Wicked Wednesday -255- Beleth Takes Nikki (Demon House Pt. 3)

She’d done it. The house was hers and she could begin remodeling. She could also, after about a dozen summonings get Beleth at will. Oftentimes he was not quite amused with her, but flashing her tits or ass, or sucking him off generally got him in a much better mood. It amused her more and more how much control she had over the demon.

But what she hadn’t yet learned was that every time she called Beleth to her she gave him more power in her world and eventually he would be able to turn that power against her. The question became, would he do that before she learned of the knowledge of his strength? And would she care? Or was she already in too deep with her sexual fiend at her beck and call? Only sweet time would tell. Nikki sat in the middle of the summoning circle the leather bound spell book in hand. She was reading through a new type of summoning spell, when the candles lit of their own accord once more. Nikki was startled as she wasn’t actually trying any spells, just reading a book in what felt like the safest place in the house to her. Out of nowhere she felt Beleth’s hand on the back of her neck. “Hello, my little summoner. What are you studying tonight? He peered over her shoulder and laughed. “Such an old-fashioned spell. And you’re not guaranteed that I will be the demon you summon. I’d strike that one from your list, my dear.” So Nikki, trusting Beleth, did exactly that and set the book aside.

“How did you get here without my summoning you?” Beleth gave her a wicked smile. “Darling girl, I am a King among demons if you recall. I can do as I wish. And right now I wish to do you.” He was on her tearing her clothes apart with his claws and Nikki squealed with excitement, never thinking to be afraid of the demon that had appeared from nowhere in her kitchen. He palmed her breasts in his large hands and squeezed gently before leaning down to suck and nibble at her nipples. For a demon he seemed to be quite a considerate lover. He was often quite gentle with her and she couldn’t decide which she loved more the gentleness or the roughness he still subjected her to quite frequently. She thought perhaps she might be falling in love with the demon himself.

The thought was both frightening and exhilarating all at once and she immediately had to resist the urge to say something about it. But Beleth knew all the same. He could see it in her eyes for a second. And he had once seen that same look on his beloved Leona’s face as well. Only he’d never been able to convince her to come home with him. He thought that this time he wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. The next time she summoned him, she was going to return with him to his world. He was not enamored of her, not yet, but he knew he would be given some time and some fantastic sex. Nikki caught a glimmer of malice behind the desire in Beleth’s eyes and she wondered why, but she hadn’t gotten far enough into the book to know that she could travel to him or that once she did so he could bind her there, but not here. She would be in for quite the surprise someday soon.

But now, Beleth was sliding his purplish cock into her pussy and suddenly nothing but their pleasure seemed important. His hands were still at her breasts, squeezing gently, his palms sliding across her nipples and she gasped a little. Beleth’s grip shifted to hold her hips and lifted her body up, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his body. He bounced her effortlessly up and down on his cock and whispered dirty things in her ear. Soon she was at the brink of an orgasm and threw her head back as it burst through her. Nikki’s hips never quit moving through the orgasm and she quickly feel into a second one, her eyes closed and unaware of the devilish gleam in Beleth’s eyes. He had decided that tonight would be that “someday” soon after all. He let her ride him hard as she liked and muttered the summoner’s spell that would take him, and her, home. She was so caught up that she never noticed her surroundings change to a bleak world full of stunted trees and a deep orange sky; it was as dangerous as it looked especially for her. But Beleth would keep his prize safely ensconced in a lavish prison. His next words were those of binding and there was a loud boom in the distance as the spell finished. Nikki was his. He pumped his cock into her a few more times and then roared his own orgasm as she came again, milking his cock. He held her against him for a long moment until she finally opened her eyes. “Where are we?” “Home,” he answered with a sinister chuckle. “Finally home.” Nikki just stared at him, horror dawning in her eyes as he moved below the ground and into his rather comfortably appointed apartments. He sat on a love seat still cradling her in his arms, waiting for her to come back to…well…Earth for lack of a better term. He’d explain everything then. Maybe.


In case you missed it, last week’s Wicked Wednesday can be found here.


12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday -255- Beleth Takes Nikki (Demon House Pt. 3)

  1. It had to happen, really, didn’t it?
    Hope she tries the spell he talked her out of. Just a guess!

    Perfectly written!


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