Wicked Wednesday 215: Night World (Broadcast Bombshell)

Note: This is a piece of fiction loosely based around Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. I do not own the characters, the rights to the books, or any part therein. For readers of the series there may be spoilers all the way up to book 22 so if you’re concerned about that just be aware. Thanks.

Stephanie smiled and led the skip out of the darkened bar and outside, right into the waiting arms of her coworkers from RangeMan Security where Bobby and Lester took the man into custody. Hal was there to drive Stephanie back to her place and he congratulated her on another job well done as well admired the petite brunette in her “slutted up bar outfit” which consisted of high heeled fuck me pumps a short black shirt and a white shirt unbuttoned far enough to display more than a hint of cleavage and just a hint of her black bra.

“Steph, has anyone told you that look always look amazing on these runs? And how much money you’ve saved us in damages and other fees? You’re a hell of a weapon, Bombshell.”

She gave Hal a wickedly sexy grin at that and stepped close enough that he could get a faint whiff of her perfume. She clicked off her mic to the trackers at RangeMan, motioning for him to do the same thing, “Hal, should I show you just how much of a bombshell I can be?”

Her heels clicked against the pavement as she walked over and leaned back on the wall of the alley they stood in, clean enough as alleys go, and waited to see if he would follow her lead and join her. She wasn’t disappointed. Hal’s strong hands planted themselves on either side of her, effectively trapping her where she stood and he leaned in very closely.

“You know if we do this there’s no going back. The other guys will figure it out. And then you’ll be ours. And I do mean ours. We share everything Steph.”

Without waiting for an answer his lips found hers in a gentle, but insistent kiss and she arched her back to rub against him feeling the length of his hardness against her. a whimper escaped her lips then, swallowed up by his own and in a sudden movement Hal spun her around, shoved her into wall and yanked her skirt up. He was rewarded with the sight of an ass that was made for spanking, bare as she had foregone her underwear tonight, just in case.

“Naughty aren’t you”, he breathed into her ear and ran his fingers down to her pussy feeling the wetness there, “And so eager. Good girl.”

Stephanie moaned softly at Hal’s word and shifted impatiently as he undid his pants. Unbeknownst to either of them, her movement caught the switch on her mic, turning it back into broadcast mode. With no warning Hal pulled her hips to him and slid his cock into her dripping pussy and she moaned.

The sound got the attention of every man back at headquarters and they stopped in their tracks wondering if they were hearing what they thought they heard. Then Hal’s voice, “Holy shit Bomber, you are so tight.” He began fucking her in earnest heedless of her face against the brick wall, heedless of anything but the woman he held on to. Steph thrust her hips back to meet him her voice trailing off into a deep moan as she tried to say his name. By this point everyone was gathered in the main security room listening to the aural sex show that they figured Stephanie and Hal didn’t even know they were broadcasting.

Every man there could hear their bodies moving together, their breathing becoming more erratic, Stephanie’s soft whimpers and moans and Hal’s filthy words spewing from his lips as he held his coworker against an alley wall and fucked her senseless.

“Oh my God, Hal don’t stop I’m gonna…” and her voice was lost again as she orgasmed around the massive cock in her pussy signing her pleasure. Her own orgasm set off Hal’s and he slammed her hips into the wall pinning her there and she could feel the heat of his semen spewing inside her.

They stood together breathing harder for a moment before Hal stepped back and they bot started righting themselves and their clothing. That was when Stephanie noticed the mic switch and blushed redder than red even in the dark. She clicked it off, much to the dismay of the control room and looked at Hal.

“You were right when you said all of RangeMan would know. We just accidentally broadcast ourselves to main control.  Wonder how much trouble we’re gonna be in with Ranger.” Hal just shook his head and gave Stephanie a quick kiss. “You’re worth it Bomber, totally worth it. Although we should probably try to clean that road rash on your face.”

When Hal mentioned it she noticed her stinging cheek from where Hal had held her to the wall and just smiled, thinking to herself, that she only had 5 more of her favorite men to fuck. Breaking up with Joe Morelli had been the best decision she ever made.




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