Wicked Wednesday – 256 – The Wedding (A Surprise Gift for Michelle)

Michelle was calm and collected. Ben was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Today was their wedding day. Before the ceremony the priest broke with the old tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before she walked down the aisle and called them both into his office together. Father James was a younger man and quite handsome. He looked both somber and excited at the same time to be able to join this couple in holy matrimony.

Michelle was expecting Father James to give them a small private speech and let them go so she was quite surprised when Ben wrapped his arms around her from the back and began caressing her breasts through her dress, planting tiny kisses along the back of her neck. “Wait…what the hell is going on here?” her voice was confused and slightly high pitched, ending on a little squeak as Ben pinched a nipple. Ben smiled and spoke softly, “Remember that fantasy you told me about last month?” Both men laughed as they saw the realization dawn in her eyes and then a furious blush cover Michelle’s face and neck. But she was immediately wet and Ben bent her over as Father James slipped off his vestments and undid his pants.

Before Ben could get her heavy skirt lifted and her panties removed she had the priest’s cock in her mouth, stopping only long enough to urge Ben to hurry. He laughed softly as he got her panties down and saw the wetness glistening between her legs. He watched his soon to be wife suck another man’s cock, a priest’s no less, and then buried himself in her pussy. Very quickly both men found a rhythm and Michelle relaxed letting them fuck her mouth and her pussy at the same time making soft pleasure noises that vibrated against James’ cock and made him fuck her just a little harder.

Michelle was trying her best to push herself back against Ben while she had a cock in her mouth. She wanted more and they all knew it and them men obliged her after a long moment. She moaned and bucked her hips, knowing her orgasm was close. She wished she could reach down to touch her clit but the layers off fabric made it impossible and she whined in frustration. Ben knew her reason and slipped his fingers under her skirt, teasing her gently. That was all it took though and an orgasm hit her hard. She stifled her cries with the cock that she was still sucking on and rode them both, feeling a second orgasm coming. This time she wanted both men to come too. Michelle wanted to be filled up. Her pussy clenched around Ben’s cock and he stifled his own cry as Michelle deep throated James who gasped at the sensation and immediately began to come, which triggered another orgasm for Michelle, with Ben following almost immediately. What a start to their wedding day!


If you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday, it can be found here. Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 of that series as well!!



16 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – 256 – The Wedding (A Surprise Gift for Michelle)

  1. In my ancestral homeland there was a fairly determined group of women, who set out to deflower as many Catholic priests as they could seduce. Quite a few, apparently. They called themselves the cassock jumpers.

    Anyway, that’s by the by. Great story!


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