A Proper Blessing

((I feel compelled to add that while the scene depicted here is of young adults, they are both of age in the story, which means 18+; if you’re offended by reading stories about younger characters or have any other issues with this, please feel free to skip this post. Haters will be summarily ignored. Thanks!))

Livvy smiled to herself, as she remembered the events of last week and wasn’t paying attention as she headed for Mrs. Bonner’s English class. She tripped over someone’s pen that must’ve fallen from their bag and stumbled right into Josh, a quiet student that she knew from a few other classes but not well. He dropped his books trying to steady her and they both blushed as a copy of XXX Schoolgirls slid from between two of his books. Josh quickly stuffed the magazine back into hiding and straightened up.“You OK, Liv?”
She pushed her glasses back up where they belonged and smiled at him. “Yeah, I’m OK. Thanks Josh. I’ll see you around.”
She smiled at him again and walked away, her long red hair making her a beacon in the crush of people rushing between classes. Josh shook his head to clear his errant thoughts and kept going before he was late for Calculus again.

Livvy sat in class that day thinking about everything but the paper she should be writing and had to stifle a giggle when she thought of the shocked look on Josh’s face when that magazine and slid into view. He was kinda cute and she was currently single. This had serious possibilities. She almost missed the bell ringing she was so lost in thought about her plans. She did a bit of quiet asking around for the rest of the day and found out that Josh was usually studying in the library before classes began. Perfect.

Josh sighed, bored out of his mind in class and thought about the pretty redhead that had fallen into him today. From what he had gotten a quick feel of and obviously what he could tell from the jeans and t-shirt she was wearing she wasn’t a little cheerleader type at all and had some fuckable tits. She didn’t seem like his type though and he was pretty sure she had a boyfriend. When the final bell rang he gathered his books careful to keep everything neat and walked outside to the commons to chill for a few minutes before heading home.
Livvy saw Josh standing under the big oak tree with some friends grinned to herself. She walked over and wrapped an arm around him, “Hey, thanks for earlier. I’m such a klutz sometimes and it’s nice to know there are nice guys like you around to help a girl out.” She hugged him pressing close for a moment and walked away, smirking.

The next morning Livvy slipped out of bed a bit earlier than normal to get ready for class humming to herself as she did so. A quick rummage through her dresser found the hair ribbons of her childhood and she dressed quickly, pulling her hair into pigtails and buttoning her white shirt, smoothing it over her breasts. She grabbed her things, swiped a lolly from the candy jar in the kitchen and left for class.

Josh rolled out of bed and climbed into the shower, his thoughts drifting to Livvy. She was gorgeous, but he just didn’t think he was her type. Not that he was bad to look at. He was just shy of 6 feet with dark hair, cut short, chocolate eyes, and enough muscle to make him solid. But he was also an Eagle Scout and martial artist. Somehow Josh didn’t figure she’d go for a boy scout, even one as dirty minded as him. He shrugged and conjured up an image of her in his mind while he stroked his soap coated dick to orgasm, finished his shower and dressed for the day in jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

Livvy walked into the library and glanced around. She was a good student, but spending too much time among the dusty tomes did nothing for her. Today she was on a mission. Pushing her glasses up on her nose she scanned the room for Josh and when she didn’t spot him right away walked over to a stack of books that would let her see the entrance without being seen and waited. Her patience paid off as Josh walked through the door only a few minutes later and didn’t notice the buxom redhead with her nose in a book. Livvy grinned and lifted the finishing touch to her outfit and clasped the cross around her neck. Perfect. She waited a moment as Josh sat down and dug for his books and then walked up behind him, glad he had chosen to sit near the back where no one ever went. Getting closer she realized it was because he had that porn magazine tucked into a book and was flipping through that. Her mary janes were quiet on the carpeted floor as she walked over and perched her ass on the table right next to him.“Hiya.”

Josh quickly flipped the book closed, looking up at the same time and simply stared at the vision before him. Livvy smiled wickedly, her green eyes glittering behind her glasses.“Like it?” The magazine was quickly set aside and forgotten as Josh slowly reached out to touch the beauty before him, unsure if she was real. His fingers brushed her cheek and slid to graze her lips before tracing a path further, along her neck down to the cross she wore and along the buttons of her blouse that stretched perfectly across her 38DD breasts.

Livvy hopped off the table grinning and straddled his lap, her short skirt riding further up her legs. She pressed her lips to his gently and quickly pulled back, giggling a bit. He wrapped his strong arms around her and returned her kiss with a not so gentle kiss of his own. He moaned against her lips, tasting her and enjoying the softness of her body against his. She squirmed in his lap and made to remove his shirt, but he shook his head reprovingly at her and led her to an even more secluded area of the library where much of the old equipment was stored and even the librarians rarely ventured. There he removed his shirt while Livvy quickly unbuttoned her own. Their lips met again, tongues dancing hungrily. Josh kissed and licked a trail down her neck to her breasts reverently kissing the cross that hung between them. She smiled impishly looking down at him through her glasses and pressed her tits against him. “I’ve been naughty, Josh. What do you do to naughty girls like me?”

Josh arched an eyebrow at her and bit her nipples one at a time through her bra and then almost ripped it off of her. She stepped out of her skirt and the black lace underwear before he could remove them and knelt on the carpet. Her hands caressed his legs up to the waist of his jeans and she unbuttoned them, grinning at him. She could see his yummy cock and wanted it now. A tiny gasp escaped her, as she freed him from his underwear and realized that his dick was even better looking than she had hoped for. Josh wrapped his hands in her pigtails and pulled her onto his dick hard and held her there relishing the feel of her warm, wet mouth. Finally he let go and Livvy began to suck in earnest, humming around the dick in her mouth. Josh watched the gorgeous schoolgirl, still not quite believing this was really happening. Suddenly she let go of his cock and looked up at him with the best innocent smile she could muster and said very sweetly, “Josh will you fuck my tits?”

Never in his wildest imaginings had he expected to be fucking this girl, the object of his desire, in the library, and certainly not with her dressed up like she was or getting to fuck her tits. He pinched himself just to make sure this wasn’t all a dream and dropped to the floor joining Livvy who leaned back and pressed her breasts together invitingly. The temptation was amazing and Josh’s dick slid right between her tits slowly at first and increasingly faster. Livvy tilted her head down and would flick her tongue across the head of his dick every time he thrust upwards and he moaned again trying to stay quiet. Livvy took his hands and replaced them with her own holding her tits together and reached down to finger her pussy and stroke her clit, her green eyes half closed in ecstasy. As her fingers brought her closer to climax she increased her play with the head of his cock, capturing and holding it in her mouth, not allowing him to control the action.
“Livvy, fuck…I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” His voice was a strained whisper and she grinned at him as his cock slid from her lips. “Cum on my tits, Josh.”

The redhead buried her fingers in her snatch bucking her hips hard and knowing that she was cumming made Josh cum as well. He did exactly as she asked and blasted her tits with his cum and used a finger to scoop some up and rub it across her lips.
“Mmmm” She fairly purred and licked her lips with a Cheshire cat smile. He continued feeding her his cum until it was gone and then leaned down for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled a lazy smile.
“We should definitely do this again sometime.”

Just as he was about to suggest right now the bell rang signaling the beginning of classes for the day. Both of them jumped in surprise and quickly dressed. Josh was already in class when he realized that his magazine was missing. Livvy had all day to check out what turned him on…


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