Wicked Wednesday 229 – Playtime

Selena smiled with anticipation when she saw the envelope sitting on the kitchen table. Erik was obviously up to something again and her curiosity was piqued. Opening the envelope she found the note inside.


I’ll be home roughly an hour from the time you see this note. You will be showered, shaved, and dressed in the outfit I picked out for you and you will be waiting downstairs like a good girl.

I love you,


The pretty brunette giggled like a school girl and rushed upstairs to start the shower and prepare as she was instructed. She quickly showered, lotioned her olive skin, and dried her hair, all in record time. Wandering into the bedroom she spied the outfit Erik had left out for her and really hoped that he wasn’t planning on taking her out like this. The sleek, almost sheer black dress would be barely long enough for modesty and she wasn’t sure if she could walk gracefully in the black thigh high boots with silver four inch heels. Quickly she dress according to Erik’s wishes and tottered downstairs still hoping that they weren’t going out. She tugged at the hem of her dress feeling as though it was going to ride up and flash the black lacy panties she wore underneath and being unable to kneel in the boots she crossed her hands behind her back and bowed her head.

Moments later there was a key at door and Selena mentally sighed with relief to have met Erik’s deadline. He stepped into the house and smile at his wife’s display of submission. He removed his suit coat and tilted his wife’s face up to his for a kiss. “Good girl. Wait here while I change and then we’ll be leaving.” Her eyed widened and she opened her mouth to protest but was quickly silenced with a kiss. “Hush Babygirl.” You look ravishing and your dress is perfect with those boots. Erick was gone for one a a few moment and came back downstairs looking like sex personified to his wife. Leather pants and boots topped with a  jet black button down was Selena’s favorite way she liked her husband dressed and she knew he was indulging her.

He took her out to dinner at a little Italian bistro where they had their first date and she felt like everyone was staring, although many of the female patrons were dressed up too, she felt a bit like a tart, dressed up for a john, which by the wicked smile on Erik’s face seemed to please him. They enjoyed dinner greatly while Erik teased his wife mercilessly the entire time by telling her what he wanted from her later.

On the drive home she was instructed to pull her dress up and masturbate for him until she had her first orgasm of the evening, which happened just as they pulled into the driveway. “Perfect timing my dear.” Erik got her out of the car and inside with her dress still around her hips and immediately upon closing the door he dropped to his knees and fastened his lips around her clit, the lace adding an extra layer of sensation. Selena moaned softly and leaned into him, steadying herself with a hand on the wall. It seemed like hours but really was only moments later that she came again. “Good girl.” He stood, swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs. “Dress and panties off. Boots stay on.”

Selena shimmered out of her clothing gracefully and stood there as Erik drank in her beauty before pulling her onto the bed with him and kissing her deeply.”You, my Darling, are in for a treat,” hr grinned and slid off the bed to undress before crawling back up the bed to her and twining his fingers into her hair, pulling her close. “I want you to suck me off, until I tell you to stop.”

She fairly dove for his groin and wrapped her lips around his dick smearing her lipstick as she did so. He kept his fingers in her hair, holding it out of the way while she milked him with her mouth and tongue. He felt a very slight graze of teeth and exhaled sharply. And suddenly she dipped her head lower, taking him deeper. Erik moaned then and pulled her gently off of him. “Ohhh, that was a nice warm up. Good girl.” He kissed his wife again no more gently than before and pulled her close running his hands along her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, then harder, as she whimpered for him. He loved hearing those noises and kissed her again drinking them in as his right hand slid along her belly, his left still toying with her breasts and nipples. He ran his fingers through the short nest of curls until her reached her clit, still sensitive from  his earlier attentions, and rubbed very slowly, very gently, until she was squirming against him, ready to come.

Erik kissed Selena’s neck and whispered to her, “On your hands and knees baby.” Selena shifted immediately knowing she was about to get a good hard fuck from her loving husband. And he did just that, sliding his cock into her wet, tight pussy, driving in and out while she thrust back against him.She shuddered and climaxed quickly and arched back silently asking for more. Erik happily obliged her until they were both right on the edge of orgasm again. “Now, Selena, now!” he hissed as he felt himself start shooting deep inside her. Selena cried out and rocked back against him moaning softly. And this was only the beginning of the night.



And in case you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post you can find it here.



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