Nikki’s Surprising Journey (Demon House Pt. 4)

Slowly, Nikki came back to herself and realized she was curled in Beleth’s arms, but she wasn’t in her kitchen any longer. She didn’t know where she was. As she lifted her head to look around Beleth smiled. “Ah, you’re awake I see. And probably wondering just what is going on. So let me explain my dear. You are in my world now. It is a stunted pitiful excuse for the beauty of yours, but here you can be mine without aging, without worry, or fear. I can teach you more than you’d have ever learned from that book, although I did think to bring it with me. You’re Mine, Nikki.”

She could hear the capitalization in the word and shivered slightly before growing indignant. “I’m yours? Not for long if I have any say in you scheming, conniving bastard.” “Oh, such language. It won’t be tolerated here.” And Beleth gave her a wicked smile as she’d ever seen him give. Nikki was afraid now, for herself, for her life. She’d been duped by a demon just as the beginning pages of that old spell book had warned her about and she began to cry helplessly.

Beleth frowned, unsure what to do about the crying woman in his arms, so he just held her awkwardly and let her cry. He was realizing that he did care for her more than he had thought and wondered if maybe this had been a poor idea after all. He could always undo the binding and let her go, but if he did would she ever trust him again? Would he ever see her again? He resolved to do as much as he could to make her see the benefits of staying with him and hoped it would be enough. But if she stayed it would mean living with his rules.

Nikki slowly began to settle down again, but her terror was still quite evident and she felt so lost without the safety of her kitchen. “Why? Why me, Beleth?” The demon sighed heavily and pondered how he could best explain himself. Despite his misgivings, he decided to tell her the truth. “I’ve been alone for so long now. Many years. I never expected to find anyone again whom I could love or care for. You see demons rarely mate with other demons because the rate of failure is so high, demons often kill their partners in a blind rage for whatever reason; we are a rapidly dwindling race and the only way to save us is children. The only way we’ve found to expand our race is having children with the humans that we love. Those children because they are part human can grow up to have a child with a full blooded demon. This is a practice that’s been going on for millennia. And I’m telling you all this because I want you to know my history, but I also want you to know that I love you.”

Nikki looked incredibly startled at his last words and her mind went utterly blank. She had no response to the revelation she’d just been told and just stared at him silently for a long moment before looking away. Beleth sighed again, “I’m sorry. I never should’ve brought you here or performed the binding.” Her head shot up at that and this time her eyes met his with a vicious ferocity, “Binding?! You’ve trapped me here?” The terror she felt was gone replaced with a burning white hot anger. “Why? How? What would make you do this?!,” Nikki raged at him and then raised a hand and landed a perfectly placed slap across his cheek before sliding out of his lap and as far from him in the room as possible. “You fucking bastard! What makes you think I wanted to give up my life in my world? I have a job, friends, family and you just took that away from me without even asking!” Granted she thought that if he had asked she might have come willingly, but to have the choice forced upon her was too much, even if he did claim to love her. Tears threatened to spill over again but Nikki took a deep breath and wiped her eyes refusing to let them get the better of her. “What in the hell do you have to say for yourself!?”

Beleth gracefully shrugged his shoulders (how someone built so powerfully could be so graceful baffled Nikki for a moment before her anger returned); “I said everything I can say, my Dear. I am a selfish prig and wanted you here with me so badly that I made a rather impulsive decision. It doesn’t change that I love you. But it does throw your life upside down and for that I apologize.” Nikki sighed, knowing in her heart that she did love Beleth, but she was still so furious at him that she didn’t know if she could tell him so. And him having the nerve to make her a virtual prisoner was just too much. She wanted to rage and throw things and scream and cry and she simply didn’t know what to do. “Why did you bind me here instead of just letting me see things and make my own choice?” “Because if you see the horrors and atrocities that some of my kind commit you’ll never stay.” Beleth sounded wistful as though he wished things could be otherwise. “You said yourself you are a King among them. So put a stop to it.” Ah, if only it were that simple Nikki. I am not the only powerful demon in existence and I can’t stand against every single demon who does bad things. I don’t rule alone here, but on a council and in our own ways, we are all corrupt as I think you’ve learned.” And he leered at her just for effect, but it had the effect of making Nikki want to fuck him again. It was getting harder for her to care where they were and why she was here when Beleth was naked before her.

Nikki swore again softly and Beleth looked at disapprovingly. She stared back defiantly, daring him to correct her again. He shook his head, trying not to laugh and just watched the beautiful, naked woman, his eyes darkening. “You won’t give up that habit will you?” “Nope, no matter if I’m here or home, so might as well quit giving me that look.” he gave her a different look instead, one that made her want to drop to her knees and crawl to him, one that made her want to submit to his ideas of keeping her here. She shook her head and glared at him, “Stop that!” He gave her an innocent look. “Stop what, my dear?” “Damn you Beleth.’ Nikki began pacing and tried to ignore the big demon watching her, she tried to ignore his obvious desire, and most of all she tried to ignore her own. But it was all growing and soon it would be too much for both of them.

“Sooo, what about this? You release me from the binding and teach me how to travel between our two worlds. It seems like an acceptable situation from my point of view.” Beleth rubbed his face and thought for a moment. “That just might work. Smart mind to go with a gorgeous body. Perfect combination to me. Now come here.” His last words weren’t a request but a command and Nikki was tired of resisting him and herself. She walked over, putting a little extra sway into her hips and did exactly what she’d been wanting to do, taking his cock into her mouth, slowly, gently, teasing him. “Good girl”, he purred. Nikki sucked and licked at his cock, slurping it into her mouth messily, then pulling away slowly, drawing out both their pleasure. Beleth’s hips bucked, he was so anxious for her that he felt himself ready to lose control already. Damn, he’d felt that urge the moment she knelt before him. He held himself back not quite ready to come, wanting to hold her against the solid stone wall and fuck her instead, but fuck her mouth felt good wrapped around him.

With an impatient growl he pulled away from Nikki who let out a soft whine in response. He pulled her to her feet, picked her up and pinned her to the cold wall before sliding deep into her pussy. Nikki moaned and rocked her hips, forcing him deeper inside of her body. “Yes,” he hissed holding her harder. “Fuck me Nikki, rock those lovely hips against my cock and make me come for you.” Nikki met his eyes, feeling her pussy get even wetter at his words and began to fuck him in earnest, her hips moving as hard and fast as she could move them. Her eyes almost glazed over at the feeling as he flexed his cock inside of her. Between that and feeling him rubbing against her g-spot she was close, so close.

But she wanted more and wriggled her hips trying to finally, for the first time, take the entire length of his dick. Beleth knew what she wanted and began to help her, gently thrusting himself into her and writhed and rocked against him. It took several long moments but she felt him fill her completely and the orgasm that had been building within her simply exploded just as he gave one more thrust. Beleth felt her come on his cock and growled at her, “Again.” Nikki obeyed him blindly, another orgasm rocking her body against him and finally, he let himself come with a great roar. The pair sank to the floor Beleth supporting Nikki with his greater strength and held onto her tightly. She squeaked and he loosened his grip so she could breathe again and stared down at her. He didn’t want to let her go, but he had agreed to unbind her and teach her how to cross over at will. And he would do this, for her.

If you’re interested in how Nikki found herself involved with a demon you can read parts 1, 2, and 3, linked below.

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