Wicked Wednesday 253 – Haunted House – (Demon’s House)

Nikki crept up the steps slowly, letting her flashlight play across the porch. Everyone claimed the Andersen house was haunted and she, being a fan of the paranormal, wanted to find out for herself. The old house was missing its front door so she walked inside carefully watching for rotting wood that might be a dangerous obstacle. Shining her light around the foyer and into the great room beyond she saw nothing unusual about the mouldering old house.

Proceeding further into the house she walked through into the large kitchen and that’s where she spotted something interesting. Someone had painted a pentagram on the floor and left half candle stubs at each point. Oddly the paint appeared fresh and unweathered and she first assumed it was probably a group of kids fooling around. She explored the kitchen further poking her nose into the pantry and various cupboards, almost waiting for someone to jump out and yell, “Boo!” But the only thing she found was an old leather bound book that she opened and began to page through. She found what appeared to be spells and wondered just what old Mrs. Andersen had been up to. Nikki walked around then pentagram clockwise, not really knowing what she was looking for, just something. There was an odd feeling of static electricity in the air and suddenly one of the candles flickered to life. Nikki saw a faint shape lighting the candles and wished she had thought to bring a camera. She’d be coming back again though she thought so she could try to catch this phenomena again.

With all of the candles lit Nikki walked to the center of the pentagram, almost drawn there. She sat down the book and her flashlight and merely waited to see what would happen next. Nothing happened for a long moment and she jumped as a gust of wind blew one of the shutters on the house closed. Then the rest of them snapped closed one after the other and now Nikki was afraid. Was there someone living here that was playing a prank on her? Had she stumbled across a group of kids that wanted to screw with her for interrupting their fun? She turned around and around, looking for any clues as to what was happening here and shivered as she heard a soft, deep voice at her back. “So, after all these years someone found the book. Was it you my dear?”

Nikki turned and looked up at what had to be a 6 and a half foot tall…well demon for lack of her a better word. Not quite the Devil as described by a person who was depicting Hell, but close enough although his, for it was definitely a him, skin was a deep purplish black. He was nude and she couldn’t help but notice just how well endowed he was. She found herself wondering how a demonic cock might feel and shook her head, unbelieving of the scene before her and wondering where on earth that last thought had come from. The demon laughed a deep, rumbly bass sound that made her shiver and then looked at her as though she were a delectable treat. “You’re curious are you? Well, you are more than welcome to find out, pretty girl. What’s you name?” “Nikki. What’s yours?” He bowed in a most courtly manner before he spoke, “I am Beleth, a King among my people.” “Well, King Beleth, can you explain to me why you’re here of all places and what exactly is going on?” Nikki showed little to no fear of the demon or her surroundings at this point. She was too shocked to be afraid.

“Well…Leona, that is Mrs. Andersen, was a big fan of demonology and learned to summon many lesser demons. She attracted my attention and now you’ve stumbled across the book and I am free to return here. I do miss Leona. She was such a good obedient servant.” “Servant?” “Oh yes, she served me in all manners.” And he gave a lewd smile and a leering look to the pretty blonde in front of him. She blushed and felt a bolt of desire surge through her. What was going on? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to focus but all she could picture was the demon’s semi-erect cock and that made her thinking of sucking on him. Where were these thoughts coming from? Beleth laughed again and nodded approvingly. “Good girl. Why don’t you come over here to me and try whatever you like.” When she opened her eyes and met his gaze she was torn between obeying and running away, but eventually her natural curiosity won out and she didn’t want to pass up such a strange chance.

Nikki walked over to the tall demon and deliberately wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking it slowly, feeling the veiny texture and the size of him. She could barely wrap her fingers completely around his girth and licked her lips in anticipation. Slowly she felt his fingers wind into her hair, the sharp pointy nails digging into her scalp. He pulled her face down to his engorged member and the entranced young woman wrapped her lips around him. She knew she wanted this, but she also knew that he was exerting some of his power over her as influence. Strangely she didn’t mind and took as much of him as she could into her mouth, sucking and licking and nibbling and using her hand on the part she couldn’t take. He tilted his head back and groaned in that deep voice, which further excited Nikki and she tried her hardest to take more of his cock into her mouth. She could taste him and while he mostly tasted human to her there was a faint hint of something darker to him. She quite liked it. Beleth pulled her off of his cock and looked her up and down. “Strip,” was all he said and Nikki hastened to do as he said, completely enthralled with her situation. He pulled her to him hard and she gasped as he lifted her up so he could kiss her, fiercely, hungrily. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for another human woman to find me he whispered and then lowered her gently onto his throbbing cock. Nikki moaned in ecstasy and squirmed knowing that she wasn’t fully impaled upon him and wanting more. “No, no, no, hurting yourself won’t do.” And he held her up, bouncing her gently and slowly until she was able to relax and take more of him. Finally he was buried to the hilt in her dripping pussy and she orgasmed just from that alone. He laughed that deep laugh and fucked her harder now, demanding more of her in an almost guttural tone. How much of herself would she give?




And in case you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday, you can find it here.


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