Kink of The Week March 1-16: Sixty-Nine (Livvy Rants)

Sixty-Nine. To be quite honest I don’t understand what the big deal is about this particular sexual position. I’ve tried it with men and women both and I’ve never found it terribly enjoyable. It is more difficult to pull off with a man because if you’re on top I feel like it is a bad angle for a blow job and who wants that? From what my male friends have said a shitty blowjob can be worse than none at all and a sixty-nine isn’t conducive to BJs for me. It is uncomfortable and I’ve found that some men can’t do two things at once so I’m just stuck in this awkward position giving a blow job and getting nothing in return. I call bullshit. My female friends largely feel the same way, although I know a couple girls that love it. More power to them.

As for trying it with my girlfriends it was easier, but only marginally and I can’t bury my face into her pussy just the way I want. Again, poor angles. And I’m not the type to leave someone wanting for lack of a good position so all it does is piss me off when my partner isn’t getting anywhere. That’s when it is time to throw them over and just taste them and touch them and properly fuck them. Much better indeed. I’ve asked a few of my girlfriends how they felt about it and one absolutely loved it so I would do it for her, but like me, most of them weren’t fans for some of the same reasons I mentioned.

I don’t have any hot stories about this one, I don’t have any great theory on why this position is awful, I don’t even have any crazy amount of evidence that the majority of people find sixty-nine to be fun or not fun. I just know that from my experiences it completely, totally sucks and I never want to do it again in my life unless it is specifically requested of me. Maybe I just haven’t tried it with the right person. Who knows? I still say it sucks in all the wrong ways but if it is your thing, have fun.


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