Go Fuck Yourself

In honor of Masturbation May, I suggest that you do exactly what the title of this post suggests.

Masturbation is perfectly normal despite many people having grown up thinking it was shameful because that was what they had been taught. I can recall my own mother calling me names because she figured out that her innocent (yeah right!) daughter did something so “dirty” as to get herself off. It really threw me that my mom had such a negative response, but it certainly didn’t stop me!

And I’m glad it didn’t. Playing with yourself, or whatever your euphemism of choice is, is a good thing. How else can you learn your body so that you can have frank discussions with your partner(s) about what you like and don’t like? How can you learn yourself without a little exploration? Even now as an adult I find different things that I like or find how my tastes have changed and if I didn’t practice self love I’d never know these things. Hooray for an improved sex life with both myself and my partner! And sometimes, I don’t do it to have an orgasm. Shocking I know, but with so many other benefits to masturbating I know that climax doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal.

Some of the lovely benefits like the endorphin release that help ease stress (and in my case, headaches AND menstrual cramps), strengthening the pelvic floor, better sleep quality, increased body positivity, and many others are great reasons to curl up in bed, or in the shower, on your couch, or wherever you’re comfortable and enjoy your body. With these and all the other excellent reasons to get it on solo, why are you still reading this post?


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