All By Myself

I slid into the bed and lubed up my fingers. I wanted an orgasm and wanted it now. Screw the foreplay. My slick fingers found their way to my clit and pussy, covering them in lube, loving the extra slickness it created. I tried to take it slow and enjoy myself, teasing my clit, rubbing against my pussy lips, but soon it just wasn’t enough.

I rolled my clit between my fingers with my left hand while the right reached up to play with my pierced nipples. Sighing with pleasure I dipped two fingers into my pussy curling them up to reach my g-spot and flutter against it. I stifled a moan, not wanting to be heard and repeated the movement. My hips bucked involuntarily and I pulled away from my pussy, licking my juices from my fingers. Back to my clit rubbing and pinch and rolling back and forth. I could feel an orgasm building and I frantically reached for a toy.

The first one I encountered was a dildo and that was good enough for me. I shoved it into my pussy, fucking myself with it while I played with my clit. Closing my eyes, I could hear my breathing becoming harder and faster, my back arching against my own hand. And then it hit me like a freight trained and I bit my lip so as not to cry out. I was coming and coming hard. I fucked myself harder with the dildo and kept rubbing my clit, prolonging the orgasm as long as possible. Eventually I collapsed back on the bed sated, and relaxed.

In honor of May being National Masturbation Month. 🙂


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