Wicked Wednesday -249- Meeting (Surprise Encounter)

Liz was wandering the record store, looking at what they had to offer and anything new she could add to her collection. She found one that reminded her of a girlfriend she had in high school. She picked it up and headed for the register with it. As Liz waited in line she listened to the chatter of the cashier with the people in front of her and idly reminisced about how much she and Michaela had enjoyed listening to this album together. Liz wondered where her original copy had ended up; probably loaned out and never returned she figured as she paid for the record and left the store.

Exiting into the bright sunlight blinded Liz for a moment and she squinted, digging her sunglasses out of her bag. Now where she thought and the answer was a small coffee shop down the street; she turned to walk down the block and promptly bumped into someone walking towards her. “Oh I’m so sorry!” “No harm done,” came an all too familiar voice. Liz wondered if the face would match the voice and tiled her head upward and smiled. It did. She didn’t think Michaela quite recognized her from high school, but then that was ten years ago. “Hey, listen there’s a great little coffee shop down the street; can I buy you cup?” There was that familiar smile. “Sure.” The two women moseyed down the street and Liz grabbed the door ushering her companion into the space. “Grab a table would you? I’ll go order. What would you like?”

Liz knew exactly what Michaela would drink and sure enough in this heat it was an iced chai latte. She preferred a cold matcha latte for herself and upon getting the drinks, carried them back to the table. She sat down and ran her fingers through her short hair before sliding her sunglasses from her face. Michaela looked at her closely and the remarkable blue violet of Liz’s eyes finally gave her away. “Lizzy? What are you doing in Austin? I thought you lived out West.” Liz laughed; no one but Michaela had ever called her Lizzy and gotten away with it, “I was in San Diego for a while and it wasn’t bad, but I missed home. So I moved back, just far enough from Mom and Dad to keep them from driving me nuts. So here I am. What about you?” “Oh you know me. I’ve always been weird enough for Austin.”

They shared a laugh and idly chatted enjoying being out of the heat that shimmered across the pavement. When Michaela noticed the bag at Liz’s feet she was immediately interested as they had always shared a love of vinyl. “So what did you find good at the record store?” Liz laughed as she pulled it out of the bag and showed it to Michaela, who just laughed. “Of all the things to find today…what happened to your first copy though?” “I dunno, but I think we should go back to my place and listen to this, just for old times sake. Would your girlfriend mind? “Honey I haven’t had a girlfriend in three years believe it not. A one nighter here and there, but no one I really clicked with in such a big city. No I’ve ever clicked with since you and I really. Come on, I wanna hear it again.”

The two women headed back to Liz’s apartment and as soon as they arrived while Liz was unwrapping the record and queuing it up to play, Michaela immediately stripped down laughing softly to herself, knowing Liz would stare when she turned around. And stare she did; they had both been soft and sweet during high school, but the way Michaela looked now, sharp and lean with her narrow hips and peach shaped breasts blew Liz away. “Damn…you were always gorgeous, but somehow you’ve become more than perfection.” Michaela blushed then grinned naughtily at Liz. “Your turn.”

The never shy Liz laughed and peeled her clothes off. She’d always been the curvier of the two and had put on some weight in all the right places with ample breasts, rounded hips, and what look to be lush and kissable thighs. As the music played in the background the two began to dance together giggling and chatting, waiting to see who would make the first move. Turns out it was Liz who leaned in and kissed Michaela gently, tasting her lips. She pulled Liz close to her so they were pressed together from breasts to hips and ground against Liz’s curves. Pulling away Michaela smiled at her former lover. “Did you ever learn how beautiful you are?” Liz just blushed and rested her chin on Michaela’s shoulder. “I’ll take that as a no.” Michaela ran her fingers through Liz’s short hair and gently pulled her back to look at her face and they kissed again, harder this time using tongues and teeth, and lips, tasting one another as they never did all those years ago.

Very quickly the dancing and grinding turned into the two women on the living room floor. There was nothing gentle about their coupling as they fiercely clung to one another, fingers finding pussies and clits, both working hard to see who could make the other one come first. Liz willingly and happily lost that battle, her hips arching off the carpet. Then she rolled over pinning Michaela to the ground and buried her face in the other woman’s pussy, licking everywhere she could, enjoying the taste and smell of her. Before long Michaela was rolling her hips to meet Liz’s face as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Finally Liz switched exclusively to sucking gently and nibbling on Michaela’s clit and slid two fingers inside her in that lovely come hither motion that would hit her g-spot just so. It took only moments more before Michaela cried out and shoved her pussy into Liz’s face covering with her come. Michaela caught her breathe and immediately dove for Liz making short work of returning the favor of another orgasm licking and sucking and fingering Liz all at once. It was almost but not quite overwhelming and Liz had to fight the urge to scream at the feel of her friend’s ever so talented mouth on her skin.

The women curled up together still sharing kisses and touching one another gently. They stayed like this for the remainder of the day and into the night, listening to records and fucking one another senseless between cuddle sessions where they couldn’t keep their hands from each other. In high school they’d only thought they were in love. Now they would find out for sure.






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