Wicked Wednesday – 260 – 2517 (Bionica)

Beth was bent over the bed as Rafael fucked her. His hands held her hips hard enough to bruise and she relished the idea that his finger prints would be on her body the next day. Of course, when your husband was ex-military and had bionic modifications, it wasn’t hard for him to leave bruises that were a reminder of her humanity when she felt anything but human. She arched her back, pushing back against him, wanting more when he slowed his movements to a teasing pace. He grinned at her movements and pistoned forward on strong semi-metallic legs. Rafe could fuck her so good and she loved him not because of his cyber wear, but for who he was. He’d dated a few women in his past that were basically bio whores and would fuck anyone with mods.

But his Beth…she was special to him he thought. She understood him, understood the pain he lived with everyday. And he loved her enough to do unreasonable things for her. But right now she was squirming on his very human cock and begging him to fuck her. He returned to the present and held Beth down giving her the fucking she wanted, that she needed and his face was a mask of triumph as he felt her body convulse around him. God, it was good and he wanted to feel it again. He stepped back and lifted her up on to the bed on her knees. Following her onto the bed he stretched out and puled her to him. She smiled and kissed his smooth, warm lips. “Tell me.”

“I want you on top of me. I want you riding my cock. You’ll do that for me won’t you gorgeous?” Beth loved hearing it when he told her what he wanted, especially if that was for her to be on top of him and she happily obliged. She started slow, watching his face intently and smiled at him before her paced picked up to a pounding ride, one that he was enjoying as much as she was. Her second orgasm of the evening was close and Rafael lifted his hips to meet hers pressing hard against her. She gave an inarticulate cry and ground her hips against his as he shot his come inside of her. Panting she collapsed over his body and laid there for a long moment. Her voice, slightly metallic, came to him, “I love you.” He grinned and hugged her close. “I love you too.”

And she looked up at him, tears shining in her very human eyes, and knew it was true. He loved her despite her body, despite the faults she had. She’d never thought she’d find this. Who else, but someone like Rafael could know her pain and know what it was like. Only another person like her, damaged and broken inside and repaired outside. Hopefully her skin mods would be ready soon and she could at least pretend to be normal. But meanwhile she touched the coldness of her face and just sighed before laying her head on Rafe’s shoulder.


If you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post, you can find it here.


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