Wicked Wednesday 243 – Twelve (Before the Meeting)

It was 12:48 p.m. The meeting began at 1:00. Alice and Roger rushed into the conference room together and shut the door. He pulled her in for a kiss that left her breathless with desire. “We’ve got to be quick and hope no one shows up early. Are you ready?” In answer Alice lifted her skirt to reveal a  black lace thong and wiggled her ass at him. “When you are,” she winked at him over one shoulder and gave a naughty grin. Roger stepped towards her, undoing his fly and slid his cock into her already wet pussy. “Mmmm, so wet. I wanna feel you come for me, Alice.”

She braced her hands on the conference table and pushed her hips back against Roger, knowing that this was going to be the best quickie they’d had in a while. The thrill of knowing a coworker could walk in at any moment just added to the passion they both felt. Without preamble Roger thrust hard and Alice gasped, trying to stay quiet. “Yes, fuck me hard, Roger. Take me.” So he did. His cock pistoned in and out rocking Alice back and forth so hard that the table almost began to shake. It took only minutes for her orgasm to hit and she bit her lower lip trying not to moan or make any sound whatsoever. An instant later Roger was coming; she could feel his cock pulsing inside of her and Alice came again. The pair rested together for a moment before Roger glanced at the clock 12:58. People would be arriving any minute. He pulled out of Alice and she yanked her skirt down smirking at him as he buttoned his fly back up. Quickly they took their seats and began chatting amiably as though they hadn’t been fucking only moments before. And the door opened.

If you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post you can find it here


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