Review: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant

I picked Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lubricant up at a local grocery store simply because I was running low on lube and had heard good things about it. I was really excited to give it a try and had high hopes for it. It stated on the package that it is 95% organic and contains no petrochemicals, parabens, or glycerin, all things that I was pleased to see. It is also marketed as 100% vegan. The actual ingredients are all pronounceable and are as follows: organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, xanthan gum, agar, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and natural flavor. Pretty straight forward seeming and I expected this to be a trouble free lubricant that didn’t cause any irritation.

The first thing I did when I got home was to open and smell it. I’m not a big fan of anything with fragrance, natural or otherwise and the scent of this particular lube immediately put me off. It smells super vanilla-ish, like that overly sweet snack pack vanilla pudding that you probably ate as a child. I hated the smell. And then I was brave enough to taste it to find out what the natural flavor tasted like. I had hoped it would taste better than it smelled, but nope! That overly powerful vanilla hit my taste buds and stayed there. It was cloying and overly sweet and very fake tasting. The flavor took some time to go away as well. That was definitely a strike in my book.

Initially the Almost Naked started out as quite smooth to the touch and silky smooth. I did find that it got tacky and gummy after a bit, but I was using it for relatively heavy play. A bit of water added to the lube being it back to a more smooth state, but that means the hassle of having water near the bed or stopping to reapply more lube, which can be difficult when you’re being fisted and you’re thisclose to orgasming. Frustration city!

However, for more gentle play or straight PIV sex where you just need a little bit more moisture, this is an excellent choice. It stays put pretty well, provide a nice smooth glide, and a woman’s natural moisture should keep it from getting tacky or sticky feeling. I’ll keep this one around to use in a pinch or for gentle solo play, but otherwise it is a no go for how my partner and I play together.

This is a nice, slick lube that stay put and again is perfect for things that are less rough and more gentle. I do enjoy it for solo play, although the smell is still a huge turn off. That alone will keep me from buying it again.


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