Why do I sex blog?

I started sex blogging in the beginning because it sounded cool and fun and maybe I could score some free toys to review. And I actually did win some contests that give me review material that I never could’ve afforded to buy on my own. I’m hoping to eventually have enough reach that companies will send me toys to review as well. And just as I was starting to get into the swing of things and start writing more than just opinion pieces and a few bits of erotica here and there, and posting my first review ( the Njoy Pure Wand if you’re curious) when my life and health went pretty sideways and I stopped blogging altogether. I wasn’t off to a great start.

Finally I picked my blog back up earlier this year and that’s when I really started to see just how much work one has to put in to keep it going. And I’m trying to do my best to write informed opinion pieces, good reviews, and fun,sexy erotica for people to read. But it isn’t easy to keep writing day after day, trying to come up with good and interesting content, and generally trying to promote my blog. I find it downright impossible to write some days and I know I should write anyway, even if it will never see the light of day on this blog.

But now I do this because it matters to me. I want people to come to my blog and read my reviews and choose a good, body safe toy based on that review. I want to encourage people to talk to their partners for better relationships (this one is particularly important to me.) I want to learn and grow and share not only my knowledge but the knowledge of other bloggers who are more well versed on a topic than I am. I want to provide a different perspective because not everyone has the same body type, vaginas and vulvas (vulvae? someone clue me in here), included.

So I try to let people know that I’m a fat sex blogger, I try to write with that in mind because fat women are sexy too. I try to keep my posts somewhat gender neutral, although I’m not always successful there because I can’t be. I can’t review male toys, obviously, so my reviews are generally going to skew towards a feminine perspective. I’m also not afraid to share how a toy suited me sexually, although I try not to be too graphic in this regard, which can be hard for me to do as I lack a lot of tact.

And one of the last reasons I do this is because I am a survivor of sexual assault and this is a way to help reclaim my self, my body, who I am, after years of rape and abuse. I want people to know that they aren’t alone, they don’t have to suffer in silence. If anyone EVER contacts me and says they’ve been assaulted or abused I will always have an ear for those people and try to help them even if it is just by responding to an email.

These are all reasons that I write and I’m certain I could probably find a dozen or a million more, but I do try not to bore my audience (Hi Everyone!!) to tears. And, you guys, I LOVE feedback so feel free to contact me, even if the feedback is negative. If you really want to start a blog of any kind, I say just dive in and do it, but know that, like sex blogging specifically, it is going to be a lot of work. There may be tears and heartache, you might spend ages trying get the perfect composition on a picture and you might be really discouraged if your blog seems unknown for a while. But you’ve gotta start somewhere. Find a topic you love and start there.


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