Wicked Wednesday -248- One Man (Him)

He was hers and only hers. She took him, she owned him, she was his everything. And she was his. He owned her just as much as she owned him. He asked and she obeyed. She asked and he gave. It was a blissful utopia that only they shared. No one else would or could even compare.

She was far from perfect and sometimes her flaws impacted how they interacted, but he loved her still. He loved that soft smile she had when she was sated from orgasm after orgasm, He loved her sarcastic attitude, he loved everything in her that she herself could not love. Plain and simple he loved her.

He could not seem to show her or tell her this enough. Doubts and fears from previous relationships had left her blind to her own capability to let herself be loved; still he persisted.

And one day, many years later, he said something to her that simply resonated in her soul. “I love you and you’re beautiful.” and for a moment without hesitation or fear she believed every word he said. She wished she could bottle that feeling and keep it forever where her own fear couldn’t take it away from her. So she tucked away into her heart as best she could, treasured it, and tried hard to remember it. All because of him.



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