Review: Kink Craft Figure 8 Cuff Kit

EDIT: I want to offer a GIANT,  HUGE, ENORMOUS apology to the good folks at KinkCraft for not having posted this review when it was initially written. I have some health problems that got in the way of my blogging and this post fell through the cracks. So again, my sincerest apologies for not having posted this review in any sort of a timely manner.

This review comes to you guys courtesy of Kink Craft who were kind enough to send me my very own DIY kit for a pair of Figure 8 cuffs in a lovely shade of purple. I’m relatively crafty and I’m a fan of bondage AND I’ve been wondering how to combine my craftiness and my kinky tastes for a long time. Now I’ve gotten my chance.

Kink Craft is a UK company and shipping from there to me in the Northeastern US didn’t take long, The package was neatly wrapped and the customs tag was marked as craft supplies. Of course, my partner and I had a giggle here because I am notorious for spending too much money on crafting implements and now I’m going to be learning to put them to use for my sex life too. When I unwrapped the paper the packaging itself was absolutely lovely and perfectly understated. I want all my presents to be wrapped so prettily from now on.

With the box came a personalized note and inside with the supplies was a card explaining how to access the free course that came with my kit so I would know how to assemble the cuffs. From there I just needed to get to work on making my own, custom fitted cuffs. And being able to custom fit them is something that I immediately found to be a HUGE bonus as I have tiny wrists and even some bracelets are too large for me.

I queued up the first video on the Kink Craft website and watched that far before I began. So far this seemed like I would be a pretty straight forward project. In this regard I was correct and was able to work through the videos in sequence to complete the cuffs as directed. The advice to measure and then measure again was a good reminder for me as I have a bad crafting habit of not measuring enough (and in fact had to pull these apart and add a couple centimeters to make the cuffs the correct size because I did mis-measure). The only problem I had with the instructions, and this was a minor issue, is that I would have liked to have seen them written down as well as on video. Mostly because it is a matter of my learning style lending itself nicely to the written word.

My first attempt at getting these put together took several hours between watching the videos and measuring (and measuring) and knotting and realizing I measured wrong and then starting over, but the second time around once I got my measurements complete (this was easier with my partner’s help) it only took me maybe an hour to knot everything together and burn off the ends of the paracord. So if you are a crafter at heart or familiar with paracord, these won’t take long and even if you’re not they are easy enough to figure out and understand the directions given.

So now I have a nice, sturdy, pretty pair of purple cuffs that can be slept in very comfortably (I took an evening nap JUST to test this!) and can be used for keeping hands out of the way. I would also imagine that the same cuffs made in a larger size could be used to hobble ankles and ensure that your pet/sub/play partner of choice can’t get up and go anywhere.

Overall, I feel like this is an excellent set of cuffs AND I got to make them myself following the provided instructions with all the materials having been provided to me by the lovely folks at Kink Craft. Thanks so much you guys, for a fantastic product!


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