Natalie shed her clothing, carelessly, and fell backwards onto the soft, fluffy bed that she had shared with many lovers at many different times. She thought of them, some of them at least, and settled herself comfortably into the nest that she had created. Her hands trailed along a lithe body, feeling the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. She loved her body.

As her hands and fingers explored her flesh as though it were new to her she let her mind drift. She’d been just 18 and ready to explore her sexuality for the first time. She found someone, older than she and dove head first into the heretofore unknown world of sex. She learned to suck dick and eat pussy and do all kinds of things, some that one might consider depraved, but as she had learned, her kinks were not always someone else’s kink. She thought of nights she’d been spanked and fucked and used like a toy. She thought of gentler times when she’d been held and loved and of times when she’d been with women and how their softness tended to contrast with her male lovers. She thought of all these things and gradually her hands slipped down to play with her pretty pink pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and loved running her fingers against the soft hair, while rubbing at her clit gently, first in circles, then up and down and around, teasing herself.

She took her time, there was no rush to her pleasure. Gradually it built and she dipped he fingers inside of herself, smearing her wetness across her skin. There was a shiver at that feeling and she did it again, still lost in her reverie of lovers past. She pinched her clit, gently, reminded of the time it had been clamped for some light bondage game and sighed with pleasure. Soon, her fingers began to move faster and faster. Her hips arched from the bed and she slipped a single digit inside of herself reveling in the feel of her muscles squeezing around it. Another finger was added and she moaned softly, driving herself a little closer to that edge. But she made herself wait. Teasing her body further, she abandoned her clit for her nipples, rock hard as they were, she pinched and pulled and remembered how her first female lover had sucked at them so gently. Natalie’s breath came in short, soft gasps now as she waited, pushing herself to the brink and then backing off over and over.

Until finally she couldn’t hold herself back and began to earnestly fuck her pussy with two fingers, her other hand returning to her clit to rub furiously, building her orgasm hard and fast. She had driven herself so close to the breaking point, so many times and here she was. Her body began to shake gently and she gasped her pleasure, taking it all in and loving every moment of the time she had alone. Suddenly, her orgasm hit rolling over her like a thunderstorm across the sky. She bucked hard against her own hands and moaned and cried out her orgasm. Driven by her need she pushed her body harder, higher and a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first, her cries louder this time as she squirmed on the bed. After yet a third orgasm that she was able to draw from her body, she rested peacefully and settled. Again her hands gently trailed her body, this time simply because she could. And she reveled in her soft flesh, giving herself goosebumps that caused a shudder and the aftershock of an orgasm shivered across her skin. She was content.


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