Wicked Wednesday 246 – (Be Mine)

He was at a loss for Valentine’s Day. What to do? Then it hit him. Melissa was always quite aggressive in bed and often joked about tying him up. So that’s what he’d do.

And just to set the right mood, he went shopping. The perfect outfit was the delivered to her office on Valentine’s Day with a note for her to not open it at the office, but to stop by his place on the way home and change there. She’d be seeing him shortly. Melissa was intensely curious about what was in the box and what he had planned. As soon as she got to her car that afternoon the box was open and she was even more confused at the outfit he had picked out for her. But Melissa was game for almost anything so she went to his place to freshen up and change (and hoping to find a clue of what he was up to.)

Arriving home she unlocked the door and walked in to him kneeling nude by the door, a pile of rope coiled neatly by his side and a small flogger on the other. He would not look up at her and she gave a wicked smile as she realized the implications of what lay before her. “What a delightful surprise you are.” He dared to glance up at her and seeing her dressed the way she was immediately made him want to do anything for her, to make her happy. She was amazing and right now, he was hers.

“Hmmm…”, Melissa walked around him in her spiky boots simply looking at the man kneeling before her, delighted at the surprise and not quite sure where she wanted to start now that he was really giving her a chance. “Stand up. Let me see you.” There was a note of command in her voice that thrilled him and he rose carefully, making sure not to disturb the rope or the flogger or to touch her. He hoped in time he would get the chance to peel that leather dress from her lithe body. She ran her hands along his body, down his back, to squeeze that delightful ass and swatted him with the flat of her hand, hard enough to make certain she had his full attention. “So good. Silent until spoken to, obedient, and all mine aren’t you.” He nodded affirmatively.

“A few ground rules. You’ve chosen to trust me, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a bit of a chat. When replying to me, you will call me Ma’am or Mistress.” “Yes Ma’am.” “Good. Now we’re going to use a system to keep you safe and help me keep you safe. I will check in with you periodically and you will answer with green, yellow, or red. Green means you’re OK, yellow means things are getting a little intense and we need to slow down or back off, and red means stop completely, at which point the game is over and I will take care of you. If you’re ready to begin, gather my toys and follow me. Melissa turned and walked up the stairs. She smiled to herself and thought about how much fun they were going to have. She was glad he trusted her with this.

She motioned for him to set the rope and the flogger on the bed then pulled him against her hard, pressing her body to his, feeling his erection against her. It was enough to make her want to just have him fuck her right then and there. “You’ve been good, but I think even good boys need a spanking from time to time. It reminds them of their place. Tell me where your place is.” “Wherever you want me to be Ma’am.” A quick nod and he was relieved to have given a correct answer. Melissa let him go and pushed him toward the bed. “Lean on it, palms flat, legs together.” As he complied her hand arced out to hit his ass again, no harder than before. “Once I’m done reddening this lovely ass of yours, you’ll get your first taste of leather. Would you like that?” “I think so Mistress.” His answer satisfied her and she spanked his ass over and over, stopped here and there to grope at the flesh that grew redder and redder for her. Eventually she picked the flogger up off the bed and leaned in to whisper in his is his ear. “Two things. You need to give me a green, yellow, or red, before this flogging starts and you will count each lash.” “Yes Ma’am, green Ma’am.”

Melissa nodded. The she stepped back and raised her hand, taking careful aim. She’d done this before, but not for a while and never with him. Her first hit landed square against his ass and his voice was a quiet, “One.” “Louder!” She swung again landing just a bit lower than the first hit. “Two!” This time his voice was strong and confident and she nodded as she began to work him over with the flogger. Melissa’s hits were relatively light, but gradually she made them harder and harder. He counted to twenty-five and called, “Yellow.” She stopped instantly and rubbed his ass gently. “No more of that. You did good. Next time I want you to try for thirty.”

His first thought was, “Next time??” Then he noticed that he had relaxed pretty thoroughly into the spanking and flogging and nodded to himself. “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Melissa smiled as he thanked her like a good pet should. She thought perhaps he was finding this to be more than just a novelty. Before Melissa let herself give in to that urge rising inside of her she positioned him on the bed and tied him so he could see her but not touch her. She slowly stripped off her dress and underwear, but left the boots.

“You’ve been good for me and good boys get rewarded.” She ran her fingers lightly along his dick, watching it twitch, watching a single clear droplet slide along the length of it. Her mouth encased his dick sucking hard once, twice, three times enjoying the sounds of pleasure he made. “Please Mistress, please fuck me. His hips bucked up off the bed as best they could and he stared plaintively down at her, ready to beg further should it suit her. But just now what suited her was his dick sliding into her very wet pussy. She slid herself up his body and sank down onto him, with a moan. “You feel so good right there. No coming until I tell you.” Her eyes bored into his and she rocked her hips back and forth, riding him, loving the feeling of his hips bucking beneath her. Several orgasm rolled through her testing his control and he was ready to beg to come for her when she ground her hips against him hard and growled at him, “Come.” His orgasm was so intense he cried out and nearly felt as though he could have a second one if she’d only tell him again. He’d do anything for his Mistress now.



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