Petting Kitten

This is my first post for #MasturbationMonday and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Soft music, candlelight, and the faint scent of Sir’s cologne greeted me at the door after a long day at the office. I didn’t hear anything to indicate his presence, but luxuriated in his scent, knowing he was there. I stepped into the living room and before I could get much past the doorway there was a blindfold being placed over my eyes.

I froze in place and waited for the next instruction, but nothing came. Nothing seemed to stir and now I was a little afraid. I had assumed that Sir was the one who blindfolded me because I could smell him. Was I wrong?

Mere heartbeats later I felt his lips against my neck, a gentle kiss, and then his voice, “Good Kitten.” I smiled at the praise and then started as I felt unfamiliar hands removing my shoes. Sir, popped the button on my slacks to let them fall and a squeeze on my upper arms told me to raise them. Quickly I was divested of everything including my bra and panties, the lovely deep plum set that he had asked me to wear today. Three sets of hands could make short work of one’s clothing it seemed.

He led me towards the center of the room and I knelt there, taking the silent cues he gave me and waited to see what would be next. His fingers slid through my hair and then there were multiple pairs of hands on my body. My nipples were pinched, fingertips trailed along the curve of my hip, and dipped between my thighs to very gently brush my clit. I could feel Sir’s presence behind me and I wasn’t afraid any longer. The fingers playing gently in my hair gave a sharp tug and I rose up higher onto my knees, spreading my legs further apart, inviting those hands to play with my body in a more intimate fashion. Warmth spread through me as two slender fingers were slid into my cunt and started pumping in and out very gently, a contrast to the sudden, sharp pinches to my nipples holding them tight and tighter between strong fingers. Those same fingers twisted and pulled rhythmically, varying the pressure and intensity, unceasing.

My moan was involuntary at the mix of pleasure and pain and I knew that I wanted more. Hopefully, Sir would allow it. My hips thrust in time to the fingers, now a third slipping inside me as I clenched my pussy. I was ready for this orgasm. I wanted it the way an alcoholic might want their drink. “Please…please Sir..,” my voice was half gasp and half cry and I was trembling on the edge of an orgasm brought on by two faceless, nameless people while the man I loved and adored and served simply watched.

Sir’s fingers tightened in my hair; he yanked hard and growled in my ear, “Now.” One little word and I shattered, my orgasm rolling over me like a tidal wave. The mystery hands and fingers never let up but simply carried me through the peak of my ecstasy, driving me higher and higher until finally I went limp with a soft whimper.

Then and only then was I allowed to relax and I found that I was on my own blanket that Sir had given me and I relaxed, smiling contentedly.

“Kitten, you seem to have forgotten your manners. Tsk, tsk.” And I heard the swish of a flogger…



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