Domination Dreams

This is a dream that I had years ago and never shared because it was pretty out of character for me as I have always been more interested in submitting to men and dominating women. It is also my first Wicked Wednesday post and I do hope you enjoy it.

Livvy rounded the corner at a brisk jog and instantly spotted Drew’s car in her drive. She frowned slightly and slowed to a walk letting her normal cool down routine buy her a moment of thought. He wasn’t supposed to be up this weekend and after his behavior last weekend she was definitely surprised to see him.

Drew sat on her front steps and waited patiently for Livvy to finish her jog and return to the house. He knew she would spot his car and wonder what was going on and that was fine with him. He just wanted to apologize after last weekend and he was hoping that she would give him that chance without summarily telling him to leave. He had considered flowers, but he knew that might be seen as a trite and potentially insincere gesture. Also, it wasn’t quite his style. He watched her steps slow and didn’t move until she approached him.

“Well well…I didn’t expect to see you after your boorish behavior last weekend. What exactly are you doing here, Pet?”

Livvy never stopped moving as she questioned him, merely started stretching from her run. Drew watched her for a moment silently, not surprised by her slightly abrupt tone and then bowed his head before answering.

“I came to apologize Mistress. I know that I acted foolishly last weekend and I felt that I owed it to both you and myself to try and make amends. If you don’t want me here I will go, but I was hoping perhaps you might be willing to forgive my misdeeds.”

“Well, we’ll see…Why didn’t you let yourself in and wait inside?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be expecting me and I figured you might be startled if you came home to find me inside when I wasn’t expected. I can easily picture you coming after me with something heavy in a moment of surprise.” He smiled up at her as she straightened and motioned for him to let them both inside.

Drew unlocked the door and pushed it open, stepping back to allow her to enter first. Their unique relationship wouldn’t allow him to do anything else and to be perfectly honest, he didn’t mind getting a look at her ass in a pair of jogging capris. Livvy kicked off her running shoes and reached for Drew to steady herself, but before she could he was kneeling to peel the socks from her feet and give them a brief massage. She smiled and indulged him for a moment knowing he was genuinely sorry for having upset her.

“Mmmm…you are a dear. But this isn’t going to get you off the hook. You know that, I hope,” her voice took on a soft, almost dangerous quality that sent a shiver down his spine. He knew better than to say a word and merely waited for her command.

“So. You thought that you were going to behave like a brat and get your way. I know you like to push and sometimes push hard, but you crossed that line. And knowing you, your punishment started the instant I told you to go. But that doesn’t mean you’ve learned your lesson. I’m going to go shower and while I shower you will write lines. By hand. Neatly. Or you will be writing until your hand falls off. I will not engage in bratty or boorish behavior in front of or towards Mistress. Seventy-five times should be sufficient. If you finish before I’ve completed my shower, be a love and start some breakfast.”

She didn’t wait for his response and simply turned and walked away. Drew watched her go and then sighed softly. He hated writing lines. But he picked up his notebook and a pen and settled at the kitchen table to do just as Mistress told him. He heard the shower start and smiled imagining her stripping off her running gear. He could picture her starting with the tank top and standing for a moment to stretch in a tight sports bra and her capris before wrestling said bra off. Her ample chest meant it was a necessity even if she did hate them and he knew she did. The last thing to go were the pants and he enjoyed the mental imagine of a near six foot woman with Botticelli curves and a wicked smile to match the spark in her blue eyes. Shaking off the mental image he bent to his task.

Livvy stepped into the hot shower and just relaxed under the water for a long moment. She tilted her head back letting the water run through her short, cherry cola hair.

A short time later (not nearly enough time for him to have written all his lines) Livvy stepped from the shower and toweled off. She opted for a pair of casual shorts and a fresh tank top. She had learned that there was no need for hot leather ensembles or crazy shoes a long time ago. She could just as effectively push Drew’s buttons in whatever she was wearing. She padded barefoot through the house and saw him still writing.

“Looks like you’re coming along nicely. Keep writing,” she taunted him, knowing his dislike of this particular chore, but she also found it to be effective when used sparingly.

He felt her breasts against his back as she leaned down to check both his penmanship and his progress. Her breath was soft against his neck and he couldn’t help the involuntary shudder. Stealing a kiss crossed his mind, but he figured he was in enough trouble. When she walked away he released a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding. The idea that she might find fault was one that bothered him greatly. Drew heard her humming softly to herself from the kitchen and hoped he would be lucky enough to be treated to another of her passions, cooking.

Sure enough, just as he finished line seventy-one he heard her voice, “Pet, if you’re hungry you have about five minutes to finish your lines and be waiting for me in your place. Don’t dilly-dally. Otherwise you’ll miss out on some delicious cinnamon French toast.”

He finished his lines just in time to kneel beside her chair and rose fluidly only moments later to seat her after she brought in their plates. He had found it odd at first that she was essentially serving him breakfast, but given her love of cooking she actually preferred doing so. However, as she only had two hands he was expected to return with any other items such as drinks or cutlery that they may need. Coffee for him and orange juice for her and they were enjoying a quiet meal together.

“I expect you learned a valuable lesson this week. And I expect that the behavior you have exhibited won’t be repeated. But I think we will include a bit more of a reminder. Can you think of an appropriate punishment?”

Drew wondered if he could get away with being a bit cheeky and studied her for a long moment as he considered the idea. She wasn’t nearly as angry as she had been last Saturday and he thought he might get away with it.

“Mistress a good spanking might be an excellent reminder.”

Livvy pinned him to his chair with a look, “Really…you are brave today. I know that you would just love a good hard spanking like the bitch that you are. But I’m not going to reward you for misbehaving. And you shouldn’t tempt me to punish you harder. As much as you can be a pain slut I can promise you wouldn’t like it.”

Drew simply stared at her, focusing on her words with an intensity that was delightful to behold. He couldn’t find words other than to beg for her to do exactly that and he knew that was not in his best interest. He jumped when she stood up and knelt to follow her when she snapped her fingers. In short order he was shirtless, collared, blindfolded, and kneeling on a bed of rice.

“Since you’ve been so good we will keep your time short. Five minutes.” She set a kitchen timer and set it on the table facing away from him. “When it goes off clean everything up and come see me.”

Livvy walked away leaving him in silence to think about his actions.

By the time his punishment was over Drew was certainly not planning on being a complete ass to his Mistress again. He removed the blindfold, took a moment to stretch his legs, and cleaned up the rice. He was hoping that perhaps they could play at least a bit, but he would accept if she opted not to play and felt as though being sent home like a disgraced child might be something he deserved. He found her stretched across her bed with her nose buried in a book and smiled.

“Mistress, may I join you? I’ve cleaned up the rice and put my blindfold away.”

“Come here, Pet. You’ve done well today.” She welcomed him onto the bed with a smile and pulled him in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her content to be in a position of having pleased her and returned the kiss and more. For long moments they were not Mistress and sub, but lovers coming together as one. Hands explored familiar territory, followed by lips and teeth and tongues.

Drew’s hands slid under Livvy’s tank top breaking their kiss long enough to tug it over her head. His strong fingers found her nipples, tugging and pulling hard, almost to the point of pain. The soft growl that escaped her lips made him smile, but her sudden movement, shoving him to the mattress and pinning him to bed made him harder than he thought he could get. He never stopped toying with her nipples as she ground herself against his cock, her blue eyes darker with desire.

“Good boy.”

Drew moaned at her words and squirmed underneath her, wanting more. She loved seeing him like this and reveled in the feeling of power that was given to her. Livvy leaned down, her lips brushing his neck and bit down, hard enough to startle him for sure and surely hard enough to leave a mark. For her, he would take pain.

Livvy abruptly sat back up and looked at him grinning naughtily.

“Up, Pet. Strip.”

He slipped out from underneath his Mistress and did exactly as she asked then stood before her, his cock almost obscenely hard. She trailed a fingertip around the head of it and walked over to the toy box she kept stocked with all kinds of fun things. Selecting a few implements she motioned him closer. He shivered at the sight of her crop and shivered again at the positively wicked look on her face. He didn’t see the clamps that were waiting for him. A gentle series of taps directed him to the wall, facing it and she pressed her now naked body against his trapping him and ran the nails of hand one down his back.

“Do you want me to play with you, my little bitch? Feel the sting of the crop? Experience something new?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Drew pressed himself back against her and she smiled, grinding her hips into his ass.

“Maybe one of these days I’ll even fuck you. Would you let me do that?”

Livvy didn’t wait for his answer, but stepped back and ran the shaft of the crop along the tender spot where his ass met his thighs. Immediately he straightened his stance, arms outstretched and pressed against the wall. A gentle tap was a signal that he was doing well to remember her standing orders and she studied him for a long moment before bringing her hand down square across one ass cheek then the other in quick succession.

“Ooohhh…thank you, Mistress.” Drew’s back arched offering her more and she grinned. Typically she didn’t require him to thank her for a spanking, but it was so cute when he did.

She applied two more slaps watching his skin redden and settled into a rhythm. He would squirm between spanks and she would sometimes reach around to pinch at his nipples or grind against his ass. Watching him move she decided he could use a bit of a shock to his system. She turned him around to face her and leaning down lick first one nipple then the other, grinning as they puckered in the cold air. She had discovered that clamping a man’s nipples could be a pain, but was well worth the effort and proceeded to tease him with the clamps, letting him feel the cold metal.

A glance at his face let her know he was ready for them and OK with what was going on and she applied the first one, almost gently. Drew gasped at the soft bite and then took the other one equally well. Livvy gave a gentle tug on the chain connecting the clamps and used it to pull his face to hers.

“You are being an absolute delight today, my Pet. So cooperative and docile for me.”

She kissed him hard shoving her tongue into his mouth, her lips bruising against his. He moaned into her mouth, thrusting his hips forward. Feeling his cock against her body made her squirm a bit and they both knew that soon enough they would play a different game, but for the moment he was hers. She broke their kiss and smiled at him. She never left clamps on for long, but it didn’t take long for the lack of blood flow to cause an exquisite sensation when she removed them. First the right nipple and she watched Drew’s face when the rush hit him, then the left and that time she promptly leaned over and flicked her tongue against his abused nipple. He growled low in his throat at the feeling and looked down at her wanting nothing more than to break his training. She was pushing buttons that made him want to take her, even as he was thoroughly enjoying his treatment at her hands.

Livvy saw the look and knew it well. She drew herself up and stepped into him pinning him to the wall with her body weight.

“Don’t fucking start with me, Drew. You are mine and I am running the show here. Don’t forget it,” she accentuated her words with several sharp taps of her crop to his thigh.

His eyes closed as she stepped away from him and he took a deep breath to center himself. He didn’t see the small mop style flogger she picked up and wasn’t expecting the soft thud against his thighs. She worked the small flogger slowly, carefully along his legs before turning him to apply it along the backsides as well. It wasn’t exceptionally painful and didn’t do much beyond redden the skin, but it made him want more and that was where she wanted him.

Livvy saw him hit that particular space in his head where she could conceivably do as she pleased with him. That trust was so complete that she wouldn’t dare break it and she trailed the leather tails down his spine teasingly.

“You’re such a good boy. Do you want me?”

Livvy dropped the flogger and squeezed his ass in her hands then pulled him back to her by his hips. She dug her fingers into his skin and rubbed against him. He could feel how wet she was, her nipples pressed into his back and moaned at her touch. She stepped back and peppered his ass with stinging swats from her hand startling him into trying to straighten back up after he had relaxed into her. He was pretty good at regaining his composure when she would distract him, but she loved the times when he struggled, even the slightest bit. Sometimes she thought he put on a show for her, but that was OK too.

The tall woman had forgotten this side of herself and was glad that she had been able to reclaim it. She was also glad that someone she knew and trusted was there to help her do it. Livvy spun Drew to face her and wrapped long fingers around his cock stroking it slowly, feeling the weight of it.

“Please…” Drew almost whimpered at her touch, “Please fuck me, Mistress. Please don’t tease.”

She squeezed him a bit hard and licked her lips as he twitched in her hand. Two steps backward forced him to step with her as she led him over to her bed by his dick. She loved it when he licked and fingered her pussy, but she had been anticipating his returning to apologize all week and just wanted to ride him hard. Livvy shoved him to the bed, a predatory look in her eyes. Almost feline, she crawled up to him, took his hands and wrapped them around the wrought iron headboard.

“Don’t let go.”

Livvy ran her hands along his chest and across his stomach. She rubbed her pussy against his cock teasing them both, using the head of it to rub her clit and moaned.

Drew watched her knowing he was being used as a toy and simply enjoyed the view. Her nipples were rock hard and he wanted to taste them, to pinch them, to give her even more pleasure. His grip almost failed him, but he knew that soon enough she would want his hands on her body. She loved being touched and worshipped and even handled roughly.

She suddenly whimpered and drove herself onto him, the noises turning into a full, low moan that filled the room. Livvy wasn’t playing anymore and she just wanted to cum. Hips drove into hips and she reached for him. He bucked underneath her and held her hips still just grinding upward watching her struggle. They became lovers again and nothing more. Drew pulled her closer to him and wrapped his lips around a nipple, biting down and moaning against her skin when he felt the resulting spasm from her pussy. He switched sides and did it again and she bucked down against him, hard, harder.

Livvy’s voice became one long unintelligible mixture of whimpers, moans, and softly pleaded words and she fucked him harder, as hard as she could. Drew groaned and just held onto her, knowing she was close, knowing she would cum all over his cock and cum hard.

“Fuck…fuck fuckfuckfuck!” her voice broke and she collapsed against him twitching and squeezing him inside her.

He knew she had more though and leveraged his greater size to flip her over and pulled completely out. Her eyes flew open and watched him then closed with pleasure as he slid himself back into her wet hole slowly. He teased her, using his fingers at her nipples, to brush her clit, pushing her higher with each touch.

Squirming beneath him, arching into him she wanted more. They both knew the teasing couldn’t last and he leaned into her for a kiss deep and hard and soft at the same time. Wrapped her arms around him she drug her nails down his back and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer. The pain, the reminder of the way she had spanked his ass earlier drove him into a frenzy of need and he swore then, driving deeper into her.

“Mmmmm…good. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I wanna feel you cum,” Livvy squeezed his ass against and thrust upwards. They found a rhythm hot and fast, a pace neither could sustain for long and pushed each other higher and higher to see who would break first.

Livvy could feel her orgasm building, a tightness in her stomach and every time he pulled out then slid his cock back into her he pressed himself against her clit. She was moaning and fucking him back, her eyes alternately open and then closed as sensations washed over her. His mouth found hers as his hands found her breasts and she knew it was close.

Drew could feel her trembling, fighting to prolong the pleasure and kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples in time to his thrusts. Livvy cried out gasping for air, her hands clinging to his shoulders as she rode out the orgasm that washed over her. With a last flurry of thrusts into her clenching pussy Drew felt his cock spurt and watched her face as she shuddered at the sensation knowing how she enjoyed the feeling. He pressed his body into hers and relaxed against her. They were both comfortable and satisfied and she gave him a sleepy, naughty smile that promised more later. He smiled back and kissed her gently…if only she knew what he was planning…



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  1. This was a long, but HOT read. Really enjoyed it 🙂

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! It’s great to have you on board.

    Rebel xox

    PS: Do you have a Twitter handle? I tweet all the links and would like to credit it to you. If you have Twitter, can you tweet me on @rebelsnotes?


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