Dancing – KOTW – February 16-28

He held her close, swaying in the dark. His hands traveling her body in a beat only they could hear. Kisses sprinkled along her neck and down her back and a trail of fire racing along her skin. Bending forward for him, waiting for it. And the sudden kiss of the flogger adds a different beat, a steady one, as the beating of their hearts. She cries out for him and him alone, a sweet song that they share together.

When he comes to her it is as one heart, one soul and they begin to dance again, bodies writhing, the music rising in them to escape in the only way it can. Fierce kisses silence the music, but only for mere moments before the crescendo builds once more. A gasp here and a cry there and the music fades, but the dance never ends. It will only resume again, another time, another day to the same rhythm as always. Love.


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