Wicked Wednesday 280 – Hologram (Ghostly)


It was karaoke night at the bar and snippets of song filled the air while the groups of friends sat and talked about their own taste in music, including the holographic duets that they had seen recently. There was some laughter at the seeming inability of people to let the dead rest in peace. Somehow, ironically, a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill with holograms and the deceased performers came up. Names were gone over from Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley to more modern day artists like Michael Jackson. One of the girls, quieter than her friends, began to think about this holographic thing and pondered just how having sex with a hologram might work. Then Sylvie decided that by the very nature of a hologram it obviously wouldn’t be possible and laughed at her own flight of fancy. She was better off going to Graceland and trying to have sex with the ghost of Elvis. Hmmm, ghostly sex…now that might be a thing. Was it like masturbation without the effort?

The evening ended and everyone went their separate ways. Sylvie walked home still lost in thought about the idea of a sexy ghostly encounter. It wasn’t even Halloween yet! She decided that she must be a little odd, but no more so than the people who wrote horror themed erotica on the web. Reading it was what she thought of as one of her guilty pleasure. Surely no one would understand her fascination with ghosts and sex and how they intertwined.

Sylvie, still laughing at herself, settled into bed with her kindle for a little light reading before bed. Nothing a bit of good erotica and a good finger bang wouldn’t cure for her tonight. She read until she couldn’t help herself any longer and set the kindle aside and began touching her own naked body. She teased her breasts and nipples, tugging at them and wishing there was someone with her to suck and bite at them, but she very quickly reached between her legs, feeling her own wetness and began to rub and stroke just the way she liked. A soft moan escaped her lips and she slid one finger into her pussy, clenching around it gently as she fucked herself, for a moment, before adding another finger. Soon she had three of her finger buried in her pussy and her other hand rubbing furiously at her clit. An orgasm washed over her and she lay back and relaxed, temporarily sated.

Sometime later she woke to what felt like soft hands caressing her skin. She sighed happily and murmured at the feeling as those “hands” roamed across her skin teasing and gentle, stopping to do what felt like tug at her nipples. She finally wondered to herself if she was dream as she could see or hear anyone in the room with her. She resolved that this must be the case and so she closed her eyes again, letting herself enjoy the feelings. A soft whisper came to her. “Not a dream my dear, just the granting of a wish.” Sylvie started and her eyes flew open, but the room appeared to be empty save herself. This time she felt warm lips press against her forehead, then both cheeks before claiming her mouth in a cold but warm kiss. She gave in to the urge to kiss back and there was a sigh so something must be going right. Sylvie still couldn’t shake the dreamlike feeling she had.

After what seemed like ages of whispered breaths across her skin and delicate touches to drive her wild she opened her eyes and found a semi solid form sitting on her bed looking at her. She shrieked in surprise and sat bolt upright. “Who are you?” This time she knew she wasn’t dreaming. “I, my dear, am the ghost of your dreams,” came a soft, but deep voice, “and I’m here to fuck you just as you want.” Sylvie pinched herself then, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and the ghostly figure laughed at her. Tonight, I’m just as real as you are Sylvie.” His form solidified further and he could make out a handsome face, although there still wasn’t enough detail to his form to see the color of his eyes or hair. Just a translucent naked body that looked damn good for a dead man. Sylvie suddenly found herself quite wanting. “What’s your name?” “Pierce Andrews.” “What happened to you? Why are you here? How did you get here?” “Another time my dear. We shouldn’t waste this night.” And again she felt his touch though it was more solid than before and she just let herself relax into it as his hands found her most sensitive places. She felt his mouth, warmer now, sucking and biting at her neck and then trailing down along her breasts to her nipples. Sylvie moaned and arched her upper body off of her bed at the feeling and then gasped as she felt his fingers dip inside of her gently before coming back to circle her clit. She was immediately throbbing with desire just from that simple touch. In a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill she thought she’d marry this one and keep fucking him. He teased her clit while biting harder at and harder at her nipples until she cried out as she orgasmed from the combined stimulus. “Beautiful,” he whispered.

Then his cock slid inside her and it felt as warm and as real as any cock ever had and she gasped at the fullness of it. She didn’t notice that slowly he was starting to solidify slightly more and more until his weight pinned her to the bed. She suddenly found her herself staring into green eyes with a shock of dark brown hair that wanted to fall in his face. Instinctively she reached up to push it out of the way and lost her breath at the soft texture she felt under her fingers. Then she begged. “Please, please, Pierce, please fuck me.”

Pierce smiled and kissed her, loving the way she said his name and drove himself deeper into her body both of them crying out at the feeling. Soon they established a rhythm that left them both panting, although Sylvie wondered if ghosts really needed to breathe. Moments later she no longer cared as she orgasmed and then orgasmed again in quick succession. Soon she was fighting back screams as she received the fucking of her life from one who was long since dead.

Hours later Sylvie awoke and remembering her night she assumed it really was all just a dream. A very vivid dream, but a dream nonetheless. But then she shifted her body and feeling the bits of tenderness that felt like love bites along with that slightly tender feeling of a good hard fuck made her wonder after all. What really happened last night? And her mind wandered back to Pierce and if he would visit her again. She just knew her imagination was taking off on her until she saw the note.

“I enjoyed out time together. Au revoir.”



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