Wicked Wednesday 226: Blood (Whodunnit?)

Miss Ophelia cordially invites you

To a Night of

Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem


Delia grinned and smoothed the royal blue dress she was wearing for tonight’s Mystery Dinner Theatre. It would be her first time and she was so excited. Tickets to Miss Ophelia’s events were notoriously difficult to come by and by sheer luck her boss had one and couldn’t go, she he gave her the ticket. She arrived at the large house where the event was to be held and was greeted at the door by a somber butler.

“This way, Miss,” he led her into an anteroom where everyone was to gather before the festivities began. She had expected to be the only one there this early, but imagine her surprise when there was already a man in the room. She smiled shyly at him. He looked at her for a long moment, his eyes intent on hers before his face creased in recognition.

“Delia Charles! I haven’t seen you since high school. How are you; what are you up to nowadays?”

Adam smiled that same boyish smile that Delia remembered and she stepped forward to hug him impulsively, even though it had been years and they’d never been terribly close in high school. When she hugged him he held on to her for a moment, almost possessively and murmured against her ear, “You look good enough to eat.” She blushed and grinned at him, “And you are an incorrigible flirt as always. Things are good for me. I’m a graphic designer and do a lot of freelance work. What about you?” He laughed and shook his head. “Oh I followed Dad into the family business. Being a lawyer isn’t like television, that’s for sure.”

The couple chatted amiably for several more minutes Adam’s arm still wrapped around Delia’s waist in an intimate gesture that neither minded. Delia had crushed hard on Adam in high school, but he never looked at her as anything more than a friend of some friends really.Now she had the chance to enjoy being near him and just let herself enjoy it for old times sake. Their chit chat turned to flirting and finally Adam turned Delia into his arms and kissed her. She murmured against his lips encouragingly and her hands roamed his broad shoulders and back wanting to grab onto him and never let go. This was a crazy high school dream come true and she was going to enjoy it.

Adam pulled away from the beauty in his arms, “It’ll be another twenty minutes before anyone else arrives. Shall we find somewhere quieter?” She nodded a devilishly gleam in her eyes and they ducked through the nearest door into a darkened room, giggling like school kids. “Here’s hoping the butler doesn’t come looking for us,” whispered Delia laughing as Adam’s hands found the zipper at her back. Hurriedly the couple undressed letting their clothing land where it wanted and their hands were on each other’s bodies, kissing and caressing, lost in each other. Adam pushed against Delia and she shifted, opening her thighs for him. He slid inside of her warm wetness and all of the gentleness was lost. He fucked her and she fucked back their bodies arching into one another. Delia moaned softly and Adam silenced her with more kisses, his hands gripping her hips hard. Together they rode out what was an amazing climax, Delia biting her lower lip to keep from making any noise as Adam threw his head back his mouth open in a silent groan.

Coming back down from their sexual high, the pair realized that they were running out of time and began hunting for their clothing. Delia touched sticky fabric and pulled away from it with a grimace before she realized it was her dress. Across the room Adam found his shirt in a similar state. “What is this stuff?” they both asked at the same time. Adam felt along the wall for a light switch and flipped it on as Delia struggled with the tacky feeling fabric. Just as she slipped her dress over her head the light came on and they both stared at one another in absolute horror as they realized they had slipped into the murder room. Their clothes were covered in blood and neither of them were sure that it wasn’t real.



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