Wicked Wednesday 220: Sports (Derby Girl)

Jenna wiped the sweat from her eyes and looked around watching the rest of the women on her team. Badass babes every one of them and she felt incredibly out of place. Sure roller derby is a sport for every body type and she could hit better and harder than most of her more petite teammates but that didn’t erase the insecurities she felt from being the biggest one of the team.

She shook her head impatiently at herself and returned her focus to what the coach was saying about the next drill. At the end of practice she was a sweaty mess, her clothes stuck to her skin and all the girls had that unique “roller derby/rink” smell to them. It was a smell that, strangely, Jenna really enjoyed. She guessed it was a derby girl thing as none of them were shy about sharing sweaty, post-practice hugs. There was some general teasing and banter as the ladies got ready to head home and it was all over for another night.
Jenna drove home, her mind wandering back to being the “big girl” on the team. At 5’10” and 200 pounds she wasn’t “exactly” a whale, but compared to rail thin girls like Ginger and Leeanna she certainly felt like one. She reminded her self once again that her larger frame and big booty let her do things that those girls couldn’t though and tried to shake the dismal mood she was sinking into as she pulled into the drive.

Mike heard his wife’s car as she arrived from derby practice and smiled. He had noticed how down she seemed on herself after practice lately and was pretty sure he knew why. Feeling like the jolly green giant could be rough on anyone and that he knew from experience. Unfolding his 6’4″ frame, he ran his fingers through short honey colored hair and headed for the front door to see if he could alleviate some of the insecurity from Jenna’s grey blue eyes. The tall blonde barged into the house, her gear bag bouncing behind her and she ran smack in to Mike, who used the moment to his advantage and her surprise to wrap his arms around her and give her a kiss both exuberant and tender at the same time, “Hey baby girl. Glad you’re home. I missed you.” She laughed and tried to squirm free of his embrace, “I wasn’t gone that long. And I’m gross from practice. Let me shower and you can kiss me all you want.”

“But I want to kiss you now,” and his lips descended again to meet hers this time not so gentle, more insistent, his tongue tracing her mouth. Jenna leaned into Mike’s kiss, her hands resting lightly on his shoulders as she tried to focus on not touching him in her sweaty state. Even though he saw her like this several times a week she was loathe to let him too close before she had showered. Mike growled softly and slid his hands down to her hips and pulled, forcing her to step closer. She was pressed intimately against him now and his strong fingers kneaded at her ass gently. She whimpered against his lips and it was her turn to become insistent and demanding with the kiss they shared.
“That’s better,”he whispered as their lips parted. His arms still locked around Jenna’s waist Mike walked backwards leading her to their bedroom. He nuzzled her neck gently, taking in the sharp salty smell of her sweat drenched skin and trailed kisses against her neck. “I love you.” His fingers slid under her tank top, stripping it off, followed by her sports bra. He leaned down and dotted kissed against each of her nipples, watching them pucker in the cool air. “Mike, I need a shower. Really…” Another gentle kiss from him silenced her protests against and she sighed to herself wondering what on earth was so attractive to him, especially when she was covered in sweat and smelled a little funny from the rink stink that permeated her clothes and skin.

His lips wound a trail down her body to the top of the capri leggings she’d worn to practice and slowly he peeled those down too, knowing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Those gentle kisses, down both legs in alternating succession until she had to balance her hands on his shoulders to step out of them. He glanced up at her and was surprised to see the faintest blush on his normally outgoing and vivacious wife’s face. He realized then just how hard it was for her to let herself be vulnerable, even with him, when she was sticky with sweat, with messy hair, and it only made him appreciate her all the more. He breathed in the scent of her, ran a line of kisses along her hip and stood to face her.

“I don’t care that you’re sweaty or that maybe you smell because you’ve been skating for two and a half hours. I don’t care that you’re bigger than all your teammates, even though I know it bothers you. I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions of you. I want you, Jenna. Let me have you, love.” Watching the sheer look of amazement slide across her face and into her eyes was priceless and beautiful to him and he gave her another anything but chaste kiss. her hands reached for him and suddenly the urge to have him as naked as she was took over. Together they made short work of his clothes and fell back onto the bed together. Passion carried them both to new heights that night and Jenna fell asleep in Mike’s arms too tired to even shower after all.



6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday 220: Sports (Derby Girl)

  1. Very nice story actually . . . I always feel a little uncomfortable about getting too passionate if I’m feeling hot and sweaty . . . but you’re completely right, sometimes it makes for wonderfully spontaneous and even more arousing fun to know that it turns a partner on so !!!
    Xxx – K


    1. Thank you! I’ve been in Jenna’s shoes and I was always a little freaked out myself, but my partner just never was bothered so it all worked out here as well. Sometimes people smell like people, right?


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