Wicked Wednesday – 261 – Waves (Sounds of an Orgasm)

The bass thumped and beat in a steady rhythm, pounding in time to the dancers movements. The club was dark, lit with intermittent strobe lights and flashes of neon signs at the bar. In a writhing sea of bodies, one almost stood out, not really dancing, but scanning the floor with a drink in hand. They tossed back their drink and wove in and out of the gyrating crowd to find a table, laughing at the touches received on the way through, Nothing like being an attractive women to garner such attention in a club. But she didn’t want any of them. No, she was looking for something better, something different.

Her looks was predatory almost as she watched the dancing masses and picked through the crowd before finally spotting her prey. She danced her way over to the pretty young woman and smiled at her. They both shimmied to the music gradually getting closer to one another until they were dancing alone with no crowd between them. The dark haired woman leaned in so she could be heard, “I’m Leila. What’s your name?” “Kirsten,” came the reply. And Leila smiled at her, almost a naughty grin. “Well hello there, Kirsten.” Leila danced even closer to Kirsten putting her hands on her hips and slowly grinding against the pretty brunette. Both women had tan complexions and dark hair, but the similarities ended there as one was blue eyed, the other brown and their height difference would be a useful thing later in the night.

The pair danced and talked, but mostly danced and Kirsten was a little shocked when Leila pulled her closer to grind their bodies together As the initial shock wore off Kirsten decided it felt really good and began to move in time with Leila. They heard nothing but the sound waves that created the music and felt nothing but one another as the dance turned more sensual when the beat changed. Kirsten was feeling brave at this point, having been dancing with this gorgeous creature and leaned forward to give her a quick, teasing kiss on the lips. Leila grinned at her and leaned in for a kiss of her own, a press of lips against lips and a tiny nibble before pulling away. They traded kisses growing bolder and bolder as they knew they were just anonymous strangers to everyone else on the dance floor.

Slowly, Leila steered them towards a dark corner where the light and strobes never reached and slid her hands down Kirsten’s spandex clad body. It was no quieter here in the dark, but was more private than the crowded floor full of people. The music pulsed steadily and they kissed again their bodies rocking to the sounds around them. Leila grabbed Kirsten’s ass and jerked her closer and this time the look on her face was decidedly wicked. “I’m going to finger you right here, against this wall, in this club full of people until you can’t take anymore. Do you want that? Do you want to feel my fingers inside you, stroking and touching your most sensitive parts, brushing against your clit? Tell me that you do and I will but tell me to stop and it all ends here. Your call.”

Kirsten tilted her head and leaned in so Leila would hear her. “I’ve never done this before. I mean…I’ve always wanted to, but never thought I’d be with a woman when it happened. Will you show me?” Leila’s hands ran up Kirsten’s thighs taking the tight dress with her so it was sitting just above a gorgeous, trimmed pussy and rubbed a single finger along Kirsten’s clit. Leila and Kirsten both could feel the tension in the air, knowing that they might get caught was exhilarating. Leila kept stroking gently and soon Kirsten was leaned against the wall, her hips just beginning to twitch at Leila’s every touch. Leila worked with the sound of the music, using the pounding bass as her guide. Kirsten moaned at this and knowing the music would mask her sounds gradually grew a little more vocal, begging Leila to fuck her pussy, her hips bucking harder now, slightly off the beat. She grabbed Kirsten’s hip with one hand and slowly circled the opening of Kirsten’s soaked cunt, before sinking two fingers inside of her. Kirsten went wild and her hips bounced off the wall, riding Leila’s fingers as Leila hit her in all the right places, over and over. The waves of Kirsten’s orgasm washed over her, but Leila never stopped her ministrations, just fucking her through the orgasm, which only triggered another one immediately after the first.

Leila stopped what she was doing, removed her fingers, and looking directly at Kirsten deliberately sucked the juices from them one by one. It was one of the most erotic things Kirsten had ever seen and she could feel that third orgasm already building. “Please don’t stop Leila.” Leila was happy to oblige and this time teased Kirsten’s clit until she orgasmed again. The music was still a wall of sound for them and it vibrated through their bodies, washed over them as the ocean does the shore and Leila knelt, at the perfect height and licked Kirsten, who moaned loudly, her noises drowned out by the crowd and the music. Leila took that as an encouraging sign and simply buried her face against Kirsten’s pussy, eating her out, tasting her, and sucking the juices from her body as though a woman starving. Kirsten began to buck, riding Leila’s face with an intensity that surprised them both and her fourth orgasm of the night pounded through her body in a rhythm that matched the music as it poured over them in waves.

Leila stood, pulling Kirsten’s dress back down and kissed the other woman. “Shall we continue this somewhere more comfortable perhaps? Maybe in a bed; I don’t live far.” Kirsten nodded, “Only if I get to return the favor, but you’ll have to be patient with me. This is all quite new.” Leila shot her a look filled with desire. “Everyone is new at something. I think you’ll be a quick study though.” They shared another passionate kiss and Kirsten could taste herself on Leila’s lips. It was intoxicating and only made her want more. “Let’s go,” she breathed against Leila’s lips.


If you you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday post, it can be found here.


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