Hot and Bothered

Aaron gave an evil grin as he finished tying the knots that held Samantha to the bed. He loved seeing her tied up, squirming, and helpless just as much as she loved being that way. A quick double check ensured her bonds were secure at each ankle and wrist and he leaned down to kiss the petite redheaded woman. “Ready, love?”

Sammi nodded her head without saying a word, knowing to be silent until he wanted her to speak. “Good girl, you remembered the rule.” For that another kiss was awarded to her and his fingers tiptoed along her body caressing and teasing the entire way. She arched her body against his touch wanting more than just the teasing but was fully aware that she was going to be teased and teased and teased some more. Apiece of ice appeared, seemingly from nowhere and circled around her already hard nipples. Samantha gasped at the cold and shivered in her bonds. The ice was quickly followed by warm lips which only made her writhe harder. It wove a trail down her body and was followed everywhere by those same lips. Samantha remained obediently silent except for the gasps and other small noises that were allowed.

Slowly the ice melted away and new torments came about. A soft mini suede flogger taken to her breasts. Sharp tiny stings all across the tops of them, along her belly, against her pussy and back up her body leaving just the barest hint of pink on her skin. Sometimes the tips of the flogger just brushed against her, almost tickling and she had to bite her lip to keep from giggling at the sensation.

Aaron ran his hands along her warm skin gently and stroked her clit, just once, dipping his fingers lower and holding them up so she could she just how wet she was. “Lovely, my dear. Just lovely. And what should I do with you next…” He stared down at her intently, just watching the movements of her body, the squirming, the straining against her bonds, the way her breath hitched as she once again realized she was at his mercy.

He groaned and knew all he wanted to do was fuck the woman tied to his bed, but first, he grabbed the nipple clamps and gently put them on before tightening the pressure on them to just a hair more than normal. Samantha nodded at him and he smiled, kissing her again, deeply. Then he grabbed her favorite vibrator, placed it against her clit and turned it on before walking out of the room with the admonition, “Don’t you dare come.” He really just needed a moment, or two or three, to gather himself before he just fucked the woman silly. He wasn’t done with her yet.

Aaron walked back into the room, grabbed a dildo and slid it into Samantha’s already soaked pussy. “Remember, no noise and no coming.” He fucked her slowly, with the vibe still buzzing away at her clit as she bucked her hips, arching her body off the bed, trying to take in all the pleasure he was giving her. She begged with her eyes, her body, the shape of her lips and the grind of her hips for him to fuck her. And finally he took the dildo away, moved the vibe from her clit and slipped his cock inside her heated body. They both moaned at the feeling and Sammi’s hips bucked up hard and fast doing her best to fuck him while she was still tied up. Aaron leaned down over her body, pressing against her and whispered, “You may.”

Samantha arched her entire body as hard as she could when the orgasm hit a  high, keening wail escaping from her formerly silent mouth. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as Aaron fucked her feeling her pussy grab and clench at his dick. He ground into her and with a sudden moan of ecstasy, he came with her, their bodies still pressed together, the ropes still reminding her that she wasn’t going anywhere. He smiled at her, kissed her cheek and slid his body down hers before stand up and starting to loosen the ties that bound her. She relaxed as he massaged her wrists and ankles and touched her so gently. Aaron climbed into bed and simply held her. “I love you.”, he murmured into her hair and pulled her closer as she faded into sleep.


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