TMITuesday 9/29/15

1. Autumn or fall. Which do you say? Fall generally

2. Pumpkin Spice. Love it or hate it? Eh, over it

3. Apples. Seasonal treat or eat them all year? I’m not a big apple fan but a fresh Honeycrisp this time of year is the best

4. Where you live, do tree leaves change color in fall? Yes

5. In autumn truffles are popular in Italy, seafood is popular in Ireland, crayfish popular in Stockholm. What is a popular autumn food where you live? It is also football season, which means football parties and that means chicken wings or chicken wing dip or both. Also fresh apple cider.

6. Scientists observed that the further a country is away from the equator, the more its residents are affected by the seasons. How do you feel in autumn/fall? Depressed, rejuvenated or some other emotion? I get pretty low key and sometimes a little depressed, with bursts of energy or hypomania

7. Strolls amid fall foliage are:
a. romantic (maybe)
b. allergy inducing (definitely)

8. What is your favorite autumn holiday, celebration or activity? The time change because it let me think my body is getting more sleep!

Bonus: Do you go apple picking in autumn? Ever made out in an apple orchard?
Nope. I like in a tiny town that has fresh apples available at every grocery store and produce stand so there’s no real need for me to pick my own.




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