Review: Njoy Pure Wand

I’ve had my njoy Pure Wand for roughly three years now and I haven’t stopped enjoying it. It is what I like to call my first real sex toy because everything else to date had been stuff from Spencer’s or other sketchy shops and they were all made of potentially non-body safe materials. Oops! And then my partner gifted me with one and half pounds of solid, medical grade stainless steel that is ten inches long with a one inch diameter ball on the small end and a one and a half inch ball on the other. I was a bit intimidated when I first opened the bright pink satin lined black box.


But not for long; I grabbed some lube and settled in with my partner for a birthday full of orgasms, slowly at first, because the weight of the Pure Wand is (or was) something that I needed to get used to. At least I thought it was. This toy slid inside me so effortlessly, so perfectly and sat just where it needed to be. Until we moved it and I seriously thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head!

Working very slowly I went from enjoying gentle pressure on my G-spot to having my love rock the toy back and forth with increasing pressure. Before we were done I was being royally fucked with this monstrosity of a stainless steel toy and squirting all over the (unprotected) bed. I needed a drink and a nap after the very first go round with this toy. I couldn’t wait to try it out alone.

Normally, when I masturbate solo I am impatient with my orgasms and I want them right. fucking. now. The first time I used my Pure Wand was no different, except for the fact that I had neglected to put down a towel or anything because I hadn’t learned my lesson the first time. So my bed was drenched and I was drenched; I needed some Gatorade and a Power Bar. I needed more orgasms from this toy. The problem is that my wrist and arm were exhausted. And I needed to change the sheets. Also, as I inspected it a bit closer while I was recovering I noticed the njoy logo etched into the toy. I didn’t feel it at the time, nor do I now, and it is just a little bit of branding that I think is kind of cute. See?


And anytime I have played with this toy since then, either alone or with a partner I have had incredible orgasms. Everything from intense, almost painful sensations (which I enjoy) to get off to long slow drawn out teasing sessions that still end in a spectacularly fantastic pleasurable state of mild euphoria. I would recommend this toy for anyone who enjoys G-spot stimulation for sure, whether you’re a novice sex toy user or an expert, whether you squirt or not. I don’t always do so, but I’m never left wanting.

And I broke out the Pure Wand again this morning for another run, but this time, added a vibrator on my clit, and as I cycled through the settings to find the one that felt best my partner was matching the rhythm of the vibrations with the motion of the Wand inside me. It wasn’t going to give me an orgasm, but it was wildly mind blowing just in a sense of how cool it felt. Once I got the setting though the combination of a vibrator and the Pure Wand made for a different kind of orgasm than I normally have with just the wand itself. No less fun or delightful or good though, so it’s worth a try with and without the vibe and with and without a partner.

But whatever happens just don’t try to take it from me; if I’m denied my orgasms from this beauty because some tries to take it from me well you can beat someone to death with it and I’d hate for that someone to be you.

You can find the Pure Wand at SheVibe, directly from the njoy Store, or from your favorite retailer.

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