Wicked Wednesday 225 – Shadows (Into Darkness)

Luke rolled over in bed reaching blindly for Alexa and pulling closer to him. His lips found hers in a gentle kiss that she returned sleepily, then more energetically as she fully awoke in her lover’s arms. Luke smiled against his girlfriend’s lips, murmuring an, “I love you.” Before she could respond his lips were on hers again, hungrier this time, wanting, needing to taste her. Alexa’s arms pulled Luke closer and she snuggled against him returning the kisses just as hungrily.

Luke’s hands traced the body that he knew so well without seeing and suddenly parted her legs gently and began to caress her inner thighs softly, teasingly still holding her as close as he could, enjoying the middle of the night interlude between them. She shivered at his touch and parted her legs further silently asking for more. “Not yet Dearest,” he whispered, trailing kisses along her jawline and down her neck to suck first at one pert nipple then the the other all the while trailing his finger along her thighs, never touching her clit, despite her arching hips trying to capture his touch there. Her thigh muscles twitched under his touch and her pussy clenched at nothing wanting more.

Finally with an agonizing slowness Luke slid his fingers across her clit inducing a soft moan from the beautiful woman in his arms. He didn’t need his eyes to know how lovely she looked in this moment and his fingers moved faster, pulling her body close against his. Alexa’s hips bucked reveling in his touch, in the darkness, in the feel of his body against hers. She gasped and shuddered as her body arched backwards, pressing herself into his fingers when she orgasmed. Luke took this opportunity to flip her over so her body fit tightly against his chest and pulled her right leg over his opening her to his touch. His two finger slid into her wet pussy and immediately fluttered against her g-spot, triggering a second orgasm that left her breathless. He did this again and again, wanting to take her higher and higher until she couldn’t come for him anymore, until she was just exhausted and would doze back off in his arms, where she belonged. So he did just that and when it was all over Alexa whispered a soft, “I love you,” and settled back into her lover’s arms safe and secure from whatever shadows lurked in the night.


And just in case you missed last week’s WickedWednesday post you can find it here.


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