KOTW 5/16-5/31 – Crawling

Crawling. A baby’s first method of movement towards the process of walking upright. Something done by young children who just don’t want to walk or are playing pretend. How is crawling sexy when that is all that comes to mind for me?

To be honest, its not. I’ve tried to understand. I’ve even tried to slink across the floor myself but I just looked silly and awkward. I lack the innate grace, it seems, for an adult to look good crawling. I also hate being on my hands and knees because I find it uncomfortable at best. At its worst it could be used as an actual form of punishment for me in my relationship (no one tell Sir that, OK.)

I can’t even pretend to understand this kink. I was going to write a story about it instead of sharing my ramblings, but I couldn’t get past the first few lines. Hell, I understand it so little even this pseudo rant is difficult for me to write. I feel like Bart Simpson here, “I will not write about crawling.” “I will not write about crawling.” But here I am, left wondering what I can say that would be of any use to any one who reads this.

Maybe the idea of watching your guy or girl crawl across the floor to you is really hot and it turns you on. Maybe you like to make your submissive crawl because it puts them further into that head space that they (and you) might want them to be in. Whatever the reason behind it; why it turns you on, can someone please explain it to me?


5 thoughts on “KOTW 5/16-5/31 – Crawling

  1. LOL….love this! I can’t imagine that I look very sexy crawling either, but there is something about it which definitely puts me in my place (submissive to my husband). It is definitely more for him than me, as it just makes me feel subconscious and a little humiliated…again, things he likes me to feel to remind me of my place in our dynamic. I look forward to seeing how others respond!


    1. Thanks Nora! I can certainly see how it might put one in their place, especially as a sub myself, but beyond that I can’t wrap my mind around the why behind it. As in why people like or enjoy it. This one just really isn’t my kink I guess. 🙂

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  2. Hopefully if you read my post I have answered some of those questions but I guess the summery of it is that I there is something very raw and primal about it that just works for me.



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