Review: Tantus Goliath

I picked up the Tantus Goliath just because I was interested in a larger dildo. It came neatly packaged from She Vibe with no hint as to what was actually in the box.

After unpacking from shipping and before opening

I was excited to play with my newest toy and see just how much of it I could handle since it measures in at 1 3/4 inches around and 7 1/4 inches in length.

To start off, the silicone itself is smooth to the touch even along the veins and ridges of the toy. The head of the Goliath is slightly squishier that the rest of the toy, which ended up being a big deal for me; it actually reminded me somewhat of a stress ball and my partner came home to find me giggling and squeezing the head of the Goliath repeatedly. After  I finished playing with the toy and loving on the texture I opted to add the bullet and check out the vibrations which were stronger than I had expected from what seemed to be a pretty buzzy bullet. I wouldn’t call them rumbly, but they transmitted though the silicone well enough that I could enjoy them for what they were.

Pictured here with included bullet

Finally I broke out some lube (non-silicone please) and made sure I used a liberal amount due to the size of the toy. If I enjoyed the texture of the toy in my hands then I loved the way the texture of the Goliath felt in my vagina.I could squeeze down and feel everything about it. And that coronal ridge…yes. Just yes.

Texture and color

As I picked up some speed I bumped my cervix a couple of times (ouch) and figured slowing down might be a good idea. It felt really good even going slower, but I wasn’t anywhere near an orgasm. So I added the bullet (again liberal on the lube), but it wasn’t really getting me any closer. I figured maybe this toy was going to be a dud for me.

Until one night I was just craving to be full and my partner decided to oblige me with the Goliath. They screwed me utterly silly with it and I had orgasm after orgasm. Apparently for me, being really warmed up is a must with this toy. I felt the tip of it even brush my cervix and at that point it didn’t hurt. I’m sure the squishy head helped a lot there.So it turns out this is definitely a couples toy for me and that’s fine. We haven’t used it with the bullet in just because it is so fiddly to get back out and I’m not sure I want to mess with it. This toy is much better used as a regular dildo rather than a vibrating dildo for me.

Overall, I’ve nothing to be disappointed about in the Goliath and I think anyone looking for  a longer, girthier dildo would be quite pleased with it. It retails at Tantus for $88.70 and it appears, according to a quick search, that She Vibe no longer carries the toy. At any rate this is an excellently crafted toy from the Tantus crew and I know I’ll be ordering other toys from them in the future.



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