Wicked Wednesday 257 – A Different Sort of Arrest

Sir arrested her progress and pinned his favorite girl against the wall and held her there, kissing her lips, her neck, leaving tiny bite marks here and there and she just melted for him. Completely relaxed, she was unprepared for the sudden onslaught of his fingers against her clit. She was his toy and he played her as expertly as one might play an instrument. Suddenly she was right there, on the brink of an orgasm.

“Sir, please may I come for you?”, she gasped out between choked breaths of air. He smiled down at her, kissed her forehead, and whispered, “No.” She moaned with frustration and began to wiggle and squirm helplessly in his grasp. After another moment he picked her up, hauled into the bedroom and grabbed the magic wand that was all ready to go. The moment the low buzzing hit her clit she almost screamed so intense was the feeling. “Now, you may come for me.”

Her back arched off the bed and she cried out, nearly sobbing when he turned the vibrations to the higher setting as her body shuddered and jerked, the involuntary movements exhausting, but not stopping. Amid the chaos of her orgasm he slid two fingers inside of her; she was so wet and he pressed hard against her g-spot urging her to just keep coming for him. “Such a good girl for Sir,” he praised and his words set off what was her third (or was it fourth?) orgasm. She was thrashing about on the bed and began begging him to fuck her, the words almost incoherent as she couldn’t catch her breathe to speak properly. Sir laughed, lubed up his entire hand and slid it inside of her sopping pussy. That wasn’t the fucking she had in mind, but a girl can’t be too picky.

She bucked her hips riding his hand as he sifted her and came again, never remembering that she should’ve been asking permission for her orgasms like a good little fucktoy. That was a something he wouldn’t let slide, but punishment could come later. Sir was having too much fun watching her orgasm and wanted her to be pushed further and further to see how far she could go. He knew he’d get a good answer and worked his hand around her movements, feeling her muscles squeeze and contract as she rocked back and forth.

Finally, she began to keen and he flipped off the vibrator, slipped his hand out and spoke. “What’s wrong Little One?” She shook her head and reached for him and he realized she must’ve just worn herself out and needed to be held. He happily obliged as he began to n her punishment for forgetting to ask permission. She would be his and she would be obedient. But right now she was a good girl and he wrapped her in his arms.



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