Wicked Wednesday 235 – Victorian (Excerpts from the Journal of Lady E. Gregory)

Lady Elizabeth Gregory dismounted her horse and swept inside imperiously. She strode to her office and immediately found her journal and wrote thusly –

3rd, October, 1868

What a trying day! While James whiles away his time gambling and whoring around I handle his affairs and am treated like little more than nothing. He will not find me to be such a mealy mouthed thing as that girl I spotted him with last week as well he should know. Yes, I am on to his games. And he will pay for them. –

Approaching footsteps made her tuck the journal away and just in time as she stood to meet one Miss Lucinda Robbins, who was shown in by one of the day maids. “Miss Robbins. I understand you have some business with my husband.” “N…no M’Lady I’d never…” “Do not contradict me you little tart! Now, this is how things will go. James may continue to see you at his discretion, but in turn you will report to me anything you hear that may be of use, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. If not both of you will face my consequences. Now get out.”

Miss Robbins scurried from the room almost in tears at the tone the icy blonde woman had taken with her and quite puzzled at the idea that Lady Gregory appeared to be allowing James to do as he wished with her. And said lady resumed her writing –

Well, that nasty business is done. I’ll see James at table later and can tell him all about how I met a delightful young lady today. I wonder how he’s doing at cards today; presumably terribly as always. I’ll be cutting his allowance before too long. Men…they need such firm guidance. And now that I have Miss Lucinda I believe he will come to heel nicely. –

In the following weeks James appeared to be a model husband, solicitous of his wife, tending to her needs and always a gentleman. It seemed her chat with Miss Robbins had found its way back to his ears after all. He gambled less, drank less, and generally acted his part as a member of the peerage. Until the night he didn’t which of course was shared by Lucinda Robbins.

13th, November, 1868

Sending a servant to fetch James was the best part. He was shocked sober when he arrived home to find myself and Miss Robbins in the drawing room, even moreso to see that his paramour was nude before me and kneeling on the carpet like he used to do. I tapped my quirt against my skirts gently to call both of their attention to it. He had been bad and I had called his bluff. I would be punishing his darling Lucinda instead of him and that would happen every time his indiscretion got the best of him. Miss Robbins silently knelt down exposing her derriere to both of us, but her eyes were all for James as his were for her. And I whipped my dear husband’s mistress til she cried all while he pleaded with me to let her be in such plaintive tones that I only whipped her harder. Beating him hadn’t worked since he enjoyed it so, but beating her….ah beating Miss Lucinda seemed a charm to bind him with. I find myself hoping he fails me again.-

15th, November, 1868

James came to me earlier today, begging forgiveness for not having been better. He was still terribly distressed about my having beaten Lucinda Robbins in his place. He implored me to leave her be and to resume striking him instead. I laughed and merely shook my head. He knew he’d lost and now we would play exclusively by my rules. I told him if he was very good I might be willing to cane him as a reward, but any unseemly behavior from him would earn his little trollop a whipping. She would be his whipping girl and he would act his part as my wonderfully loving husband and do as I said. Unlike most women raised in this age I am not some tepid, simpering fool, willing to stand idly by and wait for my husband to give me permission to live. No, I will give (and take from him) such permission. Because he is mine and he loves every moment of it when he’s good. Now that I’ve devised the best way to punish him I think he will toe the mark quite nicely. –

21st, December, 1868

I’ve chastised that dreadful woman twice more now since mid-November. It really is a shame, I think in another time she and I might have been friends. I must devise something new though as both she and James appear to have become inured to the beatings. Perhaps some face sitting next or a good round driven about the room by my boots. And if he drops her (or she drops him perhaps), well then, I’ll find the next one and make her his whipping girl too. Perhaps I should consider finding a cage for him. Would that help him be better for me? –

4th, January, 1869

James came to me before things reached a critical point this time. I believe my errant darling is learning that if he wants a proper allowance, to keep his little dove safe, and to not be forced into chastity, then he has no choice but to confess himself before me and beg forgiveness. I admit, I am surprised by that Robbins girl though. Still around and still hangs on to his every word from the gossip about town. We’ve no children yet, so maybe I will devise a way to get Miss Robbins gone for good using that as leverage. Then I can find delightful new ways to torture the dear man and perhaps fulfill my wifely duties as well. –


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