Review: blueMotion Nex2 by OhMiBod!

I won my blueMotion Nex2 in a contest courtesy of The Pleasure Chest and couldn’t wait to be able to play with it. The idea that it could be controlled remotely by my partner seemed like it would offer all kinds of fun possibilities and I thought I might quite enjoy it by myself as well.

First off, shipping from LA to the East coast was pretty timely given it was ground shipping and the package was discreet and well wrapped. There was nothing on the outer label to hint that it was from The Pleasure Chest or that it was a sex toy.

Opening the outer box revealed shrink wrapped, OhMiBod! branded packaging, that once opened offered up the Nex2 itself in a plastic tray, a charging cable (non-standard to USB so hopefully it never breaks), and a small storage bag in a bright white satiny material. The toy shipped charged which was a welcome discovery as I immediately started checking out the different settings and petting the very soft, smooth silicone. According to the website, the fully charged toy should provide two hours of play time. While exploring the toy I did note that the seam between the silicone and the blue plastic bit wasn’t as smooth as I might have liked it to be. That seam made me a bit wary of being able to thoroughly clean the toy, but it has wiped clean nicely with a damp cloth after each use. Of course, it isn’t submersible due to the electronic guts in the vibrator. And, because this is a silicone toy, using silicone lube with it isn’t suggested.

While my partner downloaded and played around a bit with the OhMiBod app I was still exploring the texture of the silicone, the little ridge at the head of the toy, the various vibration patterns and getting quite excited at the rumbliness of the vibrations, as compared to previous no-name toys that I have owned. The toy connected to the Bluetooth on their phone, but having to register to use the app seemed a bit odd at first, until we realized that it provides a measure of security so random people can’t try to play with me. That’d just be creepy. So I created an account and immediately set about figuring out how the app worked and how it would interface with the toy.

My initial impression of the interaction between the app and the vibe itself was pretty meh. The rhythm setting worked fine, but getting the rest of the settings to play nice was a pain AND I had to fight with the app crashing repeatedly, which would break the connection and suddenly there were no more vibrations. This happened multiple times and each time it did I got more and more frustrated. I actually almost lost my temper and whipped the vibe across the room because the app wasn’t working to the point that I couldn’t orgasm because every time I got almost there, it would crash and I would want to just scream I was so annoyed with it all.

The lack of a functional app, when being able to play remotely seems like it should be a big selling point, is a really good reason that I’m glad I won this in a contest and didn’t buy it for myself, especially at the $129.00 price point I see on the OhMiBod website.

However, I have been using it solo or with my partner without the app and I do enjoy how rumbly it is, both clitorally and vaginally. For me, it is a little short for G-spot stimulation, but obviously my body is not anyone else’s body. It is good for stimulation with or without other toys and even though it is too short to hit my G-spot I can orgasm from the vibrations and clitoral play combined. All in all I feel like it is an OK vibrator and I do like the rumbliness of it as well as the smooth texture, but overall I’m not impressed.

If you’re interested in getting a Nex2 for yourself I suggest checking out Good Vibes or the OhMiBod website, but I can’t honestly recommend it simply due to the poor app interface with the toy and the high price tag that comes along with it.

Edit: Prior to publishing this review I noticed that the app had updated and works much better than it initially did when I won the toy last fall. No crashes, better stability, and the setting have all improved considerably to the point of being usable, although I still prefer the ease of simply being able to rumble my way through the different rhythms. Now if I could toggle between the app and my porn I’d be a happier girl.

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