Kink of the Week – February 1st-15th Threesomes (My First)

So, some of you might have noticed that this post has gone missing. WordPress/the Internet/something appears to have eaten the post and I can’t figure out why, nor can I retrieve the post.

With that said, while I can’t rewrite the post in its entirety I am going to write a new post here for anyone who cares to come back and check it out. So…

Threesomes. Threesomes can be a lot of fun. The first one I had our male partner, Ricky, was pretty content to receive a double teamed blowjob, pet us on occasion, but mostly he just wanted to watch. Does this still count as a threesome? To me it does, but maybe to others it won’t.

It all started with a bottle of coconut rum that me, Ricky, Suzi were drinking and quickly devolved into Suzi and I making out on Ricky’s bed. He joined us shortly afterwards, got his blowjob, and then settled in to be a voyeur. Fine with me as something about being with Suzi just clicked and that eventually began a FWB type situation with her.

But back to our activities. Suzi was just as talented with her fingers as she was her mouth and apparently, despite this being my first time with a woman I must not have done too badly myself. We spent several hours touching and fucking and I remember just about losing my mind when I pulled up to sit on my face so I could eat her out. Overall it was a positive sexual experience for me.

I think if I had the chance, I certainly would have another threesome with the right people and at the right time. I don’t know how typical my first experience was, I do know it isn’t something my partner is interested in so I’m never going to push the issue, but I feel like threesomes can be a normal and healthy part of people’s aex life should they choose to engage in them.


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