Review: Sliquid Sassy Lubricant

After hearing so many people rave about the Sliquid line of lubes, I bought a small bottle of their Sassy to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. I was hoping to find THE BEST lube ever that would become my new go to. Well, it’s not the best lube I’ve ever used sadly, but I do find that it has a place at my bed side table.

First off Sliquid Sassy is a 100% vegan lube that is glycerine and paraben free. The rest of the ingredients include: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioner), Potassium Sorbate, and Citric Acid. It is also flavor and fragrance free, which I really liked.

My first impression upon putting a dot on my finger and playing with it a bit is that the consistency is not nearly as gel like as I expected it to be, nor is it like some other lubes I have used previously. It does have a slightly thicker texture than most water based lubes and it is amazingly slippery, which I really did like about it. It certainly didn’t take much to get me nice and slick for a bit of masturbation and mimicked my natural lubrication nicely. When I added in a toy the lube coated it wonderfully well and stayed in place with the silicone. It seemed less drippy that way than just drizzling it across my skin and feeling it slide. For solo play I found this to be a really good lube to use. It also cleans up well with soap and water or a baby wipe.

When I brought it out for some vaginal play with my partner the first time we experienced some issues with the lube drying out and becoming tacky and sticky. We added a bit more and kept going but I was a bit frustrated by the experience. Our second time we played with it together I went a little overboard with it and that certainly seemed to alleviate any issues we had from our first attempt with it. Just like knowing your partner, I guess you have to get to know your lube. Given our level of activity I think that this lube went pretty well when used in proper quantity, but there are other lubricants out there that I prefer for vaginal play with my partner.

Knowing what I learned about using enough of the lube meant that when it came time for some long awaited anal play I made sure to lube up both myself and my plug quite well(I’d suggest maybe too well, but I’m not sure there’s any such thing when it comes to anal). Wow! I have to say this is where Sassy really shines as a lube and my rear end thanked me for it. Slick, slippery, and stupendous are the best words that come to mind when I used this with a silicone plug. I was even able to leave a plug in for longer than I normally would without fear of things drying out or having any problems.

Overall, I do like the Sliquid Sassy and I think it will become a regular part of my sexual play particularly if I’m in the mood for my butt to be the focus of attention or if I am playing solo. My partner and I just tend to play too hard for the Sassy to keep up with us otherwise. So that said, this is indeed one of the best lubes I’ve encountered, it just isn’t quite my favorite. That doesn’t mean I don’t suggest you get some, because you absolutely should especially if you enjoy anal play, are looking for something very slick, or have a desire for a vegan lubricant. These are all excellent reasons to pick up a bottle of Sliquid Sassy and I’m looking forward to trying more of their products.

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