Wicked Wednesday – (Twenty One) – (Embracing the Numbers)

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Sometimes I’m made to count. The first time was twenty one (the goal had been twenty four I believe.) Other times the numbers have varied, but always in the double digits. I haven’t counted in some time, but now it is definitely on my mind.

If I’m a good girl, and I always am so I’m told, I get to enjoy lots of orgasms. Sir doesn’t often make me count, but when they do I’d better keep track of those numbers, which is really hard to focus on when you’re coming like crazy. And sometimes being made to orgasm over and over is the best thing in the world. It clears my head of everything but the pleasure I’m feeling and the endless parade of numbers that I must try to remember, but often lose track of. Losing track sometimes means starting over. It becomes a war within my head between keeping the numbers straight and letting the pleasure wash over me.

It is a sweet torture, one that certainly has its own rewards. Being teased and fucked or toyed with until those orgasms hit. After a while they come slower and smaller, but are still there. And sometimes in a fit of sheer exhilaration I get the giggles or I cry and I can’t stop. I’m fine and unharmed, but my body just gets so overwhelmed at the feelings and experience as a whole that I need another way to get it out. It is the same as a spanking in that regard, but so very different at the same time simply because of the sensations I feel. Although now I’m wondering how it might feel to be spanked while I was trying to count orgasms. Hopefully I wouldn’t be expected to try and count swats as well. I’d never be able to keep things straight!

But there are times that I struggle with it too. Sometimes the orgasm(s) won’t come no matter how much I may want one, or twenty one, and that is when I get frustrated the most. I get plenty of hugs and reassurances from my partner, but am also reminded that I’m very different from many women who always struggle to reach orgasm. Or from those who are “one and done” because I am almost never going to be happy with just a single orgasm. My body just begs for more, often until it is too much and leaves me aching. I usually get called a greedy girl then and I can’t help but agree. I know that I’m lucky to be able to experience pleasure in the way that I do and I’m glad that I get to have such awesome sexual experiences with my partner. I don’t think I’d change a thing about it when it comes down to my orgasmic nature. Does anyone else agree or disagree? Have thoughts on being able to have multiples orgasms or just one or even none? How do those individual experiences affect you?


10 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – (Twenty One) – (Embracing the Numbers)

  1. Multiples…

    When I have more than one in a session, each subsequent climax has to be built up to, but from a different starting point. Like a steppe, or a series of plateaus on a mountain climb, my “starting point” for each is a little higher each time, but the hill still must be climbed.

    I recently had a three-orgasm session, which probably took an hour all together, but could not get to the fourth no matter what I tried. Sometimes they become easier as the number increases, but often I get to a certain point where having another – no matter how badly my body is buzzing – becomes a Herculean task. That’s incredibly frustrating for me, because no matter how many orgasms I already had, NOT having that final one leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

    So as to the body begging for more: Yes, my body does that but it also betrays me by refusing itself what it’s begging for.

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    1. Oh yes! So frustrating sometimes. Of course, that’s usually when my partner stops whatever their doing for a moment or two and then resumes and I suddenly get out of my head and the orgasm comes.


    1. There’s something wholly different about the orgasms I have when I’m masturbating than with a partner. They aren’t the same and I fail at having the words to describe it. That said, that’s the only time I am (occasionally) one and done. 🙂


  2. I am more than happy with one orgasm although having more can be nice I find it quite difficult to come multiple times although it is possible to force them out with the Doxy something that I enjoy sometimes. Michael is also very good at teasing out more than one from my body but it takes patience which is seems to have in bucket loads


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  3. Like Marie, I’m happy with just one when I masturbate (and during oral sex), but with PIV I want multiples. I don’t quite feel betrayed by my body when I can’t come, just disappointed – I know there will be orgasms another day!

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