The Affair

She was wearing a black satin negligee when she answered the door. He stepped inside quickly and immediately pulled her into his arms for a kiss, his hands roaming her body already. They knew that they didn’t have much time together and they wanted to make it memorable. It was only moments before both of their clothing was discarded and his quiet “Wow.” when he saw her nude for the first time made her feel intensely wanted. They didn’t bother with the bed, but merely fucked right there on the living room floor. It was rough and hard and fast and just what they both needed after feeling ignored by their respective spouses. She moaned quietly at the feeling of a dick that wasn’t her husband’s filling her up and he grinned at her naughtily.

Few words were exchanged between them because of their need, that rush of heat and passion that sparked between them. She took him deep and rocked her hips in time to his thrusts. They both knew they were on a clock and that only intensified things. Her first orgasm hit in a wave of feeling that rushed over her and made him stop for a moment to savor the feeling of having her wrapped tightly around him. His dick throbbed and her body pulsed in response, squeezing harder still around him until for a moment he couldn’t move.

They felt like schoolkids playing a game they shouldn’t have been and suddenly her pussy clenched around him as she came again. Her hips bucked against his and with a few more strokes she could feel his come inside her. He kissed her again regretting that he couldn’t stay longer, but he had to get back to work. As he left, he shot her a look that was filled with a promise of things to come.


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