“Mmmmphhh…”, was the only sound she could make before yet another cock filled her mouth. She’d lost count by now, crawling around under the table in the large conference room blowing every man there. Her skirt was wrinkled, her blouse half open and she had a belly full and a face full of semen. Her lips and tongue moved energetically against the cocks of all the men that she knew and worked with, one at a time as she reached them.

Some looked down to watch her, others ignored her completely and a few grabbed her hair forcing her to take their cock into her throat, leaving her gasping and half choking when they pulled away. And Kelly loved every minute of it. The board members had ceased even the appearance that they would get anything done with her under the table and simply enjoyed the sounds of pleasure that she made for them and for each other. There was no shame among these men and when it was all over Kelly would become their equal again, but right now she was a good little cock slut who was taking everything that she was given.

Currently she was sucking at Jamal’s cock, taking as much of the length of it as she could into her mouth and using her hand to work the rest of him, occasionally stopping her motions to squeeze and play with his balls, which she could hear left him panting every time she did it. She wanted him to come for her and come hard; she was learning just what made him, and the other members of the board, explode for her and her alone. Kelly opened her mouth around Jamal’s cock, took a deep breath and plunged her head down taking more of him than she normally could in her mouth and hummed softly knowing just what she was after; the feeling of having yet another of her men come in her mouth, shooting down her throat. And Jamal was happy to oblige her, peeking under the table at her with a wicked smile that promised something more later. She couldn’t wait to find out what.

Meanwhile, she was moving on to her favorite cock today and she smiled inwardly when she heard the soft chuckle followed by a curse muttered in Spanish when she ran her tongue along the length of Cal’s cock. She traced the veins along the length of him, almost giggling as he muttered again. She thoroughly enjoyed being a tease and Cal liked her kind of teasing just fine. She licked and nibbled and sucked at him, lowering her head to mouth his balls, sucking them gently just to hear him moan for her. He stared at her under the table, watching her, his eyes dark with lust. She looked up at him naughtily as she devoured his cock and he simply couldn’t help it; he jerked his cock back out of her mouth and wrapped one hand around it jacking himself until he shot a load of come on her face. She swallowed what little she could and when he was done she run her finger along her cheek and sucked the taste of him off her finger. “Yummy.”

She moved to her final cock of the day and peered up at Ricky from under the table, showing off her pretty, slutty face and just a hint of her cleavage. Her hands loosened his belt and pants, allowing his cock to spring free for her. Finally Ricky looked down at her, took her chin in his hands and smiled, “You’d better do a good job little girl or what you’ll be getting from me later might be a spanking.” Kelly giggled delightedly, hoping for the spanking no matter what and wet her lips before she slid her warm, wet mouth around his thick cock. He nodded approvingly and went back to discussing something with the other men at the table. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping at the cock in front of her. She loved it. Ricky shifted in his chair above her and she knew she was going to take his cock in her throat as she always did. He loved watching the tears leak from the corners of her eyes as she held so very still, waiting, wanting to breathe again. Then he would pull back and she could take a desperate gulp of air, before he shoved himself back as deep as she could take him. He never lasted very long this way, but that just meant more of his delicious jizz for her. The third time he pulled back though, so did she and before he had a chance to force his cock back into her mouth she had taken it, gently, her teeth giving a bare hint of warning and began sucking and licking and slurping again. Kelly’s hands rested against his knees and she was savoring the taste and feel of him. She moved her head back so she held just the head of his cock in her mouth and used her hand to to jack him off as she sucked at the tip of him. He groaned at the sensation and arched his hips trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. She obliged him a tiny bit, but just kept her hand moving as she licked and teased him to an orgasm. Ricky’s body tensed and he growled, thrusting his hips harder, more insistently, but the pretty brunette never lost her grip on his shaft. It was a brief battle of wills, but when Kelly sucked hard on his cock suddenly devouring him he lost the battle and filled her mouth with his hot come. She swallowed every last drop of it.

Finally done with her task she crawled gracefully out from under the table, straightened her clothing and walked to the door where she blew the men a kiss and sashayed from the room, quite satisfied with herself and them.


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