Forced and Flogged

Livvy smiled contentedly up at Daniel and squirmed closer to him. They were curled up in bed as was their wont and she had never known the love and trust that she felt with him. The other things that he frequently made her feel weren’t bad either and the couple enjoyed a robust sex life. She leaned over to kiss his cheek and giggled when he turned his head catching her on the lips instead with a tender, gentle kiss that slowly deepened.

Daniel’s grip on the beautiful woman in his arms tightened as he pulled her as close as he possibly could. Their kisses never slowed and his hands traced gentle patterns on her skin, down her back, and across an ass that was built for an occasional spanking. Livvy’s finger twined into her lover’s long honey colored hair, careful not to pull and held him close a soft murmurous sigh escaping her lips. Her blue eyes fluttered open as Danny pulled back and looked down at her with a mischievous smile.

“I have a surprise for you tonight, Poppet. And I know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask anyway. Do you trust me?” Livvy nodded her head affirmatively, not trusting her voice. She loved it when he called her ‘Poppet’ and she knew that if he was verifying her trust in him that something new and fun was definitely about to happen. She shivered slightly in anticipation and trailed her hands along her body stopping to toy with titanium and opal jewelry that pierced her nipples. They had been a birthday gift from Daniel last year and she never tired of them. Seeing her movements, the man in bed with her leaned down and planted a kiss across one pink nipple and playfully leered at her when she started at the unexpected kiss. He kissed her again sucking her nipple into his mouth, biting down ever so gently, then pulled away, reaching for something.

And Livvy gasped when he set the new nipple clamps against her skin, using the set screws to just barely tighten it. She whimpered, not at the pain, but at the lack thereof. Daniel repeated the process on her other nipple and then smiled wickedly at his girl coming up with a handful of rope, the Hitachi, and a brand new deerskin flogger that he trailed along her stomach watching her body tense as he did so. Deftly he began arranging her body how he wanted using the rope as a harness to hold the magic wand against her clit and somehow managing to bind her wrists at almost the same time. He tightened the nipple clamps ever so slightly, but still not enough.

“Now, you’re going to cum for me and for each orgasm you have I will tighten the clamps and count that towards a strike with the flogger. Are you ready?” His voice was soft and silky smooth. Livvy knew she was in for a hell of a ride tonight. She wiggled her hands testing the bonds behind her back, ground gently against the still silent Hitachi and nodded.

With a quick flick the magic wand rumbled to life on low and immediately Livvy was wetter than before squirming and rubbing determined to get off as many times as she could before he turned it up and really pushed her limits. It took only moments for Livvy to cry out and push her body harder into the deep vibrations.

“One, Poppet,” the clamps got tighter.

She closed her eyes then still writhing and grinding against the delicious torture that was between her legs before she heard a quiet, “Manners, Poppet.” She gasped and hung her head distracted from her pleasure by the knowledge that she had forgotten.

“Thank you, Sir, for the orgasm,” her voice trembled a bit as though she feared he would stop the game then and there as punishment. She fervently hoped he wouldn’t. And he didn’t. He just stood by watching the gorgeous women in front of him buck and grind against her toy, cumming again and again. He could tell that her body was tiring but he wasn’t done with her yet. Each time he had tightened the nipple clamps a fraction of an inch at a time, teasing her with the flogger tails trailing her skin, she would cum for him again.

After enough orgasms that his pretty Poppet lost count (although he hadn’t), he reached out and flipped the switch setting the Hitachi to the higher setting. Livvy cried out and struggled against her bonds trying to get away as she simultaneously couldn’t help working her hips against the oversized vibrator that was tied between her thighs. This time the orgasm hit and rolled and continued in waves so not even Daniel could count them for her. He shrugged and tightened the clamps harder and harder until the series of orgasms broke and she looked up at him red faced and nearly in tears, “How many, Sir?”

Her voice quivered at that last and he looked down at her, petting her hair and whispered, “Twenty-five.” She didn’t know what to make of the number nor was she certain her ass could take twenty-five strikes or that her Daniel had made the number up just to see how she might react. With a sharp motion he shut off the magic wand which left Livvy gasping in relief to catch her breath and then slowly loosened the nipple clamps. The exquisite sensation of blood rushing back into an already sensitive body part set Livvy to moaning as she came again.

“And that makes Twenty-six my dear,” He laughed softly and helped her turn over, undo her hands so they would be clear of that luscious ass of hers and ran the flogger down her back watching her shiver. His arm raised and the first hit echoed through the room. It was hard, but it was almost enough. “Sir, will you add more strikes if I orgasm from the flogging?”

“No, Dearest, not tonight. Another time perhaps.”

She smiled into the bed relieved a bit and tried to stay relaxed enough to handle what he was dishing out. Slowly, inexorably the strikes came down, gradually getting harder and harder. Livvy gasped at the tenth hit and cried out by fifteen.

“Eleven more. You’re being such a good girl.” She sighed happily at his words and resolved to take the last half of her flogging with as much grace as she could muster. And no tears. His goal wasn’t ever to make her cry, although it happened sometimes and he understood. Five hits came quickly raining down so fast Livvy was hard pressed to stay still. She felt his hands rubbing her ass then and could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke, “So nice and red and striped my love. I’ll have to take a picture for you.”

The last six strikes were slow and measured, very hard compared to the others and Livvy cried out at each one, resisting the urge to squirm away from him. Yes, they were only playing a game, but she took her role quite seriously and tried to be good for him. When the last strike had fallen and she heard him reaching for the camera she spoke softly.

“Thank you, Sir.”

The camera snapped several times and Daniel pulled Livvy into a kneeling position smiling when she wiggled a bit trying to get comfortable then showed her the pictures of her ass, striped from the flogger and reddened by its kiss. She grinned and then pulled him into her for a kiss. They stretched out together his arms around her and she snuggled close enjoying the buzzy, floaty sensation in her head. And the last thing she heard was his voice, “Good girl.”



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