National Coming Out Day

So about two weeks ago now I wrote a post about feeling Insufficiently Queer. At the time I was very bothered by my lack of visibility to myself and the world at large. I was frustrated and unsure what to do about it.

Turns out that today is National Coming Out Day. And I thought about it all morning long and into the afternoon. I wondered what, if anything, I was going to choose to do. I mean, I know, my partner knows, most, if not all of my family knows, but I still wanted the world to know as some sort of validation I guess.

So I came out via Facebook on my personal page. I won’t be sharing the status here for anonymity reasons, but I will say that it did get a lot of positive feedback, some of which I expected, some of which kind of surprised me. I also won’t be surprised if I lose a friend or two over this, but if I do then they weren’t really my friend in the first place.

I’m queer and I’m not letting my fear of rejection or ridicule or anything else stop me anymore. No more fear. Not today. Not ever again.


2 thoughts on “National Coming Out Day

  1. Knock, knock. Why would anyone care? I mean why do people in 2016 get so upset about same sex relationships? I’m happy for you that you’re queer. Erm… does that mean you like pickles or figs?


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