Wicked Wednesday 236 – Winter (Winter’s Kiss)

David rolled over in bed and looked at the sleeping woman next to him. His Winter. She hated the season she was named after like crazy, even thought she almost resembled it with her icy blonde hair and pale blues eyes. She wasn’t that cold though. Warm and bubbly, she had an exuberance to her that people found enchanting. And she was his.

Her eyes opened and she smiled when she spotted her boyfriend watching her. She blinked slowly and smiled at him. “Hi there,” she whispered. “Hi yourself, Beautiful.” He tucked an errant strand of hair back behind her ear and leaned over to give her a kiss. “I love you,” he whispered against her lips and she kissed him this time, her lips soft and warm. They snuggled together under the blankets, away from the chill in the early morning air. Their lips met again gently and Winter slid her arms around David pulling him closer to her. “I want you.” She followed her words with a far less gentle kiss, this time demanding of him what she wanted.

She gradually covered him in kisses, all over his face, nipping at his ears, and down his neck to his chest where she paused to enjoy the warm expanse of his body and the dark curls that she loved to pet. Her lips met his warm skin once more and her kisses moved lower along his body. She licked and nibbled her way towards his groin and smiled when he groaned as she passed by his most sensitive parts. Winter worked her way along David’s body all the way to his ankles and then started her journey back up finding all the spots she missed on the way down. He shivered as she again ignored his growing erection and made her way back up his body finally ending her travels with a long, lingering kiss. “My turn,” he whispered and pulled her close, finding her neck and ears, pausing to kiss her breasts and both pert nipples, hard in the cool air of the bedroom. Winter squirmed at his touch, much as he had at hers and he traced a pattern down her body with his lips, finding the sensitive spot behind her right knee, lavishing it with attention until she moaned for him.

David wound his way back up Winter’s body and ended up leaning over  her, his hard cock teasing at her entrance. He kissed her as she had kissed him, drawing out the anticipation for them both. As he broke the kiss he slid himself inside of her and they both moaned. Winter pushed her hips against his as he slowly thrust in and out, teasing her, teasing himself, and taking them both higher. She urged him on, her movements becoming more forceful. “Yes, David, yes.” Her voice was soft and husky with desire and that only served to make him want her more; the movement of his hips increased against her until they were both moaning in unison. “You feel so good. I can’t last much longer.”

Winter smiled up at David and squeezed her pussy around him. “I don’t want you to. I want to feel you come inside me.” And her hips bucked wildly underneath him as an orgasm took her breathe away. She gasped and pulled David down to her for a kiss that took his breath away as his own movements became more erratic. He moaned against her lips and with a final flurry of thrusts came inside her. The feeling of him pulsing and throbbing made her orgasm again and she let the feeling take her over. She clung to him whimpering and twitching as they kissed again, this one soft and gentle after the storm of their love making. A wonderful beginning to their day.



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