TMI Tuesday – 9/22/2015

1. My favorite part of my current daily routine is looking for fun or introspective blog topics to write about.

2. Angel Soft toilet paper is okay.

3. Twitching and fidgeting is my nervous habit

4. Today I am thankful for not having to cook dinner .

5. I cannot wait to get better at sex toy reviews

6. Three things I’m looking forward to this fall are: coffee, hoodies, and cuddling under blankets .

7. I want to dress in well fitting, sexy, comfy clothing for the rest of my life without having to feel ashamed of how I look .

8. My best friend is seriously amazing and I love her .

Bonus: Would you take advice from a porn star? If yes, what type if advice would you like to hear.

Real advice from someone like Kitty Stryker or April Flores on how to be fat and love yourself because I struggle with that so damn much.



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