Wicked Wednesday -250 – (2037 – 2050)

There were rumors everywhere that a resistance was coming. Politics mirrored the years of 2017 and later. Things existed on a much more uncertain scale. Since about 2025 women had become more and more marginalized. But there were more women than ever who were willing to rise up and fight. Plans were made and secrets were shared. The few women who were in power worked to lend aid to the movement that only wanted to be treated with decency and compassion, the way they wanted the world to be treated.

Eventually it all came to a head. Someone assassinated the president and a week the later as the former Vice President assumed his new role he was shot as well. There were searches for the killer(s), but no one was ever caught or convicted. This gave the Women’s Resistance something they could work with and immediately groups all over the country began pushing and protesting for more, amid the chaos of Washington. Men all over the country felt incredibly threatened by these protests and took to trying to shut them down with any means they could think of. The individual states themselves were trying to throw women in jail, but law enforcement wasn’t enough to cease the burgeoning crowds. The military, for reasons unknown, refused to get involved and shortly after that one of the few female politicians stood up in all of this craziness and simply told her fellow Americans that she was taking over the role of President so “this country would finally have the leadership it deserved.” And President Hailey Anderson did just that. She implemented basic laws for women’s reforms and healthcare, stuck down many which had been a large part of the marginalization of women and was determined to drive the country’s progress back in lime with the rest of the world’s.

Don’t think this all happened so quickly though it seemed it did, especially to the children, it was a process and one that the women of the U.S. spearheaded with single minded determination and grit. Suddenly it seemed, women were the majority rule and the men who fought back with violence were jailed. In the near future they would be termed breeder’s and certain women among the bunch would be paired with them as punishment for laws broken or abuse of their children or any other reason that the courts deemed reasonable to do so. Those men and women became outcasts and lived in their own isolated communities. Babies born of these couples were often given up for adoption because they couldn’t care for them properly or because they didn’t want them. Times passed and these small towns became less isolated, but no less shunned. The women got access to birth control and some even were able to leave the breeders (read: men) and become part of society again. Others choose to stay with their male partners. As all of this was happening there was a major cultural shift toward having female partners, sexual or not, and it suddenly became the normal thing. Some men who happened to be gay, dared to leave the small towns and come forward, typically with a partner. They were accepted slowly into the society of women because the women felt that these particular men posed no threat. Sure there were imposters, but it took little time to ferret them out and send them to prison since they were clearly unfit even to be a breeder.

Many of the children given up by those male/female pairs were adopted and they knew it and were raised in a normal, caring home as a general rule. Not everything was perfect, but the lack of men in the government, in official positions, and generally in polite society meant that women were more able to work together to get things with the countries politics sorted out. That’s when the MBI was finally approved, the social welfare systems were improved for the first time in about seventy years and, things began to look up. Many other heavily female populated countries were starting to look to the United States as a model and did their best to learn from what they had implemented.

Mischa had been a young child when all this happened, not quite old enough to understand all of the politics, but old enough to know that her father was considered to be unfit to be a larger part of society. Since she was closer to her mother (Nancy) she always felt like her father was a mere presence in and out of her life. She didn’t miss him much when he was sent away, although she knew Mom cried herself to sleep some nights.

Eventually most baby boys were sent out to the small breeder towns shortly after birth to be cared for and raised there. The ones that weren’t were expected to (somehow) find a male partner and settle down young and make a life for themselves, well before they could be considered a threat to the female-centric society. This meant that they often settled down well before a young women might and often worked menial jobs to try and put themselves through some kind of extra schooling and work something beyond a menial job. For most of them it failed and they lived on the outskirts, but were not shunned as the breeders were. The more money their parents had, the better their life was likely to be. It wasn’t exactly fair to any of the gay men in this current world, but it was still better than their alternative.

As things settled down and everyone assumed the routines that they were expected to have, the world continued to move along at its usual pace and the only that ever seemed to change was the time. Society became sleepy again and calm, like it was hundreds of years ago. The only constant underneath it all was the idea that one day men would try to retake the country and undo everything these women had worked so hard for. But after years of peace would they really want to give that up? There was even beginning to be talk about gradually giving men more rights and maybe integrating them into society in small ways. Only time would tell at that point.

And as Mischa comes of age we understand more about the history of the Women’s Party uprising that occurred before she was quite old enough to understand it all. She’s happily married now and living her best life with Lauren.


And in case you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post you can find it here.


7 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday -250 – (2037 – 2050)

  1. Interesting story, although I have to say that I find it a bit unnerving. The idea of women taking power and almost banning men from society, seeing them as breeders… I don’t know if I would want to live in a world like that. I am more for equal rights and living in peace, regardless of gender, religion or any other preferences people might have.

    Rebel xox


    1. I am too honestly, but when the idea for the original story came to me I knew I was going to need to write the backstory at some point and this is tale that the women told. Definitely a bit…different. Thanks!


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