Wicked Wednesday 10/28/2015 – His

“Mmmm…”, she sighed softly as he started undoing the ropes, massaging her wrists and ankles as each body part was freed from their confinement. The ropes cast aside, he pulled a blanket over them both and held onto his girl, petting her gently, his fingers twining in her wine colored hair. She settled in, safe in the curve of his arms and closed her eyes, floating on that delicate cloud of peacefulness and safety that she always felt with him, even after being tied down and flogged and fucked. His fingers trailed down her back, tracing the lines and welts left there and she shivered.

He smiled and pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, delighted when she shivered again, and repeated this process, his lips warming her skin, his breath caressing her gently. They continued like this for a short time, just enjoying one another and she, trembling more than ever at his touches, until finally things reached a breaking point. A moan escaped her and she wondered at herself, at her seeming insatiability, for only a split second (that was all the time he gave her) before he jerked her body tighter to his and slid two fingers into her pussy fluttering them rapidly back and forth. Her orgasm hit her almost instantly and she writhed and bucked against him.

“That’s it. Cum for me, Baby. I need you to.” His voice was at her ear and she gasped at his words and the sensations and did as he asked, her own voice nothing more than a series of whimpers and sighs and moans. He watched her, now, seeing the way she moved her hips and the way her breasts bounced and shook as she moved, another orgasm rolling over her with his fingers buried in her pussy. She was wet and hot and his.



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