Wicked Wednesday 228- Countdown (Learning to Count)

10, 9, 8, 7….Mercy counted down the strokes just like Master told her to, but she’d been counting from a much higher number than 10 and her ass and thighs felt the ache and sting of His hand first, then a flogger and a paddle. This is what happens when Mercy doesn’t obey.

The next day she could barely sit down, but that gave her plenty of incentive to get her chores done, exercise, and figure out a way to journal so her butt wasn’t too sore. Mercy knew she deserved to be punished; she’d been a bad girl, bringing herself to orgasm without His permission. She’d cried and tried to explain, but that only got her in further trouble. Her thoughts wandered as she wrote about the trouble and the spanking she’d received and soon she felt that same familiar ache between her thighs. Oh she wanted to; just a little bit. But she’d been threatened with a chastity belt if she couldn’t listen to the rules and follow them. That was definitely not high on her list of punishments at all.

He got home from work that afternoon and heard the sounds of His pet cooking dinner and singing softly to herself. She rarely sung in front of him and he loved the sound of her voice so he stayed quiet just to hear her for a moment more, smiling and proud of her. Sir strode into the kitchen just in time for her to turn and see him. A smile lit up her face as he grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. “Hello pet. How was your day?”

“Good Sir. I got everything done today and marked it off on the whiteboard so you can check it. And I was very good because I really don’t want a chastity belt.”

He left her to the cooking and relaxed in the living room after opening a bottle of  wine. When Mercy came to get him for dinner his eyes were closed and his feet were up in his recliner and she wondered if he had dozed off. “Sir, dinner is done.” His green eyes opened and he smiled as he stood and properly escorted His girl into the dining room. She served his plate then her own while he poured the wine and they ate in companionable silence.

“Pet, since you were such a good girl today I have a reward and a challenge for you. When you’re done with your wine I want you to go upstairs and undress for me. I’ll meet you in the bedroom.” “Yes, Sir.”

Mercy had to resist the urge to gulp down her wine, knowing that He preferred her to be ladylike at all times so she sat, savoring the glass and trying not wiggle, because not only did that remind her of her most recent punishment, but also wasn’t very proper. Once her wine was finished she smiled in anticipation. “Sir, I’ve finished my wine. May I be excused?” “Of course, my pet. Go follow instructions for me like the good girl you are.”

Sir left Mercy upstairs and waiting for some time, while she sat naked and waited as patiently as she could. He smiled as he entered the room. She smiled up at him. “What shall we do tonight, Sir?” He picked up an hourglass that was new to the room (when had he brought that up she wondered) and gave her a wicked smile. “This is an hour long timer. For the next hour we are going to play and you will have at least twelve orgasms in that time period. You’ll count downward from 12 one at a time and if you have more than twelve you start back again at twelve.Oh, and if you fail to give me those twelve orgasms, then you don’t get any for a week.” His wicked smile returned and before he turned the glass over he told her that the first time she was going to come by masturbating for him. Mercy grabbed a bottle of lube and began. Her fingers slid across her clit around her vulva and dipped into her pussy before circling back up to rub her clit again, hard and fast. She’d been waiting all day for this orgasm. Sir stepped stepped to her side of the bed and began to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling at them. Mercy gasped and arched her hips upwards as the orgasm hit her. “12.”

He gave her no time to recover and plunged his fingers inside of her, curling and fluttering them hard and fast. It only took moments before she was gasping with pleasure and managed to squeak out, “11.” Sir’s fingers were merciless against her skin and he trailed kisses where they touched while her fingered her to number, “10.” He kissed and sucked at her nipples, biting them lightly and replaced his hand with hers. Mercy arched her body against his mouth and played with her clit, pinching at it just so. She was out of breath already and had nine more orgasms to go. Sir leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Come for me slut.” And she did. “9.”

Quickly Sir’s mouth replaced his fingers and in no time at she was moaning and pushing her body against his face. She loved that feeling and loved it when he…”8!” He didn’t stop and flicked his tongue across her clit and moved lower to suck and bite at and around her pussy almost as though he was trying to kiss her there. She played with her rock hard nipples with one hand and reached for her favorite vibe with the other, thinking it would come in handy soon. It got dropped on the bed unceremoniously, “7 Sir,” she gasped. He climbed up onto the bed and drove himself inside of her resulting in an immediate orgasm from the sensation. “6!”

Mercy was gasping and so sensitive she wasn’t sure if she could make it at the way down to one, but she was certainly going to keep trying for Sir’s sake and her own. As he fucked her she grabbed the vibrator that was lying on the bed where she’d dropped it and turning it on, placed it against her clit rocking her body in time with His. Her eyes closed and Mercy just let the feelings was over her knowing that another orgasm was imminent. Sir was pushing her hard and fast to get those orgasm in the allotted time. He wanted her to succeed. She lifted her head off the bed to see the hourglass and guessed she had 20 minutes to have another 5 orgasms. Sir noted her distraction and gathered a handful of her brown hair. “Pay attention pet.” And he pulled hard enough to make her scream and come again,”5! That was 5″

And Sir played with her harder and faster and tossed her around the bed like a toy only wanting to fuck His girl down to one. And her did as all of a sudden she was screaming her counting, “4,3,2,1, her voice ended on a wail as he hit that one spot, just as the hourglass dropped the last grain of sand.


And just in case you missed it, you can find last week’s Wicked Wednesday post here.


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