Kink of The Week – Uniforms – Apr 16-30 (An Officer’s Touch)

Mandy rummaged through the closet searching for one of Jesse’s spare uniforms. There it was! He was out playing poker with the guys on his night off and she had plans of her own when he got home. She slipped on the over sized blue shirt, found his badge, and smiled when she spotted the new insignia from his recent promotion to sergeant not long ago. She was incredibly proud of her police officer husband and couldn’t wait to see him tonight.

She curled up with a book and his spare handcuffs waiting on him to get home. When she heard his car pull into the drive, shortly after midnight, she stood and took a position leaning sexily against the wall, handcuffs dangling from her fingers. She’d be the first thing Jesse saw when that door opened. As he stepped inside he spotted his wife standing there and a wickedly sexy grin crossed his face. He stepped over to her taking the dangling handcuffs. “Ma’am you are under arrest for impersonating a police offer. I’m going to have to search you and then take you in.”

Quickly she was cuffed and spun around, his feet kicked hers apart and she felt his warm hands on her body. This must be the most sensual search he’d ever performed as his hands roamed across her body, ostensibly looking for “contraband.” Jesse’s hands found her breasts and her pert nipples which he squeezed gently before moving lower to caress her belly through the shirt. Moving along his hands ran down the outside of her legs, then all the way up the insides, stopping just shy of her already wet pussy. He ran his hands along her body again in the same pattern just as maddeningly slow and smiled at a job well done. Mandy was smiling with delight and sneaked a glance at him and winked. He refused to break his stern face and shook his head at her. “I’m sorry Miss, but I have to haul you in for this. You could get in serious trouble.”

And with those words he picked her up bodily and quite literally hauled her across the room and to the bedroom where he dumped her on the bed before fairly pouncing to hold her still. “I think, that a strip search may be in order,” and he kissed his willing prisoner who was still cuffed and willing for him. Slowly began to unbutton the uniform she wore, stroking and kissing her body as he did so. Mandy struggled a little trying to wiggle her shoulders and Jesse knew the cuffs needed to be removed so she didn’t strain herself. He flipped her over, grabbed at her hips hard and then, finding the spare key conveniently on the nightstand uncuffed her, tossing the cuffs down on the table with a rather a loud clang. He started on her backside and kneaded at her tight ass for a moment and smirked when she arched her body towards him. He resumed petting and kissing her slowly.

Mandy began to writhe on the bed, wanting more from him, to feel his mouth on her pussy or his cock inside her, anywhere he wanted to put it and she bluntly told him so. He flipped her over again to face him, took her face in his hands and kissed her, gently at first and then harder. “You’ll take what you’re given, you bad girl.” But he finished unbuttoning his shirt that looked so good on her and slipped it from her body. His lips found her nipples now and he sucked and bit gently at one while worrying and teasing and pinching the other with his fingers before switching sides. “Jesse, please!” Mandy cried out, needing him, wanting him and again he shot her a stern look followed by that wicked grin of his. “All in good time.” His lips and tongue traced a trail down her body, circling her belly button and moving lower to brush against the very top edge of her slit, not even touching her clit and she arched her back, her body pleading for his touch.

He kissed her thighs and teased her with his breath across her skin until finally, finally he lowered his mouth to her body to taste that most intimate part of her. She gasped and bucked her hips against his face. His strong arms came up and wrapped around her thighs to hold her still as he feasted on her pussy. She was going to come for him and he wanted everything she gave and then some. It didn’t take long before Mandy was shaking with an orgasm and trying to escape the exquisite torture of his tongue, but suddenly she was having another orgasm and lifted her hips to his face crying out this time, her words incoherent. Jesse released her and slide up the bed to kiss her, letting her taste her juices on his lips. She moaned softly and ran her fingers along Jesse’s skin. “Please, please fuck me.” “I should make you wait for being bad, but I can’t wait either. I love you.”

All pretenses were dropped and Jesse fucked his wife sometimes gently, sometimes harder, and always with the thought of her in his uniform shirt burning in his mind. He had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he saw her like that and that was just fine with him.



2 thoughts on “Kink of The Week – Uniforms – Apr 16-30 (An Officer’s Touch)

  1. Ohhh this is fabulous…. I like how you have twisted it round so that what is hot is not the policeman wearing the uniform but his partner



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