Dear Diary (A Day in The Life) Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this particular story it can be found here.

Nathan returned home after his evening with Alicia and just flopped on the bed for a long moment enjoying the still lingering afterglow of their evening. As he recovered from the rest of that glowing feeling he reached for his diary to continue his earlier entry.

After I left with the Boss we started the evening with a quietly teasing dinner at the best Mexican place in town before moving on to Her house. I mourned, for a moment, the orgasms I would be denied, but knew that pain and sacrifice She would put me through in other ways would all be worth it. After all, I do enjoy being taunted, teased, and left begging for more. We entered the house and immediately She bade me to strip and nodded Her approval. “I like you in those panties and stockings very much”, came Her voice causing me to pay more attention to how they felt as well.

I neatly folded my suit over the back of a nearby chair and knelt for Her, bowing my head in submission. She walked a circle around me musing to herself about exactly what She wanted to do and where to start. Her hands rested lightly on my shoulders for a moment before I was tugged to my feet and led to Her bedroom, a place I’d never been allowed to be. It was a pretty room, decorated in shades of grey and purple, very simple. “Lean over the bed,” She spoke to me again in that sultry, musical voice that I so loved to hear. She ran her hands along my back and down to my ass grabbing and squeezing, almost mauling my flesh. “You have been a very bad boy today haven’t you?” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied softly, too softly, for She swatted my ass and waited for a better response. I cleared my throat and spoke again. “Yes Ma’am I was a naughty boy today.” Her nails raked across my back down to my ass and I shuddered at the feelings She was producing throughout my body. I wanted badly to fuck Her, but knew that was on Her whim and not mine and I didn’t think that was on Her agenda tonight.

Instead She brought out the flogger, the one I do so love, made of soft deer skin, but with a distinct bite to it. She teased me with the tails, running them along my back and ass, letting me get the scent of it as She dusted the tails along my face. Then with no warning She struck me letting several of the blows land across my upper back. She began to move precisely, blows landing where She wanted them, tracing lines of ecstasy along my body. Gradually she slowed, running her fingers along the red marks she had left. “So pretty”, She murmured as if to Herself and set the flogger aside. Her nails once again raked down my back this time only adding sensation to the fire that I could feel against my skin.

My Boss then picked up a leather paddle and immediately popped my ass with it ten times in quick succession. It went so quickly that I barely had time to draw breath, much less count them. “So good for me, aren’t you?” And she paddled me again, slower this time, simply expecting the count she received. By this point I was so hard and so desperate for an orgasm that I was ready to beg for one and She knew it. “Ah,ah,ah, none of that” she said, as I surreptitiously ground my hips into the bed. We both knew there would be a wet spot there as my cock was leaking pre-cum like a damn water faucet. I wanted so badly to feel Her wrapped around me. She punished me for that as well.

Before our time came to an end she had as many orgasms as I could give her with my mouth and I was as relaxed and happily sore as a man can be, despite never getting my own orgasm out of the deal. I think I’m falling in love with my Boss.





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