alleys go, and waited to see if he would follow her lead and join her. She wasn’t disappointed. Hal’s strong hands planted themselves on either side of her, effectively trapping her where she stood and he leaned in very closely.

“You know if we do this there’s no going back. The other guys will figure it out. And then you’ll be ours. And I do mean ours. We share everything Steph.”

Without waiting for an answer his lips found hers in a gentle, but insistent kiss and she arched her back to rub against him feeling the length of his hardness against her. a whimper escaped her lips then, swallowed up by his own and in a sudden movement Hal spun her around, shoved her into wall and yanked her skirt up. He was rewarded with the sight of an ass that was made for spanking, bare as she had foregone her underwear tonight, just in case.

“Naughty aren’t you”, he breathed into her ear and ran his fingers down to her pussy feeling the wetness there, “And so eager. Good girl.”

Stephanie moaned softly at Hal’s word and shifted impatiently as he undid his pants. Unbeknownst to either of them, her movement caught the switch on her mic, turning it back into broadcast mode. With no warning Hal pulled her hips to him and slid his cock into her dripping pussy and she moaned.

The sound got the attention of every man back at headquarters and they stopped in their tracks wondering if they were hearing what they thought they heard. Then Hal’s voice, “Holy shit Bomber, you are so tight.” He began fucking her in earnest heedless of her face against the brick wall, heedless of anything but the woman he held on to. Steph thrust her hips back to meet him her voice trailing off into a deep moan as she tried to say his name. By this point everyone was gathered in the main security room listening to the aural sex show that they figured Stephanie and Hal didn’t even know they were broadcasting.

Every man there could hear their bodies moving together, their breathing becoming more erratic, Stephanie’s soft whimpers and moans and Hal’s filthy words spewing from his lips as he held his coworker against an alley wall and fucked her senseless.

“Oh my God, Hal don’t stop I’m gonna…” and her voice was lost again as she orgasmed around the massive cock in her pussy signing her pleasure. Her own orgasm set off Hal’s and he slammed her hips into the wall pinning her there and she could feel the heat of his semen spewing inside her.

They stood together breathing harder for a moment before Hal stepped back and they bot started righting themselves and their clothing. That was when Stephanie noticed the mic switch and blushed redder than red even in the dark. She clicked it off, much to the dismay of the control room and looked at Hal.

“You were right when you said all of RangeMan would know. We just accidentally broadcast ourselves to main control.  Wonder how much trouble we’re gonna be in with Ranger.” Hal just shook his head and gave Stephanie a quick kiss. “You’re worth it Bomber, totally worth it. Although we should probably try to clean that road rash on your face.”

When Hal mentioned it she noticed her stinging cheek from where Hal had held her to the wall and just smiled, thinking to herself, that she only had 5 more of her favorite men to fuck. Breaking up with Joe Morelli had been the best decision she ever made.


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Forced and Flogged

Livvy smiled contentedly up at Daniel and squirmed closer to him. They were curled up in bed as was their wont and she had never known the love and trust that she felt with him. The other things that he frequently made her feel weren’t bad either and the couple enjoyed a robust sex life. She leaned over to kiss his cheek and giggled when he turned his head catching her on the lips instead with a tender, gentle kiss that slowly deepened.

Daniel’s grip on the beautiful woman in his arms tightened as he pulled her as close as he possibly could. Their kisses never slowed and his hands traced gentle patterns on her skin, down her back, and across an ass that was built for an occasional spanking. Livvy’s finger twined into her lover’s long honey colored hair, careful not to pull and held him close a soft murmurous sigh escaping her lips. Her blue eyes fluttered open as Danny pulled back and looked down at her with a mischievous smile.

“I have a surprise for you tonight, Poppet. And I know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask anyway. Do you trust me?”
Livvy nodded her head affirmatively, not trusting her voice. She loved it when he called her ‘Poppet’ and she knew that if he was verifying her trust in him that something new and fun was definitely about to happen. She shivered slightly in anticipation and trailed her hands along her body stopping to toy with titanium and opal jewelry that pierced her nipples. They had been a birthday gift from Daniel last year and she never tired of them. Seeing her movements, the man in bed with her leaned down and planted a kiss across one pink nipple and playfully leered at her when she started at the unexpected kiss. He kissed her again sucking her nipple into his mouth, biting down ever so gently, then pulled away, reaching for something.

And Livvy gasped when he set the new nipple clamps against her skin, using the set screws to just barely tighten it. She whimpered, not at the pain, but at the lack thereof. Daniel repeated the process on her other nipple and then smiled wickedly at his girl coming up with a handful of rope, the Hitachi, and a brand new deerskin flogger that he trailed along her stomach watching her body tense as he did so. Deftly he began arranging her body how he wanted using the rope as a harness to hold the magic wand against her clit and somehow managing to bind her wrists at almost the same time. He tightened the clamps ever so slightly, but still not enough.

“Now, you’re going to cum for me and for each orgasm you have I will tighten the clamps and count that towards a strike with the flogger. Are you ready.” His voice was soft and silky smooth. Livvy knew she was in for a hell of a ride tonight. She wiggled her hands testing the bonds behind her back, ground gently against the still silent Hitachi and nodded.

With a quick flick the magic wand rumbled to life on low and immediately Livvy was wetter than before squirming and rubbing determined to get off as many times as she could before he turned it up and really pushed her limits. It took only moments for Livvy to cry out and push her body harder into the deep vibrations.

“One, Poppet,” the clamps got tighter.

She closed her eyes then still writhing and grinding against the delicious torture that was between her legs before she heard a quiet, “Manners, Poppet.” She gasped and hung her head distracted from her pleasure by the knowledge that she had forgotten.

“Thank you, Sir, for the orgasm,” her voice trembled a bit as though she feared he would stop the game then and there as punishment. She fervently hoped he wouldn’t. And he didn’t. He just stood by watching the gorgeous women in front of him buck and grind against her toy, cumming again and again. He could tell that her body was tiring but he wasn’t done with her yet. Each time he had tightened the nipple clamps a fraction of an inch at a time, teasing her with the flogger tails trailing her skin, she would cum for him again.

After enough orgasm that his pretty Poppet lost count (although he hadn’t), he reached out and flipped the switch setting the Hitachi to the higher setting. Livvy cried out and struggled against her bonds trying to get away as she simultaneously couldn’t help working her hips against the oversized vibrator that was tied between her thighs. This time the orgasm hit and rolled and continued in waves so not even Daniel could count them for her. He shrugged and tightened the clamps harder and harder until the series of orgasms broke and she looked up at him red faced and nearly in tears, “How many, Sir?”

Her voice quivered at that last and he looked down at her, petting her hair and whispered, “Twenty-five.” She didn’t know what to make of the number nor was she certain her ass could take twenty-five strikes or that her Daniel had made the number up just to see how she might react. With a sharp motion he shut off the magic wand which left Livvy gasping in relief to catch her breath and then slowly loosened the nipple clamps. The exquisite sensation of blood rushing back into an already sensitive body part set Livvy to moaning as she came again.

“And that makes Twenty-six my dear,” He laughed softly and helped her turn over, undo her hands so they would be clear of that luscious ass of hers and ran the flogger down her back watching her shiver. His arm raised and the first hit echoed through the room. It was hard, but it was almost enough. “Sir, will you add more strikes if I orgasm from the flogging?”

“No, Dearest, not tonight. Another time perhaps.”

She smiled into the bed relieved a bit and tried to stay relaxed enough to handle what he was dishing out. Slowly, inexorably the strikes came down, gradually getting harder and harder. Livvy gasped at the tenth hit and cried out by fifteen.

“Eleven more. You’re being such a good girl.” She sighed happily at his words and resolved to take the last half of her flogging with as much grace as she could muster. And no tears. His goal wasn’t ever to make her cry, although it happened sometimes and he understood. Five hits came quickly raining down so fast Livvy was hard pressed to stay still. She felt his hands rubbing her ass then and could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke, “So nice and red and striped my love. I’ll have to take a picture for you.”

The last six strikes were slow and measured, very hard compared to the others and Livvy cried out at each one, resisting the urge to squirm away from him. Yes, they were only playing a game, but she took her role quite seriously and tried to be good for him. When the last strike had fallen and she heard him reaching for the camera she spoke softly.

“Thank you, Sir.”

The camera snapped several times and Daniel pulled Livvy into a kneeling position smiling when she wiggled a bit trying to get comfortable then showed her the pictures of her ass, striped from the flogger and reddened by its kiss. She grinned and then pulled him into her for a kiss. They stretched out together his arms around her and she snuggled close enjoying the buzzy, floaty sensation in her head. And the last thing she heard was his voice, “Good girl.”



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